1960 Porsche 356 Speedster Replica
Final bid: $15,000
Categories: Air-Cooled
Auction type: Reserve Ended
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Vehicle Details

  • Year: 1960
  • Make: Porsche
  • Model: 356 Speedster Replica
  • VIN: AZ388768
  • Mileage: 136mi (TMU)
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Title Status: Clean
  • Color: Silver
  • Seller Type: Private Party
  • Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
  • Lot #: V-0029239

Custom-built for Speedsters of North America in 2021, this 356 replica features a red quilted interior along with a recently installed dual-carbureted 1835cc Volkswagen engine. It was acquired by the seller from its previous owner who oversaw the build in 2022 and is now being offered for auction out of California.

The fiberglass bodywork is finished in silver and includes fender-mounted bullet mirrors, a convertible canvas top, a half-moon canvas cover, a twin-grille decklid, 1600 Super badging, and 15" chrome wheels with Royal Black 185/60R15 tires from April 2021. Noted imperfections include a minor scuff on the front bumper, knicks on the driver's side front fender, some small blemishes, and paint pitting in the right-side rear of the car. Additional images are provided in the gallery.

The cabin is lined with red vinyl upholstery including new quilted seats, black carpeting with red accent piping, a wood steering wheel with a Porsche-crested horn button, and vintage-style instrumentation.

The rear wheels are driven through a 4-speed manual gearbox paired with a dual-carbureted 1835cc Volkswagen engine that was recently built and installed by Paradise Motorsports of San Marcos, CA.  A new starter and generator have been installed as well. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a 4-speed manual gearbox.

This sale will include some maintenance records and the clean Arizona title for a 1960 Porsche SPCON.


The seller wants you to know: “Thank you for sharing the passion and excitement! I cherish this opportunity to offer this 1960 Porsche 356B. I acquired the vehicle from a good friend of mine who had the build estimated in 2021, but unfortunately due to health reasons was forced to sell it as he couldn't drive it anymore. I thought it would be a great vehicle to cruise up and down our San Diego coastlines however my 6 yr old is too young to share the joy with me and the car just sits. I want to pass on this beautiful vehicle some it can bring smiles and enjoyment to the next owner. The vehicle was built with a 1600cc single carburetor but after owning it I wanted something bigger and better. I recently had Paradise Motorsports in San Marcos, Ca install a new 1835cc Engine with Dual Carburetors along with performing its maintenance where they replaced the starter and generator. I will be providing uploads of those records. Enjoy and Good Luck to the Bidders!”

Auction Results

  • Highest Bid: $15,000
  • Auction End: 2023-05-11 19:14:12+00:00
  • Number of Bids: 7
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Comments (29)

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  • ResseJeese 6 months, 4 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $15,000

  • NoNoiz 6 months, 4 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $14,500

  • ResseJeese 6 months, 4 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $14,000

  • Oddestball 6 months, 4 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $11,250

  • ResseJeese 6 months, 4 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $11,000

  • Oddestball (registered bidder) 6 months, 4 weeksago

    @Grbrblue thank you

  • Grbrblue (seller) 6 months, 4 weeksago

    @Oddestball The vehicle is located in California (San Diego area) and is being sold with an Arizona Title. You would need to check your local state for registration requirements. If I had more time I could assist but with only 5 mins remaining of the auction I may not get you an answer in time.

  • PCARMARKET 6 months, 4 weeksago

    @Oddestball hello, the car is being offered from sale from the seller based in California is another way of putting that. It has nothing to do with where the car can be registered.

  • Oddestball (registered bidder) 6 months, 4 weeksago

    It mentions "out of California", why? Unable to register in Cali?

  • Wildcat77 (registered bidder) 6 months, 4 weeksago

    That engine bay reminds me of Fred Flintstone’s car

  • Sletgrepp 6 months, 4 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $10,000

  • Grbrblue (seller) 6 months, 4 weeksago

    @JWolfle6325 There is a reason it is not a Beck of VMS with a price tag of $60-$70k. I upgraded the engine to a bigger motor with dual carbs but you can easily upgrade the convertible top for a small budget. I personally didn't do it because I never had plans of driving it in the rain.

    Next time I suggest coming in person to view the car, so far there have been many few differences (that can be corrected) between some name brands such as Beck and Vintage, in the end saving you thousands!!! THX

  • Grbrblue (seller) 6 months, 4 weeksago

    @WBill07 Yes it has Seat Belts, strange they were not photographed..

  • JWolfle6325 (registered bidder) 7 monthsago

    @replicaspeedster.com , I agree with you. I own 3 P Cars and enjoy the rush when driving them. I am not mechanical but I think I could make the top look better. And that space in the engine bay- wow. This smells of old fish.

  • WBill07 (registered bidder) 7 monthsago

    Does it have seatbelts? I’m not seeing them…

  • jallgood1225 (registered bidder) 7 monthsago

    Unusual take on a 356, especially the front end, but not unattractive.
    I own a Beck and is well thought out.
    For the right price I would be interested.
    There are Too many subtle oddities and rough edges to offer more than 20K.
    I’ll be watching.
    Good luck!

  • replicaspeedster.com (registered bidder) 7 monthsago

    @Grbrblue I have no interest in buying this car, but there will be people viewing this auction who don't know anything about these cars. They could easily end up buying something that sort of looks like one of the cars from a reputable builder, because it looks similar but is far less expensive. I encourage everyone to educate themselves about these cars before they consider buying one; there is a lot to learn!

  • Grbrblue (seller) 7 monthsago

    @replicaspeedster.com Hi Troy, we can agree to disagree but I was simply agreeing with you and quoting your exact words regarding "ANY" Builder. On BaT you stated "Of course there are differences, but I can assure you that the smile on the face of the buyer of my car, will be just as big as the smile on the face of the buyer of a Speedster from ANY other builder and that smile will cost him thousands of $$$ less!".

    I have and will always be very transparent, look at my detailed description and walk around videos noting blemishes. That is how sellers should be and let the vehicle determine the price. Unfortunately due to health reasons I prefer not to discuss I am no longer able to get information from the previous owner. I was just trying to be transparent and provide any information I knew about the car.

    I also have become aware after owning my Speedster there are many different builders out there. Some Vintage Speedsters and Becks which bring $60,000-$70,000. I don't think mine is one of those but in the end its just as good looking and stylish as any of other Porsche Speedsters out there and like you said "from ANY other builder and that smile will cost him thousands of $$$ less!". You're right about the generator, I was thinking of upgrading to an alternator when I completed my motor upgrade but my Volkswagen mechanic advised it wouldn't drastically change the charging output and was more of a visual enhancement. Maybe he is wrong? If you're seriously interested in the car I can have that done for you but I feel you might be looking for yet another Replica Speedster to flip on Bring a Trailer. Furthermore, I greatly appreciate your feedback and comments as there is no doubt you have had several Replica Speedsters and might know them better than some of us on this platform.

  • RMCB (registered bidder) 7 monthsago

    Wow, nice car! The colour combination is amazing.

  • Oddestball 7 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $500

  • replicaspeedster.com (registered bidder) 7 monthsago

    @Grbrblue My quote refers to "my car", not to ANY car.
    So just to be clear, you don't have any idea who the builder is AND when I Google "Speedsters of North America" it doesn't appear to exist. In looking at the pictures, I can assure you it was not built by any reputable American builder:
    The engine compartment is not sealed and you can see straight through to the ground.
    The engine has a generator rather than an alternator.
    The top frame does not fold into the rear compartment and actually appears to extend out over the body in picture 26 & 27.
    It doesn't appear to have side curtains.
    Your ad says "I acquired the vehicle from a good friend of mine who had the build estimated in 2021" so it should be simple for you to make a quick call and provide truthful answers if you really want the next owner to have "miles of smiles" but I'm not going to hold my breath.

  • Grbrblue (seller) 7 monthsago

    @replicaspeedster.com Hi Troy, I don't have to much information on Speedsters of North America however that is what I was told by the previous owner. I purchased the car because of the stylish look and unique color combination. I knew I wasn't buying a Vintage Speedster or a Beck at the time and personally for me it didn't matter.

    To quote you...."Of course there are differences, but I can assure you that the smile on the face of the buyer of my car, will be just as big as the smile on the face of the buyer of a Speedster from ANY other builder and that smile will cost him thousands of $$$ less!". Furthermore, thats exactly what was on my mind. ;)

    This has been a great car and I have enjoyed it for the time I have had it. It has never given me any problems. But unfortunately it's time for it to be shared, enjoyed, and bring miles of smiles to the next owner.

  • replicaspeedster.com (registered bidder) 7 monthsago

    Your ad says the car was "custom built for Speedsters of North America." Can you please provide some information about the company that built it for Speedsters of North America and some information about "Speedsters of North America?" I've never heard of them. Thank you.

  • Grbrblue (seller) 7 monthsago


    Driving Video was cut short - this is where it left off.

  • Grbrblue (seller) 7 monthsago


    11 Min. Driving Video through hills of Lake Hodges into Rancho Santa Fe. Might be a boring video for some, feel free to fast forward to 9:53 on the YouTube Video to hear it shifting through the gears. I purposely left out the incidental music during the driving video so you guys can hear the sounds of the motor.

  • Grbrblue (seller) 7 monthsago


    Quick 5 Minute Video Walk-Around

  • Grbrblue (seller) 7 monthsago

    @928GTS Thank you for the comment! It seems we share the same taste when it comes to color combinations in cars. It is definitely one of my favs and reminds me of the James Dean Porsche (even though that was a 550).

    Unfortunately I don't have to much information on the builder or the exact dates but I was told it was completed around 2021. I think due to the styling refinements Porsche made in early 60's and that they were trying to replicate they had to choose a different style top vs your normal low boy style. Not sure, I always enjoyed it and kept it with the top down. I just knew it was there if needed for those emergency occasions of rain while out for a drive.


  • Grbrblue (seller) 7 monthsago

    Hello Everyone,

    Wanted to say a quick thank you for everyone who stopped by to check out the auction for my 1960 Porsche Speedster 356B. I will be doing a walk-around video and some driving videos that I will upload shortly.

    This 356B is very unique in the way it was designed, not like your normal 356A Speedsters that are commonly known or seen on the roads today. The 1959-1961 356B Speedsters provided significant styling refinements and in my opinion a more stylish look. In or around 1959-1962 Porsche introduced a T6 Body Type which included twin grilles on the engine bay rather than the singular from the years prior adding just one example to a refined but subtle look.

    I am here to answer any questions and will try to always respond in a timely manner. Feel free to "Message Seller" me directly if you would like to schedule a pre-purchase inspection or physically see the car in person. The vehicle is located in San Diego, CA

    Thanks and Happy Bidding!

  • 928GTS (registered bidder) 7 monthsago

    Nice exterior and interior combination. Is this build really only 2 years old? The canvas top is very loose, the fit and finish is coming apart, and the under carriage looks ruff.

1960 Porsche 356 Speedster Replica
Final bid: $15,000 Ended
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