DT-Direct 1967 Triumph Bonneville T120TT Special

Offered for the very first time is this 1967 Triumph Bonneville T120TT Special. Designed for TT racing, the T120TT Special was equipped with Heopolite hi-compression pistons, an upgraded E3134 exhaust camshaft, 18” wheels, an under-frame exhaust system with no silencers, and a 4” wide rear tire. The lack of lighting and silencers made the T120TT lighter than the road-going variant, and they became very popular for use in racing, desert racing, scrambles, and drag racing, and were usually modified for their owner’s intended use. This example has undergone a complete ground-up restoration to Flat Track specifications which was completed after two years in 2016 and has been undriven ever since, only started on occasion for mechanical upkeep. One of 1,065 examples sold for 1967 and just 494 designated for the West Coast, this highly collectible T120TT Special is the rarest of the Triumph competition cycles and is now being offered out of a private collection in California.

During the restoration, this Triumph was refinished in its original combination of Aubergine over Alaska White, one of two factory color schemes offered at the time. The T120TT is constructed on a single downtube steel cradle frame, with telescopic forks, dual Girling shocks with adjustable preload, 8” SLS full-width drum brakes in the front, and 7” SLS drum brakes in the rear. Other details include polished stainless steel fenders, a black leather seat, and gold “Bonneville TT Special” badging. The polished under-frame exhaust system has no silencers and combined with the lack of lighting resulted in a 340 lb. dry weight, as opposed to the road-going versions 363 lbs.

The Bonneville TT special is powered by a 650cc OHV parallel-twin engine with Twin Amal Concentric carburetors and is driven by a 4-speed chain final drive gearbox. This example has been restored to the Flat Track specification, which features an 11:1:1 compression ratio and a 17-tooth rear sprocket. The engine was reportedly balanced and blueprinted during the restoration and the bike has remained unridden since the final assembly and testing was completed. An additional set of chromed exhaust pipes for display will be included with the sale. This Triumph is not currently registered for street use but could be made eligible with the addition of road-compliant lighting.

This sale will include documentation from the Vintage Motor Cycle Club.

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DT-Direct 1967 Triumph Bonneville T120TT Special
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