The demand and collectability of the Enthusiast Automobile has changed dramatically in recent years. As the market gains momentum, buyers and sellers have shifted away from the traditional classified section towards more comprehensive and sophisticated listing platforms. An online Auction / Marketplace, PCARMARKET has become one of the most popular car auction alternatives, connecting buyers and sellers of Enthusiast vehicles while offering high-quality listing content and industry-leading customer service.  Focusing solely on Enthusiast vehicles, PCARMARKET attracts motivated and engaged buyers and sellers along with a fantastic selection of cars listed daily.

At PCARMARKET, you will find comprehensive listings to help satisfy even the most discerning buyers. You will also enjoy DEALTANK, a new type of Interactive Social Classified section designed to optimize the buying and selling experience for those vehicles that are not actively listed in a live auction.


To consign your car or register to bid, click on the appropriate link below;

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To find out more about the auction formats and DEALTANK, visit the HOW IT WORKS and FAQ Pages.



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