1983 Porsche 911 SC Cabriolet Euro-Spec

We are pleased to present this European market 1983 Porsche 911 SC Cabriolet in Guards Red over a black leather interior.  In addition to marking the final year of production of the 911 SC generation, this 1983 example also represents the only model year for the SC Cabriolet.  Showcasing European market styling as well as front and rear spoilers, this 911 is said to have been diligently looked after and garage kept by its previous owner up until 2014 when it was acquired by the seller.  With approximately 900 miles driven since that time, this 1983 Porsche 911 is being offered for auction in excellent running order while showing approximately 111k miles on the odometer.

The exterior is painted in traditional Guards Red and is said to be in great shape for its age (detailed images are provided in the photo gallery).  Featuring European market rear bumperettes and side marker lights, this SC is also fitted with black stone guards, a front chin spoiler and a distinctive tea tray rear spoiler.  The cabriolet top is noted to be in good condition and the factory Fuchs wheels are retained.

The cockpit of this 911 is upholstered in black leather and is stated to be in good condition with some signs of wear.  Features include air conditioning as well as an aftermarket stereo and speaker set up.  The seller has indicated the air conditioning to work, although it is in need of a recharge and possible maintenance.  The clock is nonfunctional; however, all other gauges and accessories are said to work properly.

This 911 carries an air cooled 3.0 L flat six engine which sends power to the rear wheels by way of a 5-speed manual transmission, allowing for a 0-60 time of approximately 6 seconds.  This 1983 example is said to have been meticulously maintained by its previous owner prior to being sold to the current owner 2014. Noted to be in fantastic running order, this vehicle has been driven approximately 900 miles since 2014 with 1 oil change carried out during this time.

This sale will include a service manual, owner’s manual, a car cover and one key.  For any aspiring air-cooled Porsche owner, this 911 SC Cabriolet offers an incredible value.

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  • Sold for: $26,750
  • Auction End: Aug. 20, 2020, 3:04 p.m.
  • Number of Bids: 9
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Comments (20)

  • raulchimi 3 monthsago

    Sold for $26,750

  • raulchimi 3 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $26,750

  • luke986 3 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $26,500

  • raulchimi 3 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $25,250

  • Boatdoc74 3 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $25,000

  • luke986 3 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $23,500

  • Sharaprenz 3 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $20,500

  • cabrachian 3 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $16,500

  • luke986 3 months, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $11,500

  • SPIDER48 (registered bidder) 3 months, 1 weekago

    @uhligs282 Hi James thx for your replay, but I a not sure this is the original paint ! When you see the rubbers off the doors ??
    Have a good look and you will see .
    In the front bonnet the same .
    Sorry mate ?

  • uhligs282 (seller) 3 months, 1 weekago

    @Coachmule I'm so sorry but the previous owner moved and lost the reciepts, The top is manual, I have not got an inspection done. Sorry. The interior looks better in person, the black in my camera is not very complimentary. None of the interior or the black plastic on the bumpers have the GLOSSY spray on them what you see is untreated, I don't use that stuff!

  • uhligs282 (seller) 3 months, 1 weekago

    @SPIDER48 Hi and thanks for looking, the car has all of it's original paint and is in very good shape! The front seats have stiching torn but are very useable, if you want them to be perfect they would need to be recovered, I tried to show this in the pictures, I don't want a buyer to be surprised. The odometer and speedometer are in miles. The hood shocks are weak, that is why there is a prop holding it up. The rubber gaskets around the headlights and at the top of the front fenders and body are present and intact as they where when it left the factory. if you have any more questions feel free to ask. thanks, James

  • Coachmule (registered bidder) 3 months, 1 weekago

    I love the look but honestly surprised about the interior condition if it was garage kept. Is the top Manuel in this or electric ? Also have you had an inspection done ? Any receipts ?

  • uhligs282 (seller) 3 months, 1 weekago

    the car wears its original paint and it also available for inspection.

  • SPIDER48 (registered bidder) 3 months, 1 weekago

    - The car has been completely repainted ?
    - the seats are to be redone ?
    - the odometer meter had been changed in milles so the milles + the km donne in EU ???
    - the front bonnet doesn’t keep up ?

    - I don’t see the rubbers between the headlights and the fenders ?

    - I don’t see the rubbers well between the front fenders and the body ?

  • SPIDER48 3 months, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $10,000

  • uhligs282 (seller) 3 months, 1 weekago

    I am selling this car for a friend. She states this is what I know about the 911. The car was purchased by the second owner in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, from a friend of his. I am guessing somewhere around 2008, maybe earlier. It has been garaged all its life and stayed in Ft. Wayne until the owner retired and moved to Cape Coral, Florida. This owner was a perfectionist and kept his "baby" in meticulous condition. Never in the rain, sleet, or snow. The car was transported in an enclosed semi to its home in Florida. It stayed there for several years until the passing of the owner. I purchased the car from my friends in Florida and it is currently with me. The car has always been garaged and never mistreated. A note of interest, the car was returned to Indiana by the same transportation company and driver who moved it to Florida. Records were kept, however, lost in the move. It is now time for the car, Poppy, to move on to its next chapter. It is a beautiful car and so much fun to drive. I did not know the first owner but was told he took excellent care and maintenance. The second owner was a very good friend of mine so I do know the car was greatly cared for and maintained. This car is fantastic and will be a joy for someone.

  • CurtGT3RS (registered bidder) 3 months, 1 weekago

    I have 3 Porsches and change the oil every 12 months. 2 of mine are driven approx 1000 miles per year.

  • uhligs282 (seller) 3 months, 1 weekago

    @CurtGT3RS 1 oil change in 860 mi. how often do you change your oil? is a broken clock that big a deal? i will agree with you the a/ c could be expensive. thanks for looking.

  • CurtGT3RS (registered bidder) 3 months, 1 weekago

    I’m in the market for an SC cab. But 1 oil change in 6 years, ac needs work, broken clock... this thing better sell cheap.

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1983 Porsche 911 SC Cabriolet Euro-Spec
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