Coyote-Powered 2023 Factory Five MK4 Roadster for Charity
Final bid:$57,000
Categories: Non-Porsche
Auction type: ReserveEnded
18 bids, 12 comments

Vehicle Details

  • Year: 2023
  • Make: Factory Five
  • Model: Mk4 Roadster
  • VIN: 5L05R187869
  • Mileage: 6
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Title Status: Clean (In Transit)
  • Color: Firecracker Red
  • Seller Type: Dealer
  • Location: Marietta, GA 30068
  • Dealer Fees: None
  • Lot #: V-0037913

A new Factory Five build by HotRod Brothers Customs, this 1965 Shelby Cobra MK IV replica is finished in Firecracker Red over a Black leather interior and features a 5.0-liter Ford Coyote V8 engine mated to a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission. This professionally built recreation also equips an AIM digital dash, 360-degree cameras, a Sony head unit, heated seats, custom 18” BC Forged wheels, LED headlights, a McLeod clutch kit, and more. With 100% of the seller’s auction proceeds being donated to a local private Christian school in Atlanta through the charity Pony Up For a Cause, Inc., this Shelby Cobra replica is now being offered out of Georgia.

This Cobra replica is based on a Factory Five MK4 Roadster kit car with aluminum chassis panels and lightweight composite bodywork over a tubular steel frame. The exterior is finished in Firecracker Red and decorated with a Quantum Silver racing stripe, custom LED headlights, dual roll hoops with integrated brake lights, a vented hood, wind wings, a polished fuel cap, dual side-exit exhaust pipes, and custom 18” BC Forged wheels dressed in new Falken tires. Detailed images are provided in the gallery along with a clean CARFAX report.

The cockpit is trimmed with black leather upholstery and matching carpets. Accessories include a pair of heated bucket seats, Simpson racing harnesses, a three-spoke HRB Customs steering wheel, a center-mounted AIM digital dash, a power-actuated hood and trunk lid, a 360-degree camera system, and a Sony head unit with four speakers.

This Cobra replica is equipped with a third-generation 5.0-liter Ford Coyote V8 engine rated at 460 HP. The engine runs on a Ford Racing ECU control pack and the rear wheels are driven by way of a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission with a McLeod clutch kit and SFI bell housing.

This sale will include a clean title (in transit).


The seller would like you to know: “This is a fantastic opportunity to not only give back to the community but to also purchase an incredible vehicle. 100% of the proceeds bid on this car will be donated to charity. Pony Up for A Cause Inc., a registered 501C3 nonprofit will donate these proceeds to a local metro Atlanta Christian School. the vehicle will be conveyed to the winning bidder upon completion of a successful auction.”

Auction Results

  • Highest Bid: $57,000
  • Auction End: Dec 20, 2023 08:22:11PM UTC
  • Number of Bids: 18
4,736 views73 saves

Comments (30)

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  • Signature954 (registered bidder) 4 monthsago

    Im out. Thanks guys for bringing this car out for sale and hope the charity puts money to good use!

  • texacoSC 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $57,000

  • Signature954 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $55,250

  • texacoSC 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $55,000

  • ponyup (seller) 4 monthsago

    With this listing coming to a close, just a reminder that your winning bid is a 100% charitable donation to Pony Up for a Cause. We will then donate these proceeds to the local private school we are supporting with this effort.

  • Signature954 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $41,500

  • kevcam4 (registered bidder) 4 monthsago

    In my state 1967 and older are emissions exempt, so if it's titled as a 1965 great, but as a 2023 that would be a challenge. The writeup seems to suggest a Carfax is in the gallery which would clear up the year of origin, but I don't see it. Is one available?

  • ponyup (seller) 4 monthsago

    @NickT_in_SD… I would check with your local DMV on this. It would not pass an emissions as it is “ straight piped”

  • NickT_in_SD (registered bidder) 4 monthsago

    Can this be registered in CA?

  • ponyup (seller) 4 monthsago

    Good morning @PcarMarket! Here we are on the final day of this listing for a wonderful and unique Cobra MKIV Roadster. We are available with any last-minute questions that might arise prior to the auction close.
    We are in close proximity to the Atlanta airport if the winning buyer would want to fly in and drive out. We are also happy to assist with shipping logistics. If you would like us to possibly quote your shipping, please send us your zip code within 2 hours of the auction close. We will work through the requests as they come in.
    A winning bid is commitment to purchase. Please make sure you have funding in place prior to bidding and your bid is not subject to financing approvals. All purchases are completed via bank wire transfer.
    Thank you all for your comments and bids so far.. Best of Luck to everyone!

  • ponyup (seller) 4 monthsago

    @Signature954.. we are in the process of finalizing the title paperwork and we should receive a title with 1965 as the year of the vehicle.

  • Signature954 (registered bidder) 4 monthsago

    Wondering since title is in transit, does seller know what year it will be ? 1965 or 2023?

  • broadwayjoe 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $41,250

  • tcmiami305 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $41,000

  • nevrl1ft 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $39,999

  • tcmiami305 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $35,000

  • Niezing66Porsche 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $34,000

  • nevrl1ft 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $33,333

  • Artcar 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $23,000

  • nevrl1ft 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $19,999

  • ponyup (seller) 4 monthsago

    @needanothercar…thank you for questions and comments. Yes the turn signals(left and right) and horn button are located on the dash. When the turn signals are active the side camera’s automatically activate on the lower screen. There is a battery tender set up that will accompany the car. If the weather is cooperative I am happy to get another driving video posted. The car is an incredible build and drives fantastic!

  • CopperBullitt 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $14,444

  • needanothercar (registered bidder) 4 monthsago

    Is that the turn indication switch located on the dash along side the horn button? Plus is access to the battery only front the trunk which seem to involve crawling in the truck to replace? In your drive video, the digital display of speed was very faint, is it possible to increase the display? Wish your drive video was on a winding road. But, aside from my comments, this is a very beautiful and well built car which I need to evaluate to find a place for this car.

  • nevrl1ft 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $13,333

  • TheGuesser (registered bidder) 4 monthsago

    Bidders, check the motor vehicle laws on your state to see they require side and rear view mirrors. Would be a relatively minor fix but just something to be aware of depending on where you live. Looks like a very high quality build. You'll get some interesting comments from other Cobra owners for the interior and hood, that's for sure. Good luck with the auction!

  • CopperBullitt 4 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $12,222

  • Justwin1shesays 4 months, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $11,111

  • nevrl1ft 4 months, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $10,555

  • Cody 4 months, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $250

  • ponyup (seller) 4 months, 1 weekago

    Good morning @PcarMarket! We would like to welcome all to this fantastic listing we have and the purpose we are fulfilling with it. As mentioned, the proceeds from this auction will be 100% tax deductible as our nonprofit Pony Up for a Cause (a registered 501C3 corporation) will donate these funds to a local Christian School here in Metro Atlanta. This is tremendous opportunity to give back and receive a gorgeous Cobra Mark IV Roadster in return! We will be happy to answer any questions throughout this listing. This is a brand new build with less than 6 miles on the car. Lots of unique and custom features. Best of luck to all bidders and thank you in advance for the support. Now let's "Pony Up"

Coyote-Powered 2023 Factory Five MK4 Roadster for Charity
Final bid: $57,000 Ended
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