1967 Porsche 911S Sunroof Coupe Bahama Yellow
Final bid:$305,000
Categories: Air-Cooled
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Vehicle Details

  • Year: 1967
  • Make: Porsche
  • Model: 911 S Coupe
  • VIN: 306799
  • Mileage: 384
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Title Status: Clean
  • Color: Bahama Yellow
  • Seller: Ambassador-Auto
  • Seller Type: Dealer
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ 85255
  • Dealer Fees: None
  • Lot #: V-0013809

It is our pleasure to present this 1967 Porsche 911S Sunroof Coupe finished in Bahama Yellow over a black leatherette interior with Pepita cloth inserts.  Introduced in 1967, the range-topping 911S was Porsche’s very first “S” (Super) model 911.  Among the most desirable air-cooled cars of all, this first-year short-wheelbase 1967 example is said to have been sold new in California and came factory equipped with a “Webasto” heater, rear window wiper, and a rare sliding sunroof.  It had reportedly spent life stored under a cover in an airplane hangar in Monterey from the mid-1980s up until being acquired in August of 2010. At that time, a well-regarded Porsche collector from Northern California commissioned a no-expenses-spared, ten-year restoration at the hands of some of the most well-known marque experts in the world.  Among the finest examples of an early Porsche 911S you are likely to come across, this 1967 Sunroof Coupe has traveled less than 400 miles since its painstaking restoration and is now being offered for auction by its seller out of Arizona accompanied by original books, accessories, and a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.

This 911S was refinished in its original shade of Bahama Yellow after body preparations were carried out meticulously by Porsche expert Dink Farmer.  The car exhibits excellent panel gaps and all badges and lettering appear as new along with the impressive brightwork. The hood badge was also professionally resorted. The factory sunroof is said to operate without issue and the wind deflector functions as intended. Offered one year only exclusively on the 911S, the incredibly rare date-coded 15” Fuchs forged aluminum wheels have been professionally restored by Harvey Weidman and dressed in a set of Pirelli Cinturato tires.

The interior, resorted by Autos International of California, appears as new with correct black leatherette upholstery, matching carpets, and Pepita cloth seat inserts.  The original leather-wrapped steering wheel has been reconditioned and all the original gauges were rebuilt by the specialists at Palo Alto Speedometer.  The electric rear window heater, rear window wiper, Webasto heater, antenna, loudspeaker, and tinted glass are all original options as confirmed by the Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche.  The original restored Webasto gas heater will be included in the sale but has been removed from the car for obvious safety concerns.  A set of Recaro Sport Seats trimmed in matching black leatherette and Pepita upholstery will also be included in the sale and can be seen in the gallery.

The 1967 911S was introduced with a new all-aluminum, single-overhead-cam, dry-sumped 2.0L engine that boasted a forged steel crankshaft, forged light alloy pistons, and soft nitride-forged steel connecting rods.  The engine was paired with a larger 42mm intake, 38mm exhaust valves, and a pair of 40IDS Weber Triple-throat carburetors.  The Type 901/02 engine delivers an output of up to 160 HP.  The 911S also came factory equipped with Koni shocks absorbers, a rear anti-roll bar, and upgraded brakes with ventilated discs.

The numbers matching flat-six engine in this example was rebuilt and equipped with an aftermarket M&K “RS” style lightweight twin center-pipe exhaust by a Porsche engine and transmission specialist at Honest Bill’s of San Ramon, CA.  All machining was done by Porsche specialists at Ollie’s Machine Shop in Lake Havasu City, AZ. while the Weber IDS carburetors were rebuilt by 911 expert Paul Abbott of Performance Oriented in Salem, OR.  The brake calipers were rebuilt by the specialists at PMB Performance in Sandy, UT. With less than 400 miles since the restoration was completed, the engine bay remains finely detailed as does the undercarriage.  The seller describes all mechanical systems to be operating flawlessly at this time and some records are provided for reference in the gallery.

This sale will include the original owner’s manuals and toolkit, the original Webasto gas heater, an additional set of Recaro Sport Seats, and a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.  Exhibiting unprecedented attention to detail and years’ worth of painstaking labor, this 911S has been restored to exceed the standards of even the most discerning collectors.  Do not pass on this rare opportunity to own an exceptional example of the first Porsche 911S. 


Auction Results

  • Highest Bid: $305,000
  • Auction End: Oct 29, 2021 07:53:41PM UTC
  • Number of Bids: 13
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  • smythcllction 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $305,000

  • GaryWC 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $300,000

  • smythcllction 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $295,000

  • GaryWC 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $285,000

  • smythcllction 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $275,000

  • jcbfff 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $230,000

  • KassCars 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $225,000

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @GaryWC after some more research today, we believe it is a Pertronix. I am not sure if it is a Bosch 002.

  • GaryWC (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Pic 286. Distributor with red and black wires visible, not at all like original. Safe to assume it is not factory, likely pertronix under there.
    Probably more pertinent is the distributor itself. The Bosch label is not visible, is it a Yellow label Bosch 002?

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @BB314159 why don’t you private message me so we can chat. Thanks

  • BB314159 (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    okay, got it. Is it be possible to call the owner and ask him please? that'd only take a minute. and could also verify the engine displacement as well. what you think?

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @BB314159 unfortunately, I will not be able to do that for you prior to the auction ending. My apologies.

  • BB314159 (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    hi. can you pull the distributor cap please, i'd like to see if it's pertronix? thank you!

  • 911_Dude 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @DodgeDemon Sorry, it just seems odd that a 911 expert would give himself the monker you chose and then use BAT as a reference point. Just sayin'.

  • JohnStraub 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Beautiful S! And I just love the color, it was so popular back in the day.

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @BB314159 hello again. The car does not have a Bischoff with it. All things that come with the car are in the photos with the exception of the jack, which is not pictured with the car but does come with the correct one.

    As far as the driver front fender and door. I just had an expert with his 67s all original paint car compare and the lip on the fender and handle door cup appear to be correct and matching the other side as well, which is the only way he felt you could tell. Could you clarify why you were asking? Thanks

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Good morning to all. I want to thank everyone for chiming in on their expert opinion. I have asked a very well know Porsche restoration shop in NJ who has also restored hundreds of these cars to look at the number, and their opinion after looking at several other 67’s feels this number is correct and absolutely could have come out of the factory this way. His comment regarding stamping from that era are they all look slightly different. Hand stamped. Some numbers are spread apart, some are crooked. He even showed me one that is an all origin car that has a stamped number with the last digit re-stamped over with another number and knows that was done at the factory and is an unmolested all original. In addition, some had a wider flat area and others not.

    This car was a painstaking restoration with an all original car that sat in a climate controlled hanger for 20 years and was chosen for its restoration because of its originality and completeness along with the extremely rare options. Many opinions, and very easy to make statements without facts, but I trust my experts.

    Too bad none of us were there in 1967 watching the assembly line and the guys with the stamp.

  • dchesrown (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    One of the reasons that Porsche changed the COA process is this was happening. To get the new Porsche Classic Technical Certificate requires that the numbers are first verified before the actual numbers are shared from Porsche. With the old COA you received what the correct numbers were and unscrupulous individuals were taking advantage of the Porsche collector community. I don't believe this one would not pass mustier at the national concourse

  • dchesrown (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    I asked for the transmission number to be posted. I showed it to my expert who restores Porsches for a living. He has done hundreds. He told me it does not look factory and appears ground flat and stamped.

  • Gershrab (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Concourse restoration numbers matching motor and a debate regarding tranny stamp. Some think original some think not. Some confirm they see same look and font and one BaT fan says it’s not. Seller or builder can you confirm. This is spectacular Automobile. Needs more from seller.

  • DodgeDemon (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @911_Dude we have personally restored to PCA concourse standard numerous early 911’s including 1965, 1966, 1967s, 1969s, 1973s.

  • BB314159 (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    My mistake, meant to ask if drivers side fender been replaced please?

  • BB314159 (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    so, it's a 2.5 liter with pertronix ignition and a sport exhaust? does a Bischoff come with the car? can u see if the drivers side door and rocker panels were replaced please? it's a beautiful 1967 911s hotrod. just gotta love bahama yellow.

  • 911_Dude 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @DodgeDemon Are you speaking from personal knowledge, or simply looking at 1 picture of another car on another auction site?

  • DodgeDemon (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Another correct stamping picture 273. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1967-porsche-911s-coupe-13/

  • DodgeDemon (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    I disagree with the comments that the transmission stamping is original. Please note what an orginal stamping looks on picture number 228 on a concourse 1967s. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1967-porsche-911s-coupe-14/

  • peteport 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $195,000

  • Chapel99 (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    I've owned 3 '67 911S's and I've inspected several others plus I have a spare transmission and the stamping is consistent with all the other original stampings I have seen. Additionally I shared this stamping photo with an early Porsche expert and they concluded that it is consistent with factory stampings.

  • soterik 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @DodgeDemon I just took a pic yesterday of the gearbox number on one of my cars and it is also "milled" and the stamp font looks similar to what is posted. @1skier I was in Denver for the last 2 days having Randy Wells take pics....

  • 1skier 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @DodgeDemon I have a 1967S I have owned for over 20 years and bought it from a guy who had it for 20 years before me. I have owned several others. I just checked mine, and it is very similar. My understanding is the rough casting rib is machined down by factory before stamping in the numbers. The fonts all seem correct.

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @BB314159 Hello again and thank you for pointing that out. I just went back to read the Ollie's invoice which is very hard to read to begin with, and have to agree with you that it does state Bore for 90mm. Thank you for picking that up and explains why this car feels as strong as it does when driving.

  • BB314159 (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    timeout: your ollie's receipt says the bore is now 90mm, versus 80mm stock. if it's using a stock crank, then it's Over 2.4 liters. am i wrong?

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @Bobror the invoice for Ollie's machine Shop totals $2,717 and was completed in June of 2012. I hope that helps.

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @BB314159 Hello and thanks for the questions.
    1. There is no documentation that the engine was bored out to 2.2, but it certainly feels stronger than a traditional 2.0, but I don't have any confirmation.
    2. To the best of my knowledge the car was restored with a 2 stage process.

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @Craignyc thanks for the question. There is no USB for the radio. This car has its correct factory radio from 1967. Thanks

  • DodgeDemon (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    It appears that transmission serial number was restamped. The ridge on the case has been milled down. It is wider and flatter than my original 67S transmission. Can Any other experts comment?

  • BB314159 (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Hi. Just to clarify please: 1) this motor has been built to a 2.2 liter?, 2) the car was repainted using two stage? thank you!

  • Clover911 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $185,911

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    To all. First thank you for all your interest and comments.

    We just located the Kardex for this car which I just uploaded to PCar to add to the Gallery.
    Since it is in German, here is the rough translation:

    It is an early 67 built on November 23, 1966. The car was German delivery at the famous "Hahn in Stuttgart" which was a very special Porsche Dealer similar to Max Hoffman in the US. Many special cars were delivered to Hahn.
    Seems to be a company car owned by an executive of a Perfume Fabricator.

    Options showing on the Kardex are:
    Tinted Windows
    Rear Wiper
    Heated Rear Window
    Wabasto Gas Heater
    Passenger Head Roll
    Black Seats with Pepita Insert's
    Special Radio with Interference Suppression, Loud Speaker and Antenna.
    All these items also match the COA

    The car seems to have gone back for its 1st and 2nd service while still in Germany which is in the 6th column under Handler

    Just some additional interesting history on the car.

  • PCARMARKET_MODERATOR 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Additional content has been added to the listing gallery.

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @LiveFromNY Thank you for your insight. After reading your comment, I would completely agree with you. So many of the right mirrors were added after the fact and so many at the dealer upon deliver. Obviously this one was added at some point after it left the factory. At least they used the proper Made in Germany mirror that matches the driver side.

  • Bobror (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Would you kindly tell me what the total cost of the machine work from Ollie’s was as shown in picture 409. It’s difficult to read from the picture. I’m curious as I’m eyeing a possible rebuild of the engine in my own ‘67 911.
    Thank you and good luck with your sale.

  • Craignyc (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Is there a Bluetooth or USB connection for the radio?

  • LiveFromNY (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    That passenger side mirror is unlikely to have been installed at the factory as it is NOT in the correct location. In actuality, it should be mounted several inches further back as in its current position it cannot be seen from the drivers seat (ask me how I know). This is a common mistake caused by people assuming that the mounting holed behind the plugs on the back of the door were for a passenger side mirror when they were actually meant for the driver side mirror for RHD cars.

  • LiveFromNY 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $140,000

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @dchesrown I have just uploaded the transmission number. It is a matching transmission.

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @MC82 Regarding the mirror, I did just verify that both mirrors are stamped made in Germany. Most of the dealer installed mirrors did not have the made in Germany stamp. I hope that helps.

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @MC82 most likely it left the factory without the passenger side mirror and it was either installed at the dealer which was very common. With that said the COA's with details like this show some inconsistencies with small items, so it is possible that it was born with it as it was available. The mounting holes and plugs in the door jamb are in the correct location. With all that, unfortunately, I can not confirm either way.

  • MC82 (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @Ambassador-Auto thanks for the reply that is great. One thing I forgot to add - should the car have one Durant mirror or 2 per factory spec? Thanks!

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @MC82 Hello and thanks for reaching out.
    Unfortunately the service book and tech manual are not with the car.
    Yes, the correct jack comes with the car and was shipped to me and is currently in transit. The forget to put it in the car.
    As far as the Headrest. The COA lists the car with a right side headrest only, which was very common to be ordered that way. Unfortunately, the single Right Headrest is not with the car. I will verify shortly that the mount for it is under the material on the passenger seat.
    Regarding shipping to the UK. I have contacts that I can put you in touch with, to help you arrange the shipping.

  • Ambassador-Auto (seller) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @dchesrown Hello and thanks for the question. I will work on getting the longer transmission today.

  • dchesrown (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    @dchesrown The # is there I did find it, I was looking for the longer # not the 901/02.

  • dchesrown (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    I don't see the transmission number in the photos can you please post it.

  • MC82 (registered bidder) 2 years, 6 monthsago

    Hello there - couple of questions if I may;
    Does the book pack contain the original service book and tech manual?
    Is there a jack?
    Ref the CoA and the headrest option - are these included?
    Could you help arrange shipping to the UK?

    Many thanks!

  • 76911 2 years, 7 monthsago

    <insert drooling emoji here>

  • gclaym 2 years, 7 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $100,000

  • Bd71500 2 years, 7 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $20,000

  • MAPC 2 years, 7 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $10,000

  • anngertsky (registered bidder) 2 years, 7 monthsago


1967 Porsche 911S Sunroof Coupe Bahama Yellow
Final bid: $305,000 Ended
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