1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce 5-Speed
Final bid:$7,250
Categories: Non-Porsche
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Vehicle Details

  • Year: 1969
  • Make: Alfa Romeo
  • Model: Spider
  • VIN: AR148113
  • Mileage: 3,562mi (5-digit odometer)
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Title Status: Clean
  • Color: Red
  • Seller Type: Dealer
  • Location: Miramar, FL 33023
  • Dealer Fees: None
  • Lot #: V-0033037

An embodiment of classic Italian automotive elegance and style, the Alfa Romeo Spider was produced from 1966 to 1969. It presents iconic bodywork by the famous Italian design house Pininfarina and offers an open-top driving experience with a manual convertible soft top. This 1969 Spider Veloce comes finished in red over black leather upholstery and is said to have undergone a host of recent service items including the installation of new spark plugs, valve cover gaskets, and more. Reported to have spent time in California and Oregon prior to the seller’s acquisition, this Spider is now being offered for auction out of Florida.

The Alfa Romeo Spider is characterized by its prominent, rounded boat-style nose, classic Alfa Romeo grille with horizontal slats, round inset headlights, gently sculpted hood, curvaceous fenders, and rounded taillights. This example is said to have been refinished in its factory-specified shade of red prior to the seller’s acquisition. It has since been fitted with a new black soft top imported from Europe. Details include chrome trim, a driver’s side bullet-style rearview mirror, bumperettes, and central dual-exhaust outlets. The seller notes some paint imperfections and swirl marks, additional images are provided in the gallery.

Inside, the driver is surrounded by black leather upholstery with matching carpets below. The seller adds that the bucket seats were professionally reupholstered, and the electrical system was completely overhauled. Details include a white-finished dashboard fascia, chrome trim and instrumentation bezels, and a black three-spoke steering wheel. All gauges, electronics, and accessories are reported to be working properly.

This Spider Veloce equips a 1,779cc inline-four with dual carburetors. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a 5-speed manual transmission. The seller adds that service items in preparation for the sale included replacements to the spark plugs, spark plug wires, plastic reservoirs, and water bag & caps along with an oil and filter change. Additionally, the valve cover was hydro-resurfaced and a new valve cover gasket was installed.

This sale will include a clean title.


The seller would like you to know: “This is a mechanically sound car ready to be enjoyed as it is and with a lot of potential for improvement for the new owner. Duetto's are rare and hard to find, and this can become an excellent car with not too much effort.”

Auction Results

  • Highest Bid: $7,250
  • Auction End: Aug 18, 2023 07:32:05PM UTC
  • Number of Bids: 11
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Comments (20)

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  • Mustang1965FB 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $7,250

  • Ferrari328 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $7,000

  • YAFA (registered bidder) 9 months, 2 weeksago

    No undercarriage pictures? How are the driver's and passenger floors?

  • 12GS 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $6,750

  • Mustang1965FB 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $6,250

  • Ferrari328 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $6,000

  • pacific 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $5,500

  • manuals4ever 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $5,000

  • manuals4ever (registered bidder) 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Looks like a decent driver and for the right price would be a fun car. I owned a 69 spider from 1980 to 2000. These are fun and nimble cars but not particularly fast compared to today's cars.
    Seller you mention very detailed pics. I would comment that you have zero pictures of the undercarriage and these cars are prone to rust. Particularly the rockers and the jack points. The car was obviously tapped in the front based on the bumpers and grill. It's also missing some bits like both wing windows are missing the locking mechanism.
    Away, I'm sure this will make someone very happy... GLWTA!

  • Jurgmeister 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $2,000

  • MiamiGarageClassics (seller) 9 months, 2 weeksago

    @MJK29340 @wpatters
    Good morning, thank you for the explanation. Please note it was never claimed this being a low 4-digit mileage car, on the contrary, I believe the car is well described with all its flaws and a great amount of very detailed pictures so any interested buyer is able to have a good assessment on the real condition car.
    In my personal opinion, the car is solid for a 1000 miles drive, but me personally would never take a 54 year old car for such a trip without a proper inspection first. IMHO

  • manuals4ever 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $1,750

  • wpatters (registered bidder) 9 months, 2 weeksago

    No way it is a 3500 mile car. It is what it is. As the seller describes…driver, potential if you want it. Those who know…projects become what you make them.

  • MJK29340 (registered bidder) 9 months, 2 weeksago

    When I said tired I was comparing the response to the gauges and sound of the revs heard. There was not a quick response as you might expect from a low 4 digit mileage would be in my opinion.
    Is this car drive-able to a destination over 1000 miles away?

  • MiamiGarageClassics (seller) 9 months, 2 weeksago

    @MJK29340 Hello, not sure what you mean by ''tired'' but it sounds absolutely normal in person.
    About the mileage, pretty hard to tell on a 54 year old car, but please keep in mind it's a 5 digits odometer.
    About what you are seeing below the car, some of the shots were taken very low with the camera at ground level. On rear of the car is one of the parking brakes, and on the front it's a hose.

  • MJK29340 (registered bidder) 9 months, 2 weeksago

    The engine sounds a little tired, with so little mileage?
    What is hanging below the car in the photo?

  • wpatters 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $1,500

  • MiamiGarageClassics (seller) 9 months, 2 weeksago

    @BLH944 Good morning, thank you for your comments, I believe it's a sweet little car indeed.
    Unfortunately, we don't know the history of the car previous to us. But we do believe the mechanicals are original to the car.

  • Rock-Moto 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $500

  • BLH944 (registered bidder) 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Hi Seller- nice boat-tail here! Hey is there any more prior history on the car, as a couple things would indicate some work- like the trunk and door seams, the front grill twist, the loss of the nose buckle, etc. The respray is a bit rough in places. But anyway, its a sweet little car, don't mean to sound negative! Do we think the mechanicals are original? Any more history you can provide? GLWTA!

1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce 5-Speed
Final bid: $7,250 Ended
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