NO RESERVE 1978 Citroen CX Pallas 5-Speed
Final bid:$7,000
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Vehicle Details

  • Year: 1978
  • Make: Citroen
  • Model: CX
  • VIN: E085012062
  • Mileage: 94,242km (5-digit odometer)
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Title Status: Clean
  • Color: White
  • Seller: AlexBert
  • Seller Type: Private Party
  • Location: Quebec, Canada J0K 1V0
  • Lot #: V-0023803

Available for auction at no reserve is this 1978 Citroën CX Pallas finished in White over a black leather interior. First launched at the 1974 Paris Motor Show, the CX was the successor to the legendary Citroën DS and incorporated technology from Citroën's advanced SM coupe. The Citroën CX was voted European Car of the Year in 1975. This top-trim Pallas version was originally delivered in Canada and is said to have remained on the road ever since. Features include a 2,347cc inline 4-cylinder engine paired with a 5-speed manual transaxle, speed-sensitive DIRAVI power steering, a hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension, a unique rotating drum speedometer and tachometer, power accessories, and more. This Citroën is now being offered for auction by its seller out of Quebec, Canada.

The CX was designed by Robert Opron who was nominated for the 1999 Car Designer of the Century competition. Wind-tunnel testing was used to help give the CX a drag coefficient 0.36, and the name CX is derived from the French term for drag coefficient. This example is finished in White and is said to have been resprayed in its original shade in the year 2000. Detailed images can be found in the gallery. It rides on a set of 14” wheels dressed in Michelin Defender tires 2017. A spare wheel and tire are mounted within the engine bay.


The cabin is upholstered in black leather with matching carpets, door panels, and dashboard. The CX’s interior features several unique elements including a rotating drum speedometer and tachometer, a single-spoke steering wheel, and a dashboard design that reaches forward allowing the driver to operate features such as the lights and signals without removing their hands from the steering wheel. Amenities include power front windows and door locks, air conditioning, and removable headrest cushions. The seller confirms that all gauges and accessories remain functional.

Power comes from a transverse-mounted 2,347cc inline 4-cylinder engine. The wheels are driven by way of a 5-speed manual transaxle. The CX features speed-sensitive DIRAVI power steering and a hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension which could be set to 4 height levels. Several receipts for parts from CX Basis have been supplied by the seller and are available for reference in the gallery, and the seller states there are no outstanding maintenance items at this time.

This sale will include some spare parts, service manuals, and a clean title.

Auction Results

  • Sold for: $7,000
  • Auction End: Nov 16, 2022 09:10:00PM UTC
  • Number of Bids: 1
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  • MikeB 1 year, 3 monthsago

    Sold for $7,000

  • AlexBert (seller) 1 year, 3 monthsago

    Additional content has been added to the gallery for this listing.

  • AlexBert (seller) 1 year, 3 monthsago

    CX is indoor heated garage as we speak. NoRush for the pickUp. Anytime. Can stay there until You are fully ready. Spring. NoDrama. Just Wow. Pictures as of now.

  • AlexBert (seller) 1 year, 3 monthsago

    @KvN Yes, Very Cool.

    Wait until You discover all the features and the innovative solutions. They are Endless.

    This was the Official car of All the Presidents of France back Then, and the doctors and the cool folks. The last Citroën created before Peugeot took over the company. Pallas Edition here. Top Notch.

    Pictures as of now; following.

    Older sister lands tomorrow here on Pcar. The DS, the Goddess, 1972 DS21, Pallas as well. Great buddies. stable mates. All the Best.

  • KvN (registered bidder) 1 year, 3 monthsago

    Very cool!

  • AlexBert (seller) 1 year, 3 monthsago

    GoodMorning! Last stretch before checkered Flag later today! Set the Clock! Time to StandUp on the Throttle.

    Yes! I will Assist the -Easy Peasy- importation process.

    Fast Delivery up to 600 miles from current location for very small finance ( Cost ) Toronto / Manhattan/ LongIsland ( up to Montauk, Yes!!) nothing matches a long RoadTrip once in awhile.

    Any last minute question, I’ll Answer in a timely manner, as Always. Just Click CONTACT SELLER

  • AlexBert (seller) 1 year, 3 monthsago

    Additional content has been added to the gallery for this listing.

  • AlexBert (seller) 1 year, 3 monthsago

    @Magnum2023 Thanks for the kind Words. Tip Top Mercedes-Benz of early nineties are great. I still have your mission in mind to find You a solid w124 500E. Best brand. Best Era. Glad You like it!

    If You think you experienced goosebumps, You have to drive / own this CX : You’ll truly experience the real Definition of it. You’ll discover a mind blowing new feature each time You take her out. Just Wow!! Have a great one! All the Best!

  • Magnum2023 (registered bidder) 1 year, 3 monthsago

    Hey Alex , you never cease to amaze,, where do you get these jewels?? I dont have enough garage space to buy all your offerings , the mercedes you sold me still gives me goosebumps when I drive it .You really did a good job sourcing this marvel .
    BUT-- please stop selling I get the itch everytime i see one of your listings , not to mention the videos . Ah the videos!!! with so appropriate muscial accompaniments,,you make it so tempting . good luck with the CX .
    Its worth well over 10K

  • MikeB 1 year, 3 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $7,000

  • AlexBert (seller) 1 year, 3 monthsago

    Following previous comment … and if You never had any Citroën, this is the one to Own. Most modern true Citroën ; Itch to scratch. Do It ; Just Do it! \/

    Adjustable suspension, 4 levels. Flying over pot holes like they don’t exist. Super Impressive.

  • AlexBert (seller) 1 year, 3 monthsago

    Welcome to second Citroën Lot presented by Alex here on Pcar, True enthusiast of rare birds.

    YOU have a 2 CV, or a DS, or Both, a SM, or other siblings in the Citroën Family, You definitely have to invite the CX in the Stable. The More modern and Last true Citroën, built before Peugeot took over.

    Time is in for a real treat.

    Out of this World Driving Experience.

    Go for it. Bid. To WIN.

  • AlexBert (seller) 1 year, 3 monthsago

    @n_l thanks to chime-In: Undercarriage can be seen by running the Video, starting 4:54+ ( 30 secs of if )

    Good eyes for the text. Yes, it is a front-wheel drive car: It started with the iconic ‘Traction-Avant, then the DS, then CX… ‘

  • n_l (registered bidder) 1 year, 3 monthsago

    Any undercarriage pictures?
    You also may want to correct the listing text that says “The rear wheels are driven by way of a 5-speed manual transaxle.” This is a front-wheel-drive car, is it not?

NO RESERVE 1978 Citroen CX Pallas 5-Speed
Final bid: $7,000 Sold
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