1989 Porsche 911 Turbo S G50/50 5-Speed

We are pleased to present this rare and sought-after 1989 Porsche 930 Turbo S.  Belonging to a highly exclusive family of custom-tailored cars built by Porsche’s Special Wishes Program, this 1989 example features a very unique and extremely uncommon option group which identifies it as a Type 770/930S or “930 Turbo S”.  Originally commissioned by a prominent German car dealer, this Turbo was sold and exported to Japan in 1991 where it would remain in private collections up until the current owner’s purchase in 2019.  Showcasing a factory 3.3 L turbocharged “S” engine mated to a G50/50 manual transmission, this 930 Turbo S makes the obvious choice for any discerning Porsche collector.  It is now being offered out of California with just 57,668 kilometers (35833 miles) on the odometer. 

Finished in Slate Grey Metallic, the paint on this 930 is stated to be in excellent condition. Upon its recent arrival in the U.S. the car was completely gone through and found to be in excellent condition.  A collection of detailed images is provided in the photo gallery.  This Turbo S can be distinguished by its special front air dam spoiler with integrated fog lights and oil-cooler inlet as well as its revised rear lower valance with quad-tip exhaust.  Other noteworthy features include a “tea tray” rear spoiler, euro-style side marker lights, and Fuchs light-alloy wheels which come dressed in new Pirelli P Zero tires.

Inside, the black leather upholstered cabin receives special treatments including a unique center console arrangement, front leather comfort seats, and a combination of a 6,800 RPM rev limit on a 7,000 RPM tachometer with a 300 KPH / 320 KPH speedometer and 1 BAR boost gauge positioned directly in front of the driver.  Factory options include a Blaupunkt “Reno” radio, power windows, power-adjustable seats, and air conditioning.  This particular example highlights a one-off 150 L high-capacity fuel tank which eliminates provisions for a spare tire.  All gauges, electrical components, and accessories are stated to be fully functional.

A rare 3.3 L turbocharged Type 930/66S flat-six engine sends 330 HP to the rear wheels by way of a desirable 5-speed G50/50 manual transmission and is equipped with an essential limited-slip differential. This engine is fitted with factory performance upgrades including revised ignition timing and fuel injection, a larger K27 KKK turbocharger and wastegate, a massive front-mounted oil cooler, and a free-flowing non-catalyst exhaust system with quad tips.  Weighing in at approximately the same as a standard 930 but with an added 30 HP, the Turbo S offers a considerable improvement in both top speed and acceleration.  This car was initially accompanied by a special extended 10-year warranty issued by Porsche’s Client Services; however, an examination of internal records reveal that no warranty work had ever taken place.  Since its recent arrival in the U.S. this Turbo has been completely gone through, safety inspected and serviced.  Stated to be in excellent driving condition, this one of a kind 930 is ready to be enjoyed by its next owner.

The sale of this exceptional Porsche 930 Turbo S will include two keys, original owner’s manuals, tools, maintenance books, service records, and a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.  Do not miss out on this potentially a once in a lifetime opportunity to add a 930 Turbo S to your collection.

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  • Nathanbs 2 hours, 52 minutesago

    Yeah not it lol. I’m not the troll. Can we please start with the font on the “S” stamped on the motor and the VIN stamping on the aluminum tag? Have you seen another with these same fonts and size?

  • Lottacars 5 hours, 18 minutesago

    @JMS935 Thank you

  • Lottacars 5 hours, 31 minutesago

    @Bill_Noon Mr Noon I am not sure I follow who the troll is but I guess that's no important. Can you answer @JMS935 comments? We are all trying to be fully educated and it is really tough to do on this car. Thanks very much for your diligent replies.

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 hours, 53 minutesago

    With all due respect, you might want to be a little be more careful on who you copy on your emails:

    -Just wait until the end of the auction, it will either RNM or we will have gotten him weak enough to drop the reserve. Ill keep the pressure up until the end. In any case you are correct, Bob was the one who inspected and drove both of them. Symbolic will eventually give in with enough pressure. They are just dealers selling someone else's car to make a buck. Be patient and we will keep the pressure up.-

    Big mistake... first of all, we own this car outright and it is registered and titled in our name and despite your intentions, the car has been inspected and driven by some of the bidders and they can see through the BS. Nice try troll!

    Go fish somewhere else, this is not my first rodeo!


  • Nathanbs 6 hours, 41 minutesago

    @JMS935 wow!! Somehow very happy but yet also very disappointed that I asked. Thank you for input.

  • JMS935 7 hours, 1 minuteago

    @Nathanbs, here's my take on this...

    The missing Turbo S parts are the following:

    The larger Turbo S intercooler.
    The notched air box for the larger Turbo S intercooler.
    The Turbo S quad tip exhaust (the one there isn't correct).
    The decel valve placed to the right of the intercooler.
    The Turbo S lower front valance with opening for the oil cooler.
    The additional oil cooler in the front.
    The oil lines running in the frunk.

    I get it that the last 3 items above all relate to the seller claiming this car and the other two it was built with were done differently by Porsche, but I find that a bit hard to believe. I'd probably give it the benefit of the doubt if everything else checked out, but it doesn't. Is there even an image of the front oil cooler? If so, I missed it.

    It is also missing the options sticker from both the underside of the hood and the owner's manual, by 1989 Porsche was indicating the Turbo S builds with special 5 digit codes on these stickers. There are no stickers here to refer to to confirm any of this. And even if they were there and had the special wishes codes on it, where are all of these missing parts?

    The questionable issues are the following:

    The data plate (in image 89) in the frunk looks quite suspicious to me, the engraving on it clearly wasn't done by Porsche. This appears to have been installed and engraved at a later date by others. And while I was staring at that wondering what was up with it, I also noticed the bolts to the fender have been turned with a wrench. Why?

    The "S" stamped on the engine block (in image 92) doesn't look the same as the "S" on the previous 1989 930 Turbo S sold by this seller. Did Porsche really change up their stamping tool for this mid year in 1989? I guess it's possible.

    The ignition timing sticker on the intercooler indicates the engine is the stock 3.3 turbo motor, as the timing is set at 29 degrees. Every turbo that got the power kit got its own timing sticker showing it needs to be set at 25 degrees, not 29 degrees.

    While the K27 turbo is correct for a 930 with the power kit, this one isn't correct for a car that supposedly left the factory as a Turbo S in 1989, it is dated 1994. This is the only noticeable part that a Turbo S would have, and yet it's still wrong, it's 5 years off.

    We can't see inside the engine to see if the cams are correct for a Turbo S, but I would assume not with all of the other missing parts and the stock ignition timing sticker.

    Since the serial number for the engine doesn't even match the German documentation for the car, it indicates that this is an engine swap. Porsche didn't swap out the engine when a 930 was getting the Turbo S treatment, they modified the engine born with the car.

    I highly doubt that this is an ultra rare 1989 930 Turbo S, but it is still a superb 930 with a great color combo in amazing condition. That's my two (long winded) cents.

  • Lottacars 7 hours, 26 minutesago

    Would be interested in fellow PCar viewers thoughts: are you better off with a stock ‘89 turbo same miles or this car with albeit some “twists”. All due respect to Mr Noon it is not as simple as he states IMO. ???

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 7 hours, 57 minutesago

    Just got an email and someone who inspected the car and all the records and also inspected 00249 and this car made the obvious observations the the COAs for both cars are identical except that this car has both the limited slip and the short shift gear shift lever.

    Both COAs are posted in the photo gallery and can easily be compared to each other. Technically the S option was not available unless limited slip was fitted. I do not know any 00249 did not have it but can confirm the gearbox number did match both the COA and the production records and it did not have limited slip.

    Even down to the colors and interiors and other options these two cars were otherwise identical are in all regards. The difference between the two is simply one was a very early build vs this one, a late specification example fitted with more options.

    Kind regards and best wishes,

    Bill Noon

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 8 hours, 5 minutesago

    @Lottacars The car is currently ready for any manner of concours showing or immediate road / track use as any future owner could ask for. The inspections all confirmed issueless cosmetics, perfect paint, interior, zero non-working items or mechanical issues of any kind and perfect compression on all cylinders. Perfect books, tools etc...

    Those that took the time to inspect and drive the car and are bidding will no doubt be very happy they took the time to check this car out so carefully.

    Best of luck to all tomorrow, someone is in for a real treat!



  • Bill_Noon (seller) 8 hours, 9 minutesago

    @JMS935 Hi JMS935, that's not entirely correct, the posted COA for WP0ZZZ93ZKS000249 and the one being auctioned here are essentially identical. The only main difference is that the 000249 did not have a limited slip differential and it utilized the early type after market front spoiler and no double AC condenser.

    This car being auction does have the double condenser and the limited slip differential.

    Of course the main difference between the two is that 000249 was an extremely early example with all the oil lines, cooler and add ons done very crudely. And this car being a late example benefits from all the late updates and improvements incorporated in the later examples.

    As far as the engines themselves they are identical entirely including the high compression cylinder heads, recalibrated injection, ignition timing, turbo-charger and 1.5-bar intercoolers. They are completely identical in all respects.

    The main plus with this car being auction here, is of course the much more vastly improved third oil-cooler front spoiler and integral bumper as well as other really cool late options such as the 320kph speedometer and 150-liter steel fuel tank, none of which were available until the very end of the production run.

    So far checking with several other owners on their COA's confirms that none of the S options are ever mentioned.

    The car has been inspected and test driven now by many and the bidders have done their homework. I note you have not used the "CONTACT SELLER" button as have so many others. You are welcome to do so and I will be happy to share much, much more if you like. No doubt in any of those that have inspected and bid on the car on what they are shooting for.

    I am still happy to help you if you like.

    Kind regards and best wishes,

    Bill Noon

  • Lottacars 8 hours, 13 minutesago

    @JMS935 Agree. Seems like driver not a collectible.

  • Nathanbs 8 hours, 23 minutesago

    @JMS935 care to elaborate on the other issues? I know these cars can be a little tricky as they are so rare and I’m not too keen on their intricacies.

  • JMS935 8 hours, 37 minutesago

    This other COA shown in image 146 of the last 1989 930 Turbo S sold by seller had all of the proper parts a Turbo S would have, which this car does not. So it's not just the paperwork that is the problem here, it's the car itself. It is missing way too many of the WLS power kit components, while also displaying some other questionable issues as well.

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 11 hours, 38 minutesago

    911owner75, all of your bids are very much appreciated and most welcome!

    Best of luck with this auction and all your automotive searches,

    Bill Noon

  • 911owner75 11 hours, 40 minutesago

    Bid in the amount of $129,000

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 14 hours, 31 minutesago

    @Pjohar Good morning Pjohar, The car is in California and registered and titled but out of State. This is a pure "Euro" production code "COO" or "German Domestic Market Vehicle" and it will not pass a California Smog. None of the 100 or so "S" models were ever sold new to the States and I am aware of just two others that came here after the 25 year rule took affect.

    This Porsche is 50 State legal to own but in California, you must be a licensed retail or wholesale dealer or legally be able to register out of State such as Oregon, Montana etc...

    If anyone from California is interested in that option, I can put you in touch with our attorney in Montana and he can legally confirm if you can use his assistance for registration. If you are not able to register the car, he will not charge you anything.

    A California buyer can have the car CARB certified by having it first go to JNK or Wallace Labs for CARB certification but this will cost upwards of $7K to $8K and can take several months to complete. I believe they now have modern, updated Cat exhaust systems that are free-flowing and will not damage the engine but you should inquire directly with the conversion companies before making a decision one way or another.

    Let me know how else I can assist,

    Bill Noon

  • Pjohar 14 hours, 36 minutesago

    Can the car be registered in California?

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 1 day, 16 hoursago

    Your bid is very much appreciated pellison1100! Please don't hesitate to let me know how else I can assist.

    Best wishes,

    Bill Noon

  • pellison1100 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $125,000

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 2 days, 8 hoursago

    Many thanks for your bid nosubstitute4porsche. If I can help in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best of luck,

    Bill Noon

  • nosubstitute4porsche 2 days, 8 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $120,000

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 2 days, 15 hoursago

    Thanks again 911owner75 for your bids. Can I assist with a shipping quote or anything else?

    Kind regards,


  • 911owner75 2 days, 15 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $106,249

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 2 days, 17 hoursago

    Good morning and thank you kindly for your bid lordesopts. Please let me know if I can assist further in anyway with this Porsche and the auction.

    Best of luck with the sale,

    Bill Noon

  • lordesopts 2 days, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $105,000

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 3 days, 3 hoursago

    Good evening MikeO,

    Thank you kindly for your bid, please let me know if I can assist further in anyway with shipping quotes or any manner of inspections or test drives.

    Best of luck and best wishes with this auction,

    Bill Noon

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 3 days, 3 hoursago

    @911Heaven But another point here could be the fact that this car after sitting for two years in Germany and then going to Japan, could have resulted in a mirror change. Japan market import cars require two conforming mirrors as they of course drive RHD. Its possible for JDM registration, the mirrors were changed. If they were, they must have been done at MITSUWA, the Japanese Porsche Distributor as the pig-tail wires in the door are not cut but clip together per the originals.

    Again, great observation,


  • Bill_Noon (seller) 3 days, 3 hoursago

    @911Heaven Hi 911Heaven,

    Good observation, these were used on the first ROW transitional cars from s/n 00750 on G model cars until as least the second month of 964 production and best guess is some 100 to 120 cars got them until the new sequence part number ones came into the quee. Of course there were lots of cars on the production line at that point that probably got a mix of them until the old ones ran out and the interim ones were exhausted. I have never seen the serial number change over dates but if you have them, please share.

    On the few cars we have seen, best way to check is to pull the door cards to check the wiring looms to see if the pig tail connections are not modified.

    Kind regards,


  • 911Heaven 3 days, 3 hoursago

    @Bill_Noon Those are not early 964 mirrors.

  • MikeO 3 days, 4 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $80,830

  • wrw3vista 3 days, 5 hoursago

    @Bill_Noon Thanks Bill.
    Beautiful car.

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 3 days, 5 hoursago

    @wrw3vista Good evening wrw3vista,

    Good observation. Please see earlier posts from the folks below about the same subject. The last of the 89 "G" model Porsches were being built along side the first of the new 964 models and because the 89 production run was extended several months, there were a fair number of shared parts.

    This was confirmed more than a few times and on this car, we pulled the door cards to verify the wiring loom was not modified and the early 964 mirrors were correct.

    This has been observed and confirmed on not just the late "S" models but even the regular "ROW" models built starting in the late Spring of 1989 and no cars after chassis number 0200 have anything but the new 964 type mirrors.

    How else can I assist?


  • wrw3vista 3 days, 5 hoursago

    @Bill_Noon The mirrors don;t seem right. ???
    I've never seen these mirrors on any '89 911.

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 4 days, 10 hoursago

    Good day PCARfans everywhere. A COA for WP0ZZZ93ZKS000249, a well-known and documented "S" model has now been posted in the photo gallery. This was a LHD, code "COO" German Domestic Market example.

    Note the information regarding seats and other details but no mention of any "S" special features or options. Other than the different type oil cooler and plumbing, mechanically and cosmetically it is a near twin to the car being auctioned now. That one did have some really odd interior features but for some reason did not have limited slip, making it the only known example so far known to not have that option.



  • Bill_Noon (seller) 4 days, 16 hoursago

    @82turboruf Good morning 82turboruf, No this one has a very spartan interior and a stock steering wheel. In an earlier post, I listed the known "S" interior options we have seen including three steering wheel variations. The unique features of the interior of our car are the gauges and specifically the 320KPH speedometer. We know of only two other "S" models that got this. The rest had either a 250KPH for some ROW examples and the rest as far as we are aware had the 300kph version.

    How else can I assist?


  • Bill_Noon (seller) 4 days, 16 hoursago

    @Ccristo Good morning Ccristo, The car is in California and registered and titled but out of State. This is a pure "Euro" production code "COO" or "German Domestic Market Vehicle" and it will not pass a California Smog. None of the 100 or so "S" models were ever sold new to the States and I am aware of just two others that came here after the 25 year rule took affect.

    This Porsche is 50 State legal to own but in California, you must be a licensed retail or wholesale dealer or legally be able to register out of State such as Oregon, Montana etc...

    If anyone from California is interested in that option, I can put you in touch with our attorney in Montana and he can legally confirm if you can use his assistance for registration. If you are not able to register the car, he will not charge you anything.

    A California buyer can have car CARB certified by having it first go to JNK or Wallace Labs for CARB certification but this will cost upwards of $7K to $8K and can take several months to complete. I believe they now have modern, updated Cat exhaust systems that are free-flowing and will not damage the engine but you should inquire directly with the conversion companies before making a decision one way or another.

    Let me know how else I can assist,

    Bill Noon

  • Ccristo 4 days, 16 hoursago

    Is the car registered in CA and has it passed CA emissions?

  • 82turboruf 4 days, 17 hoursago

    No 3 spoke 930S steering wheel?
    I love mine.

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 7 hoursago

    @Lottacars Hi Lottacars, with almost 3,000 different 1989 Porsche 930 Turbo variants completed in an extended production year, 100 or so Turbo S versions is a pretty small percentage of the production run.

    Even today, there are darn few who are even aware that these unique sub-variants even existed. I myself was blissfully ignorant of them until one literally fell into our laps a few years back. On arrival, it sure had my head spinning but a few inquires to some educated folks and my contact at the Factory soon made it clear just how special and how much fun they are.



  • Lottacars 5 days, 11 hoursago

    Whew. Doesn’t seem to me as exclusive as I thought from the onset. And loads of info making my brain weary !!

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 11 hoursago

    Here are the known Special Wish interior options found on “S” model 930 Turbos:

    -Special steering wheel
    -Center Console with or without gauges (3 variations noted)
    -Extra glove box under steering wheel
    -Numerous gauge variations with different calibrated speedometers, boost and tach gauges
    -Porsche crest badging on main glove box
    -Porsche crest badging on under steering wheel glove box
    -Deletion of rear seats and seat belts

    And on at least one vehicle, a lockable slim under steering wheel box for a pistol.

    There are probably some others, if anyone can add any to this list, please do so.

    Also there are quite a few examples that have no supplemental interior features and remain otherwise stock.



  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 11 hoursago

    @playswithporsches Many kind thanks playswithporsches!


  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 11 hoursago

    While there are probably a few other errors on the VIN list this one is actually a code "COO" or German domestic market model and not an ROW model:

    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000249 LHD Coupé (German)



  • playswithporsches 5 days, 12 hoursago

    Beautiful color, and extremely well represented Turbo! Excellent.

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 12 hoursago

    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000119 LHD Coupé (ROW)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000133 LHD Coupé (Germany)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000150 LHD Coupé (Germany)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000190 LHD Coupé (Germany)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000198 LHD Cabriolet (ROW)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000201 LHD Coupé (Germany)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000202 LHD Coupé (Germany)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000213 LHD Coupé (Germany)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000216 LHD Coupé (Germany)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000221 LHD Coupé (Germany)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000229 LHD Coupé (ROW)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000236 LHD Coupé (Germany)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000246 LHD Coupé (ROW)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000249 LHD Coupé (ROW)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000258 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000265 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000300 LHD Coupé (ROW)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000310 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000407 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000422 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000427 LHD Coupé (ROW)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000497 LHD Coupé (ROW)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000517 LHD Coupé (ROW)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000562 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000563 RHD Coupé (UK)

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 12 hoursago

    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000568 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000578 LHD Coupé (France)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000584 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000585 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000586 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000602 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000605 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000606 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000642 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000649 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000652 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000668 LHD Coupé (France)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000670 LHD Coupé (France)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000673 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000682 LHD Coupé (France)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000675 LHD Coupé (Italy)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000688 LHD Coupé (France)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000692 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000697 LHD Coupé (France)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000698 LHD Coupé (France)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000703 LHD Coupé (France)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000713 LHD Coupé (France)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000714 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000715 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000724 LHD Coupé (France)

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 12 hoursago

    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000735 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000736 RHD Coupé (Belgium)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000739 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000740 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000748 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000750 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000753 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000755 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000757 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000762 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000767 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000770 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000776 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000788 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000789 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000791 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000793 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000794 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000798 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000799 LHD Coupé (Germany)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000800 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000803 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000805 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000806 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000807 RHD Coupé (UK)

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 12 hoursago

    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000808 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000809 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000811 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000818 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000821 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000823 LHD Coupé (ROW)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000826 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000828 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000830 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000831 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000832 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000842 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000846 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000847 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS000856 RHD Coupé (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS010115 LHD Coupé (Saudi Arabia)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS020095 RHD Cabriolet (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS020128 RHD Cabriolet (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS020138 RHD Cabriolet (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS020152 RHD Cabriolet (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS020159 RHD Cabriolet (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS020182 RHD Cabriolet (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS020183 RHD Cabriolet (UK)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS020188 LHD Cabriolet (Italy)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS020227 LHD Cabriolet (Saudi Arabia)
    WP0ZZZ93ZKS020243 RHD Cabriolet (UK)

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 12 hoursago

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I am going to try and post a list of known and identified "S" models, their original country destination and configuration.

    We have gathered a total of 101 VIN numbers. I also have six possible cars but not yet confirmed. As I noted below in all variations, Porsche probably built something close to 110 different examples in both LHD & RHD and in both Coupé & Cabriolet and possibly even one Targa model but that one is not yet confirmed.

    Some of the vehicles in this list are also Limited Edition models and some are just the performance upgrade with no cosmetic or interior add ons.

    Kind regards,

    Bill Noon

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 13 hoursago

    Paint meter readings are now posted in the photo gallery.



  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 13 hoursago

    Many thanks for your bid 911owner75.

    Please use the "CONTACT SELLER" button if I can assist with inspections, test drives, shipping quotes or for anything else you might need.

    Kind regards,

    Bill Noon

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 13 hoursago

    @pbaron88 many thanks pbarron88, I am at you convenience always,


  • 911owner75 5 days, 13 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $77,500

  • pbaron88 5 days, 13 hoursago

    @Bill_Noon uggg.. il try another method of contact..as its not too hard to trace down where this car is... from my research - ( ill gladly admit im wrong if that is the case) i understand there to be 10 ceritfied Turbo S cars.. there was an effort to make 10 more but that was denied.. and perhaps as you mention .. up to 50 other cars with a" 66S" motor that were made.. ill try later today to get hold of you..

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 14 hoursago

    @pbaron88 Good morning pbaron88, can you try again. No email came through.

    Many thanks,


  • pbaron88 5 days, 14 hoursago

    @Bill_Noon responded w contact seller

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 15 hoursago

    @DriverM Many thanks DriverM,

    what the photos cannot convey is what a monster this car is out on the road. On paper, they make 30bhp more than the stock Euro version and some 30% more torque and that's what you really feel.

    The torque delivery comes on at a much lower RPM. The moment you start the car you can hear that it is a completely different animal. From idle to serious RPMs is a treat that needs to be experienced to fully understand.

    I am really looking forward to test drives over the next few days.



  • DriverM 5 days, 15 hoursago

    I love these discussions and the knowledge learned from them!!! The stance on this car is just perfect!!!! GLWTA......

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 15 hoursago

    As far as I am aware, no COA or the assembly data sheets have ever show an “S” option. I know of one Limited Edition model in the UK that did have an “S” engine and the COA stated Special WSL engine which was the old German initials first used for the 330bhp engine.

    There were a hole slew of unique interior treatments that could be ordered. I will post a complete list of what we have seen later today… Some are really weird and defy fully explaining. Our car and the other two in the same order appear to be the only examples fitted with a 320kph speedometer and my contact said at Porsche this was the highest calibrated speedometer ever fitted to any 911 variant. I have never seen the speedometer in any other application.

    So far every “S” I have encountered had the exact same seats and these also appeared identically in the new 964. I also learned the last of the G model Porsches which were built alongside the first of the new 964 models shared quite a few components. I know our car and the other two got the new type mirrors introduced sometime in the Spring of 1989.

    Thats all I can share for now but more later today and a list of all the VINs I have confirmed so far with the help of many others. I will also post the COA of another S that does not have anything on it that says “S.” Then again, the COA system was never very good and often plagued with errors and mistakes. Sara Eddie at PNA who used to type them all up became very good friends due to error upon error over the years. My favorite mistake was a 57 Speedster that had an electrically operated sunroof and power windows.

    Please try and use the “CONTACT SELLER” button if you have a genuine interest in the car. It will make your purchase or pass decision infinitely easier and keep other potential bidders from knowing your true interest level.

    Best wishes and best of luck with all your searches,

    Bill Noon

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 15 hoursago

    Good morning pbaron88,

    Good observations but not entirely correct. It would be helpful if you were seriously interested in bidding if you used the “CONTACT SELLER” button like the others so I could address easily any questions or concerns. The chat boxes here are helpful but difficult to provide timely photos, records and answers to so many questions.

    I too was told five or six years ago that ten of these were built, then someone said 20, but that was not correct. One of my contacts at Porsche Client Services told me that 55 were completed but that too was not correct. More than likely their were 55 or more LHD Coupés completed but there were also RHD and even a few Cabriolet versions. I and others who have researched the S models believe just over 100 were completed. Later today, I will post all of the known chassis numbers we have been able to gather and confirm.

    There were also 50 Limited Edition 930 Turbos for the UK and Continental market and some of these were fitted with the S engines and accessories but no one seems quite sure on that.

    The earliest “S" versions probably before chassis 600 used a very un-Porsche like “Hack-Job” third centrally mounted front oil cooler. An aftermarket, plastic front spoiler with a large opening and screening covered the oil cooler but because it was not carefully planned out they did not have any room to run the oil lines back to the thermostat and dry-sump tank. They simply cut four large holes in the front apron and into the left fender well, wrapped them in heat tape and called it a day. This caused huge problems, putting massive heat in the front compartment, made access to the spare tire very difficult and caused problems with the AC system. Eventually they figured out a better way when the car was under assembly to recess the front apron with better attachment brackets and a huge integral front air dam and bumper system that allowed the air to enter the oil cooler and then ducted it out under the floor pan of the car instead of into the brake calipers like the earlier version. WP0ZZZ93ZKS000798, WP0ZZZ93ZKS000799 and WP0ZZZ93ZKS000800 were not the first cars to get the new cooler arrangement but most that I have found built near those chassis number and later cars did have it although alt least a few late cars retained the large opening for the air cooler just in the valence but the plumbing passed through channels along the right side of the car like our car rather than through the front compartment.

    Ran out of room again... please see next post

  • pbaron88 5 days, 19 hoursago

    thanks for the response Bill but you left all the questions unanswered.. The COA says its only a type 66 - which is any 930 from 83 on.. if it was an S it would say 66S... there should be photos of a badge commemorating it's 1 of 10 .. if this is one of the 10 made... i would thing out have a ton of documentation saying it is... the front bumper is a standard 89 turbo..not a S version .. there should be a massive 4/9 inch mail slot where the front license plate holder is and not have the plastic chin spoiler.. this has a "cut out slot over the fog lights" which looks like it was cut out after painting. the seats are for sure not the delivered seats. the exhaust is not Porsche made.. and does not match the 66s. the lower dial panel in front of the shift knob should be the same as on the 911 89 anniversary ( basically go all the way up to the stereo) the "S" stamp on the block is not the stamping as the "66". the door fuel sticker says 95 ROZ..is should be 98 ROZ min.. its nice car..but i see nothing that suggests it is not an 89 with a k27 installed..and a slit cut out of the front bumper. im a buyer for a 66S.. so can you show proof from porsche its a 66S - and respond to the items i list here.. , ill gladly bid.

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 19 hoursago

    Here are the compression numbers from Dugan Enterprises, the company that did the engine and gearbox out full services and safety checks a few weeks ago:

    1 130
    2 135
    3 132
    4 130
    5 130
    6 132

    Let me know if I can assist with anything else,


  • Bill_Noon (seller) 5 days, 19 hoursago

    Many thanks for your bid Son71. Use the "CONTACT SELLER" button if I can assist with inspections, test drives or any shipping quotes.

    Best of luck with the auction and all your automotive searches!

    Bill Noon

  • Lottacars 6 days, 2 hoursago

    @davisjrjr agree. I think prices are way off but that’s the fun of this !!!!

  • son71 6 days, 3 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $75,000

  • davisjrjr 6 days, 4 hoursago

    @SilverSled I very much appreciate those here who vet sellers and ask questions which I may not have thought of - including those who may not plan on bidding - but this also gives the seller an opportunity to address questions and concerns, and allows a buyer a higher level of comfort by having several sets of “friends” assisting in the virtual inspection. I too have seen this car elsewhere, and had quite a few concerns / questions - and thru this process now have a better understanding of this impressive car. Best of luck with your bid -as I’m highly interested in the current 930 “buyers market”

  • Lottacars 6 days, 9 hoursago

    @SilverSled appreciate the back and forth but those who just comment are not playing games euther. They have true car interest. And as my last comment, the car and that ask has been online for months. I hope you buy it ! We will be watching your bidding.

  • Lottacars 6 days, 9 hoursago

    @SilverSled thank you. An ask is not a sale IMO. By virtue of it being here, it did not sell. Best. LC

  • SilverSled 6 days, 9 hoursago

    @Lottacars I don’t know the seller, but I come to auctions to buy cars, not to play games, and I research before I buy.

  • Lottacars 6 days, 9 hoursago

    @SilverSled I respectfully disagree with your wish that there were only bidders and not commentators. Frankly many of us enjoy this auction site, as well as others, in the knowledge we gain from those who know more than we do. Also these comments many times serve to prevent a buyer from surprise and disappointment in not knowing facts he/she may have missed. Not surprisingly, there are sellers (not Mr Noon who is trustworthy and reputable) who may not share all of the facts in the write up.
    Last, your establishment of. “Floor” of $200k for this car is certainly not helpful either. IMO , post2016 peak, this car is far from that number (as long as you brought it up:). Unless of course you have a relationship with the seller and are trying to move bidding to that level....which again not surprisingly....has happened. Have a good day.

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 6 days, 11 hoursago

    Good afternoon Porsche Hunters, PCAR has posted 28 more photos in the gallery that should assist with many of the questions. I have also sent them all the paint meter readings as well.

    I have inspections and a test drive booked later this week and will get the requested photos of the gauges when the car is fully up to temperature.

    Many thanks to those using the "CONTACT SELLER" button. It really helps to be able to direct communicate with bidders as well as those interested historically as the chat section hear while convenient, really does not lend itself to being able to provide sufficient information and details to everyone's satisfaction.

    My thanks again and best of luck.

    Bill Noon

  • SilverSled 6 days, 12 hoursago

    Here’s the problem with any Porsche on-line auction. You have a ton of former engineers obsessing, criticizing, challenging - sowing the seeds of doubt, doing anything but bidding on the car.

    Anyone interested in this car can find the original detailed write-up. If you’re not going to bid, why are you drilling for oil?

    This isn’t a forum page requesting your opinions, it’s an auction. I love the arm-chair generals who point out x flaws and then say it’s a beautiful car, good luck with the auction. Feel better? I hope so.

    This is a 200k plus car. If you have that kind of money, than please keep the economy going and bid, if your view is you wouldn’t spend the $200k that you don’t have, then kindly keep your comments to yourself.

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 6 days, 13 hoursago

    Good day again pbaron88,

    Please look at photo 25 to see the detail of special front air dam and bumper with 4 by 9 inch letter box opening to allow cooling air to the central mounted front oil cooler. The hot air is then ducted down and out below the oil cooler. The earlier version had the hot air exit in front of each front tire.

    Let me know how else I can assist.


    Bill Noon

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 6 days, 14 hoursago

    Good morning pbaron88,

    The front air dam, bumper in internal brackets and reinforcements are completely unique to the later S models and share nothing with the stock version. Look closely at the photos and you will see the spoiler is further forward by 2 inches and has an integral air inlet between the top of the left of the spoiler and bottom left of the special bumper.

    The rear spoiler and reinforced at each end, made of steel and has the integral dual out let fabrications to accommodate the special exhaust system. It has nothing to do with the stock rear spoiler found on the regular production 930 Turbos.

    In an earlier post, I provided a link to a sister car that has the same rear set up but the earlier crude front oil-cooler set up that had the oil lines passing directly into the front turn compartment. Porsche changed this on the later S models as it pumped massive heat into the compartment and messed with the AC system function.

    This S model actually has two AC condensers and an extra fan to deal with the serious extra heat created by the 930/66S engines.


    Bill Noon

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 6 days, 14 hoursago

    Good day again PCAR fans... the comment boxes here limit how much I can type and there is a ton of more stuff to share on this very special "Special Wish" Porsche. I encourage anyone interested to use the "CONTACT SELLER" button as it makes sharing and emailing files records and photos much easier.

    PCAR posted a ton of stuff but I have more. I emailed them the paint meter readings but not sure if those have been posted yet. I am happy to email them to anyone interested in seeing them and much more if you like.

    Kind regards and best of luck with this auction,

    Bill Noon

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 6 days, 15 hoursago

    -Type 930/66S Engine, Flat-6, Turbocharged 3.3-liter, 330BHP
    -1.5 BAR Intercooler
    -K27 KKK turbocharger and Special Waste Gate System
    -150-liter Fuel Tank / Spare Tire Delete (40 gallons)
    -Special Front Mounted Oil-Cooler
    -Combination of a 6,800 RPM rev limit on a 7,000RPM Tach with 320KPH Speedometer and 1 BAR boost Gauge
    -Special Front Air Dam Spoiler with Integral Oil Cooler Inlet and Integral Fog Lights
    -Special Rear Lower Valence with Integral Quad-Exhaust Outlet Ports
    -Quad Tip, Free-Flowng Exhaust System
    -Power Sport Seats Left and Right
    -G50/50 2 Five-Speed Gearbox with Limited Slip Differential
    -Fuch Light-Alloy Rims
    -Bridgestone Z-Rated Speed Tires
    -Exterior Paint Slate Grey
    -Interior Black Full Leather

    I am sure I missed a few things so when I have more time later today, I will go back through my notes and the records and try to provide more details.

    Many thanks for the great questions and observations and best of luck to the bidders, the winner of this one is in for a real treat!

    Bill Noon

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 6 days, 15 hoursago

    Good morning PCAR fans everywhere... sorry for the late reply. My thanks for the bids to each of you and those that have contacted me already using the "CONTACT SELLER" button. There is much I need to share but I only have a few minutes. I will provide specific answers to all questions later if I miss anything here now as I have a car that needs to be delivered.

    Like all of the rare Turbo S models in 1989, this car was plucked of the production line and sent over to the new PORSCHE EXCLUSIV building for conversion into a Turbo S. It was part of a three car order for the German Porsche distributor. The three cars were:


    All three were the same colors and built to identical specifications. All three were finished early in march of 1989, very late in the production of the last of the old “G” model Porsches which is why it has a fair number of 964 features such as the mirrors and power sports seats. Two of these including our car were sold two years later still as new cars to Japan where they joined private museum collections. The other was sold to Saudi Arabia and as far as I am aware has not surfaced since going there.

    I had another of these S models five or six years ago and a gentleman wrote a really great article that explains the cars in excellent detail and why they are so special and such monster performers. Here is a link to the article:


    Note that is too has the same seats as our car, the early 964 type power sport seats and no they are not heated.

    The S engines were built individually and not on the production line. The one I had before had its original engine number match the original production records but the COA stated engine number not recorded. Another with a client in the UK that he has had from new does not have an engine number that matches the production records but it is a correct “Typ. 930/66S” engine and stamped accordingly.

    The gearbox in this Turbo S is a correct G50/50-2, five speed with limited slip differential and the stamped unit number does match the production records.

    All three oil coolers, the individual thermostats, valves and piping are original, the exhaust is correct but a replacement one. All three of these Turbo S models built sequentially had the same specifications and these features:

    Ran out of room... see next post....

  • pbaron88 6 days, 15 hoursago

    why is this a "Turbo S" all the paperwork shows is a 89 911 Turbo Coupe.. all the photos look like a stnadard 89 turbo as well. fog lights, front bumper / rear bumper .. the seat are not original ( as not sport and the COA says onlyt height adjust 4 Way .. these are 8 way..) nor the exhaust... can you explain?

  • davisjrjr 6 days, 15 hoursago

    @flat6rfixr Seats / Motor not to original spec?
    How about Transmission & Exhaust??

  • Qdegraaf 6 days, 17 hoursago

    @flat6rfixr surely this needs an explanation

  • maxpower 6 days, 17 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $65,000

  • flat6rfixr 6 days, 17 hoursago

    Engine numbers?
    german paper work = 67K01074
    engine stamp = 67K00880

  • flat6rfixr 6 days, 18 hoursago

    Seats must have been changed out since, as noted, they are not sport seats per COA but also don't appear to be heated per COA

  • son71 6 days, 18 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $55,000

  • Curlyfro 6 days, 21 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $1,160

  • JNasty 1 weekago

    @Bill_Noon - Nor the fuel tank

  • JNasty 1 weekago

    @Bill_Noon - COA notes sport seats, car does not have them?

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 1 weekago

    Hi ChrisF1,

    The car is 50 state legal to own but cannot pass a California smog as it is a pure original German Market model. It is currently registered and titled in Montana in our company name. For a California buyer, you will need to be a retail or wholesale dealer, foreign national, or be able to legally register out of state.

    I have a full time attorney that for fee can give you guidance on your options but will charge you if you use his services to register the car out of state. The fee is usually about $1800 but he will not charge you if you do not qualify.

    How else can I assist?

    Bill Noon

  • ChrisF1 1 weekago

    Beautiful car Bill.

    Is the car currently CA registered with unrestricted title? If not CA, any known barriers to CA registration (non-Federalized; ROW emissions)?

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 1 weekago

    Good evening FTakla,

    Many thanks for your bid... Let me now if I can assist with anything else at your convenience.

    Best of luck with the auction and all your pursuits,

    Bill Noon

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 1 weekago

    Hi Jim,

    I will get you both. Anything else I can help with? Use the contact seller button and I can email you additional information if you like.


    Bill Noon

  • jd-gt350 1 weekago

    Any chance of paint meter readings?
    Please provide a photo of Gage's, engine running & up to temperature .

  • FTakla 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $911

  • Bill_Noon (seller) 1 weekago

    Welcome PCAR fans everywhere to another fine auction!

    If I can assist with inspection, test drives or additional information, photos or Porsche internal assembly records, please do not hesitate to use the "Contact Seller" button.

    I can assist with any manner of follow-on, state-side or worldwide shipping as needed. We are also getting some of the best shipping quotes I have seen in 20 years and we are experiencing zero shipping delays.

    Best wishes and best of luck to all interested parties.

    Kind regards,

    Bill Noon

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