1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus 23-Window
Final bid:$46,000
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Vehicle Details

  • Year: 1972
  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Model: Type 2 Bus
  • VIN: BH266214
  • Mileage: 600km
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Title Status: Clean
  • Color: Sage Green
  • Seller Type: Dealer
  • Location: Sylvania, OH 43560
  • Dealer Fees: None
  • Lot #: V-0025977

Renowned as the forerunner of the modern cargo or passenger vans, the Volkswagen Type 2 initiated forward control competitors throughout the 1960s, while presenting distinctive styling, versatile configurations, and optional luxurious amenities. This 1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus has received an extensive frame-off restoration and a 23-window conversion by Qualicars of Brazil. It was first stripped down to bare metal and refinished with a Lotus White top and a Sage Green body featuring white and grey marine-grade vinyl upholstery. The entire process was photographed and transferred to a flash drive which will accompany the sale. Showing just under 600 km on the odometer since the restoration, this 23-window Volkswagen Bus is now being offered for auction by its seller out of Ohio.

The exterior was stripped down to bare metal and received a complete refinish in two-tone Sage Green and Lotus White with stainless-steel trim. Equipment includes 23 windows with pop-out Safari front windows, hinged side windows, rear corner windows, a retractable cloth sunroof, pivot-hinged side doors, and passenger-side barn-style doors. Additional features include polished door mirrors, paint-matched front and rear bumpers, aluminum and rubber bumper protectors, rear engine cooling vents, two roof-mounted teak wood ski racks, and steel wheels with chrome wheel caps. Detailed images are provided in the gallery.

Inside, the cabin was reupholstered in white and grey marine-grade vinyl including the seating surfaces, door panels, headliner, and dashboard along with new grey carpeting. The cabin features three rows of seating, including a split front bench separated from the rear by a fixed partition. Amenities include an ivory-white imitation steering wheel with a Wolfsburg horn button, a vintage radio updated with Bluetooth and JBL speakers, analog instrumentation, wood grab handles for the passengers, Wolfsburg-crested lap belts, and a basic cabin air vent system. Chrome accents can be found along the gearbox support, handle on the dashboard, and handbrake.

This Type 2 is powered by an air-cooled 1,500cc 4-cylinder engine featuring a single downdraft carburetor. Up to 54 HP is sent to the rear wheels through a 4-speed manual transmission. The seller adds that this vehicle has been serviced by a third-party Volkswagen mechanic, and a compression test was performed along with valve adjustments. The results are shared in the gallery.

This sale will include a clean title, owner’s manuals, sales literature, and a flash drive with photos of the restoration process. 

Auction Results

  • Highest Bid: $46,000
  • Auction End: Jan 23, 2023 08:18:18PM UTC
  • Number of Bids: 14
4,339 views77 saves

Comments (24)

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  • selgraph7 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $46,000

  • DelrightEnt 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $45,000

  • selgraph7 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $42,000

  • DelrightEnt 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $40,000

  • selgraph7 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $37,500

  • CCCltd (seller) 1 year, 1 monthago

    Final hour, let me know if anyone has last minute questions. Thanks

  • DelrightEnt 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $33,000

  • CCCltd (seller) 1 year, 1 monthago

    Final day of the auction! We just uploaded a video with a quick drive and a cold start. Take a look and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We also uploaded photos of the final inspection which was just completed. If you have any last minute questions please let me know.

  • badboybuses (registered bidder) 1 year, 1 monthago

    @WRENCH.56 27 window?

  • SubRedTed (registered bidder) 1 year, 1 monthago

    Beautiful Bus, I can see this fetching a nice price.

  • PCARMARKET 1 year, 1 monthago

    Additional content has been added to the gallery for this listing.

  • Razchief290 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $27,777

  • Jimbo1907 (registered bidder) 1 year, 1 monthago

    It's beautiful. Reminds me of certain days and nights of my misspent youth.... I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  • shy 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $15,000

  • rado 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $12,600

  • skier 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $12,274

  • WRENCH.56 (registered bidder) 1 year, 1 monthago

    Beautiful restoration/modification!
    These are great warm weather vehicles that draw comments from almost everyone who sees them.
    I had an original 27 window bus with the soft canvas top when I lived in Stowe, Vermont in 68-69. I was working as a professional ski patrolman and had to drive that mobile icebox up and down that road to Mount Mansfield every single day.
    As much as I loved the vehicle, it was flat out the dumbest possible choice I could have made for that purpose! I didn’t warm up until about two weeks after the ski season ended!

  • CCCltd (seller) 1 year, 1 monthago

    @skier @Imperial1956 @Eduris Thanks for all the early bids. This is an absolutely spectacular example that has been through a detailed eight step restoration process with over 2000 hours of labor. The photos of the process really tell the story on this car. The donor car started out being completely disassembled. It was then sandblasted down to bear metal, and proper replacement panels were welded in all areas of the car that were necessary. Once all the metalwork was completed the car went through a chemical treatment and was prepped for paint. Significant blocking and prepping was done in order to ensure a great paint job. While those processes were underway the electricians installed a new 12 volt wiring harness and the engine was taken apart and rebuilt. The brake lines and suspension were also gone through with a new master cylinder and steering box. After the car was painted new windows and rubbers were installed on every single window of the car. New carpeting, trim, seats, door panels, and headliner were also installed with a few spectacular custom wood finishes. The custom luggage racks also add a complimentary touch to the matching wood varnish on the interior. Once the car was put back together it was tested on the road for several hundred kilometers. After it was received here at our shop here in Ohio we went through an additional road test and mechanical inspection. Do not miss out on this gorgeous vehicle that would take years to be replicated and is ready to go. All of these details have been complied into an extremely valuable set of complementary materials including an owners manual, photobook, pen drive, and formal restoration declaration. If there are any questions over the weekend please let me know. As promised additional videos and documentation will be added.

  • Edureis 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $12,023

  • skier 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $10,501

  • Imperial1956 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $10,250

  • Imperial1956 (registered bidder) 1 year, 1 monthago

    Should have upgraded the engine too. So much work from a basket case to a nice micro bus - but still not original. For that it will get demerits.

  • CCCltd (seller) 1 year, 1 monthago

    This is John with CentralClassicCars.com. We are excited to offer this 1972 Volkswagen Bus 23 window conversion completed by our partner Qualicars in Brazil. All detailed photos of the restoration are listed in the gallery. The car comes with a new steering box. Since receiving the car we have done a final inspection including a compression test and electrical check of the new 12 volt wiring harness. We decided to change the tires to 195/75R14 to get closer to the original dimensions the car would have had. Although these are radial and the original car would have had bias plies we have driven with the new radials and it runs very well. Photos of the tire change and the final inspection will be added to the gallery along with a few running and driving videos. If anyone has any questions please let me know.

  • skier 1 year, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $10,000

1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus 23-Window
Final bid: $46,000 Ended
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