1972 Porsche 911T Custom 3.4L Twin-Plug

We are pleased to present this custom-built 1972 Porsche 911T Coupe finished in Smyrna Green.  This 1972 example spent much of its life in California where it was reportedly used as a daily driver throughout the 1980s by the wife of Bruce Anderson, a well-known figure in the Porsche community and author of “Porsche 911 Performance Handbook”.  The car had been sitting in storage for many years before it was eventually discovered by the seller and subsequently treated to a bare-metal custom restoration beginning in 2014.  After completion of the multi-year project, this 911T made its public debut in 2017 at the fourth Luftgekühlt air-cooled Porsche gathering in San Pedro, CA.  It features wide steel fender flares, 911R-style bumpers, a custom vintage leather interior, and a newly built 3.4L flat-six twin-plug engine paired with a G50 5-speed gearbox and a limited-slip differential.  Showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, this 911T has traveled less than 1k miles since the restoration and is now being offered for auction by its builder out of Florida.

During the restoration, this Coupe was fully media-blasted and stripped to bare metal including removal of the undercoating and seam sealer.  The bodywork was found to be well preserved, thus no panels were in need of replacement.  Wide steel fender flares were installed, the sunroof was deleted, and the body received an application of powder coat primer before being refinished in a premium Glasurit 55 Line basecoat.  The shade of Smyrna Green was chosen for the exterior, a rare classic Porsche color originally offered on the 356 models of the 1960s.  All of the body panels were painstakingly aligned, and the paintwork is said to have been carried out to the highest standard, detailed images are provided in the photo gallery.  Exterior features include a factory external oil filler lid, pop-out rear quarter windows, chrome Talbot side mirrors, chrome trim and window moldings, Cibie rally lights, exposed oil cooler lines, and 15” Fifteen52 Outlaw wheels dressed in period-style Michelin tires.

Inside, the cabin has been completely reupholstered in custom vintage Whiskey tanned leather with a black dashboard and dark brown carpeting.  Custom 911S-style sport seats were added along with a vintage bolt-in roll bar, RS-style gauges with a 10k-RPM tachometer, square weave carpet floormats, a wooden 917-style shift knob, and an electric air conditioning system.

Power is derived from a custom-built 3.4L flat-six engine featuring twin-plug heads, Jenvey individual throttle bodies, dual fender-mount oil coolers, and an AEM Infinity management system.  The rear wheels are driven by way of a G50/03 5-speed manual transmission with an OS Gikken limited-slip differential.  The braking and suspension components were fully rebuilt, powder-coated, and fitted with high-performance bushings.  The suspension includes Fox adjustable coilovers, Turbo tie rods, a bump-steer kit, a thru-body front sway bar, and adjustable front and rear drop links.  The brakes feature 2.8 RSR calipers with full-floating rotors, dual master cylinders, and a bias adjuster.  New axles were installed during the restoration and a new Porsche 964/993 RS clutch is currently being installed in preparation for the next owner.

This sale will include a clean title.  A true high-performance driver's car for the air-cooled purist, this beautifully executed 911T is a Porsche enthusiast's dream come true.


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  • Sold for: $300,000
  • Auction End: 2021-09-24 19:46:21+00:00
  • Number of Bids: 25
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  • marcz (seller) 1 monthago


    That was a fantastic battle, and deeply thank everyone who bid and watched.

  • SRW40 1 monthago

    Sold for $300,000

  • SRW40 (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    @marcz :)

  • SRW40 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $300,000

  • CB911 1 monthago

    Someone is going to be insanely happy with this car!

  • Faikam888 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $280,000

  • PorscheFanBoy (registered bidder) 1 monthago


  • marcz (seller) 1 monthago


  • SRW40 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $270,000

  • superracer 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $255,000

  • SRW40 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $250,000

  • superracer 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $218,000

  • Kran2044 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $215,000

  • GregSdf12 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $212,500

  • Kran2044 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $210,000

  • HalamoreDoug 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $207,000

  • Kran2044 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $202,000

  • GregSdf12 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $195,000

  • HalamoreDoug 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $185,000

  • 550bryan (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    This is where the last bidder hopes everyone else has decided that 175K is my top bid. Good luck, beautiful car.

  • superracer 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $176,000

  • Faikam888 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $175,000

  • JONES64303 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $171,000

  • Faikam888 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $170,000

  • marcz (seller) 1 monthago

    Thank you everyone for all the wonderful compliments and enthusiasm about this car. Indeed someone is going to win a very special car that will certainly be coveted by its new ownership and fans.

    Just to recap some hi-lights about this car:

    1- This is not a backdate, this is a REAL long hood generation car.
    2- Among the long hoods, the 1972 year with it's odd and special external oil filler.
    3- We've checked all the boxes on this car, it has the goods.
    4- It has rare and unique provenance.
    5- No lines and no waiting, this car is ready!

    I've met a lot of new and great folks in the course of this auction and I'm excited to soon shake the hand of the owner and welcome to the Zurlinden Gruppe family.

    Please feel free to ask any further questions today, I'm at your disposal.

    Good luck!

  • CBRacerX (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    Kudo's to the engine builder Tim Olsen. Really nice work.

    And the paint on this - belissima!

  • HalamoreDoug 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $160,000

  • porscheklaus (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    I have known this builder for a number of years, in fact, they built the unbelievably accurate tribute car of the Tony Adamowicz 1968 Trans-Am championship winning "U27" 911 of which I am VERY familiar. Workmanship on anything they touch is 1st rate.... bid with confidence folks.... bid with confidence.

  • baddad 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $150,000

  • CB911 1 monthago

    I have been able to look over this car quite closely during it’s visit to OKC for a recent special Zurlinden event. Words don’t really describe this car....an inherently special 1972 donor with utmost attention to detail. The body work is impeccable, and the paint job is gorgeous. The interior is the perfect compliment to the exterior and so well executed. I can’t get over the quality of the leather in terms of both feel and smell. The car rips and sounds incredible. Zurlinden has a very unique eye and his own signature style which is fully showcased on this build. Someone is going to be blown away by this car. Good luck to the bidders and seller!

  • marcz (seller) 1 monthago

    @luftgekuhltertreiber The winning bidder will receive a document binder of the build with invoices.

    Tim Olsen built the engine and we are adding engine build pics to the directory tomorrow. We don't have dyno results but this is known ~300hp recipe.

    I'll admit I was talked into a clutch that's not right for this car. It's a SPEC clutch for 500+hp engines......massive pedal! We all wanted to it to work but I don't want this to be a deterrent for the new owner.

    The calipers are from Twin Spark Racing in Germany and use '78 930 floating rotors.

    Only one owner since build and the video and picture set here were all shot in OKC in late July this summer.

  • luftgekuhltertreiber 1 monthago

    Very nice looking build. Couple questions:

    Can you post copies of the invoices? Engine build, transmission, suspension and brakes.
    What's inside the engine? Complete rebuild?

    Why does it need a clutch after 1,000 miles?

    Brand of brake caliper?

    Are most of the photos of when the car was finished or current?

    Since 2017, how many owners?

    Can you post more photos of the electrical, engine bay, suspension and pan?

  • marcz (seller) 1 monthago

    @400exr1 the seals settle and shrink a little over time. This one could use a little adjusting here.

  • 400exr1 (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    Can you elaborate on the weather seal on the top of the rear window in picture 23? Looks to be misaligned in the photo.

  • HalamoreDoug 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $135,000

  • marcz (seller) 1 monthago

    @superracer I built this car and two others with AEM and the systems work great. Customers started asking for MoTec so I’ve gravitated that direction.

    It has a single condenser but a second could be added.

  • superracer (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    @marcz I was following the Orange build you had on BAT last week, I noticed you used Motec in that one and AEM in this one. Any specific reason for choosing one over another?

    Also, on the, AC is this the single or dual condenser setup?

  • baddad 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $115,000

  • marcz (seller) 1 monthago

    Good evening and thank you very much for taking a look at this great car! I'm Marc Zurlinden, designer, builder, and seller (on behalf of owner) of this car and I greatly appreciate the immediate positive responses -- thank you!! I am very excited to offer this car here on PCar Market. The winning bidder will no doubt be pleased with this amazing piece.

    To understand more about what's in this car, please feel free to ask any questions and visit my website to learn my build philosophy www.zurlindengruppe.com

    @550bryan The engine is a 3.2 base and we estimate the power to be 300+hp. It has great low and mid-range torque with a rock solid idle.

    Transmission is a G50-03 from a 964, fully rebuilt and upgraded with LSD via OS Gikken.

    Air conditioning does suffer somewhat from lack of dash vents but the Electrocooler system greatly improves air volume and velocity coming through the floor vents. We plumbed this system so that half goes through windshield defroster. You can also divert some air this way for more distribution. It was a 95-deg in OKC when we shot the promo video herein a few weeks ago. That day had little to no breeze, hot sun, no shade. I'll say it was hot, no doubt, but it was tolerable. The longer the drive, the cooler the car got.

    Estimated weight is 2,550 with half tank of fuel.

    There were no mileage records to speak of but I would estimate 150,000 based on stories I was told and the condition of the chassis when I purchased it.

  • 550bryan (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    Sorry, one more question for the seller, What is the approximate mileage on the chassis?

  • 550bryan (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    Beautiful build. a few questions for the seller. What was the source of the donor block? What is the approximate HP? Has the car been weighed? How well does the AC work given the lack of a ventilation system on a 72? Thanks

  • scuderia (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph.. what a build.

  • Zjs2057 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $108,000

  • byeretirementmoney 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $80,000

  • Speedracer13 1 month, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $70,000

  • Terry911T 1 month, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $50,072

  • Boxster_SS (registered bidder) 1 month, 1 weekago

    And tonight's Mega Million jackpot should be able to buy this bad boy and a whole lot more.
    Very nicely done. GLWTS. If you see me bid, then you know I won!!

  • curvesurfer (registered bidder) 1 month, 1 weekago

    Simply spectacular.

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1972 Porsche 911T Custom 3.4L Twin-Plug
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