"NO RESERVE" 1990 Porsche 911 C4 Targa

Up for auction at NO-RESERVE is this black on black 1990 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Targa. The car was purchased new from Pepe Porsche in Larchmont, NY where it remained with its original owner for nearly a decade.  The car was then sold to its current owner/seller who has enjoyed the car for nearly 20 yrs. The odometer currently reads 124,292. 

The seller states that the car has never been in an accident and the supplied Carfax confirms that claim. The body is solid with a typical area of rust near the front windshield. The patina and surface scratches clearly show years of road use and that the car was enjoyed and driven.

The interior is completely intact and presents well with normal wear and tear. The dashboard and gauges are reported to be in good condition. The stock radio has been replaced with an aftermarket head unit. The Targa top is original with the seals and fabric needing to be addressed.  There are detailed photos in the gallery outlining the honest condition of the car.

This Targa retains its original 3.6L M64 flat-six engine that is connected to a 5-speed manual transmission. The car starts, drives, and shifts smoothly.  Due to what was thought to be an exhaust leak, the current owner had the car inspected prior to listing it for auction.  It was discovered that the Head Studs need to be replaced.  While being inspected, it was also noted that the oil light comes on at hot idle.  All in all, this is a solid 964 that can be serviced and enjoyed for many more years or restored back to its original glory.

The Targa is being sold as is with a clean Carfax, 2 sets of keys, and folder containing extensive records dating from 2000-2012

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  • Winning Bid: $24,215
  • Auction End: May 23, 2019, 3:21 p.m.
  • Number of Bids: 22
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Comments (60)

  • Jgmsethi 1 month, 1 weekago

    Nice car man! Awesome deal! How is the new owner liking the car?

  • BoJones 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Congrats Smalter ... and to the good Doctor.

  • mastersext 1 month, 3 weeksago

    What a great deal!!!

  • alunser11 1 month, 3 weeksago

    GO BABY!!!

  • Pouya 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Excellent value

  • Smalter911 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $24,215

  • BoJones 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @alunser11 Very dope ride!!!

  • alunser11 1 month, 3 weeksago

    still great deal for someone!!!!!

  • BoJones 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @wouldgrane2 I want one to "daily" soon. Just won't be this one.

  • wouldgrane2 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @BoJones if you want a garage queen sure

  • BoJones 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @Smalter911 Yessir, less weight, less to go wrong and 4WD not necessary with so few 964s driven in the snow

  • iwozthere 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $23,964

  • Smalter911 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $23,118

  • rsierra 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $22,300

  • wouldgrane2 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @Smalter911 lol that’s subjective

  • Smalter911 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @BoJones targa 2 is more desirable than targa 4

  • wouldgrane2 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $21,800

  • BoJones 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Here is a decent comp. Similar miles, but had an $11K top end rebuild and new clutch in '14:

  • Smalter911 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $21,450

  • 912911 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @BoJones we all minimize the negatives when buying for personal use especially a black Porsche.

  • BoJones 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @912911 I live in NC and was quoted $15 min. for a rebuild, excluding main bearings. With oil light on, bearings could come into play ... even warped cylinders. Though unlikely, you just don’t know.
    As for the rust, my shop knows that rust comes from the inside and won’t make promises until it’s taken apart ... and wouldn’t guess on cost.

  • 912911 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @spwielder7 with those prices for work using genuine Porsche parts with legitimate shop you do not live in NY or LA area.

  • rubenbr 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Just saw the comments....
    I'm gonna wait till later. This is a real nice Targa!

  • Isricon 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Completely agree. Based on everything seen and read, this is a deal in the mid 30’s. And yes, if end user is making an outlaw it’s should hit 40’s.

  • VertexAuto 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $21,000

  • spwielder7 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Some good info here. Here’s my assessment. The engine work can be done for $10k. The small rust by windshield $1500. The interior seems fine. You can refresh a few things and get a good detail. I think $15k all in is a fair estimate on top of purchase price to have a really nice 964 Targa. Being in for under $50k is a great deal for a done car. Therefore, anything under $35k for this car makes it a very good deal. Being a 964, I think it is a solid deal at $35k. If your making a hotrod.. this is a steal! Glwa

  • parkingen022 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $20,250

  • akellerdrew 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @luketesh same! less than 24 hours!

  • 912911 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Agree with assessment as I have seen the car. Even if it was a coupe the present bid is top of the market when you add in the repairs needed for engine , interior , and body. Buying it and being able to do all the work yourself or just driving it makes the only sense.

  • BoJones 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @luketesh Agreed. I had my highly qualified Porsche tech take a look at it. He estimated $15k for engine rebuild, which always ends up more. Add in the work on the rust and all the trim and and you’re over $40k right now inc the $20k bid. Unless you’re a mechanic can do the work yourself, this might be all the money. We shall see.

  • luketesh 1 month, 3 weeksago

    really looking forward to seeing how this one plays out. love no-reserve auctions. solid targa but obviously needs some love.

  • alunser11 1 month, 4 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $20,000

  • ramone224 1 month, 4 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $12,800

  • mrpHixiTT 1 month, 4 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $12,500

  • Chrispr7 1 month, 4 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $12,250

  • opsnuse6 2 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $12,000

  • alunser11 2 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $11,500

  • Onehri (seller) 2 monthsago

    This Porsche is a driver's car, a performance car. There is nothing like a four-wheel drive Porsche. This Hawk33 has performance and appearance. Black on Black as you can see is beautiful it also is a rarity. A collector told me there have been told less than 300 of these babies made. For all you enthusiasts please let me know if that is correct (I do not want to misstate a fact but I don't know how to look that us. As we all know the value of this car is very high for the special few that truly understand its rarity and performance and beauty. As you can see I wish I did not have to sell. Let me know if want to join my support group for PTSPL. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Porsche Loss. (: If you have any questions feel free to send them my way. The new owner can also feel good knowing the purchase is helping me to continue to volunteer my time to help inner-city teens. The organization I am the founder of is Growth and Development Services (GDS) is www.excelgds.org. Contact me if you want to know more about GDS or this beauty. Thank you. Dr. Gary

  • Georgek 2 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $10,000

  • tymwalt 2 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $8,500

  • mastersext 2 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $8,000

  • tymwalt 2 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $7,000

  • jonoakesturbo911 2 monthsago

    ultimate flip.

  • freDdytaylor 2 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $6,250

  • Onehri (seller) 2 monthsago

    @rubenbr I will also miss all the ladies wanting to go for a ride with me. lol...

  • Onehri (seller) 2 monthsago

    @rubenbr I will deeply miss driving this Hawk33. You are absolutely right. I would keep her forever if I could afford it. For the past two decades, I have taken excellent care of this beauty. It is Hawk33 because she flies. She has always been kept immaculate and in the garage. That is how I go. The handling of C4 rocks around the turns.

  • Onehri (seller) 2 monthsago

    @BoJones I have been told the car can be driven as is in a workable/enjoyable way. As I was driving it and to me, it drives excellent. However, I do understand that if someone has the ability to rebuild parts or all of the engine I have been told that would be great. I know that this Porsche 911/964, air cooled is a much-desired car as is, it is pretty rare, not that many made. Especially since it has a clean carfax and I have been the owner taking excellent care of it for 20 years. I believe that would give someone a piece of mind. I treated this car like a baby and I take great care of my kids. I also am very meticulous and maintained it perfectly until recently when I ran into financial challenges. The problems that exist now are very recent. As written in the summary I was told by a new mechanic that works with Porsches/inspection person that it was a minor exhaust problem that could be easily fixed. I never knew until a few days ago about the Caps and I wanted to be fully transparent about it. I really don't know about CAPS or engines. I just enjoyed driving her A LOT!

  • rubenbr 2 monthsago

    This targa is showing age but nothing a little bit of heavy wax and a little effort and this baby is beautiful.... pondering....

  • BoJones 2 monthsago

    @Onehri Thanks, I greatly appreciate it. Straight answers are perfect!

  • BoJones 2 monthsago

    @Onehri That's fair, you're offering it at no reserve. So it's up to the bidder to factor potential repair costs into their bid ... I get that.
    I was more-or-less curious if new main bearings should be factored into the engine rebuild job that it needs. And if the cylinders are undamaged.

  • Onehri (seller) 2 monthsago

    @BoJones I am not sure about the suspension being refreshed. Again I am not a mechanic but I have a trustworthy, expert on Porsches service the car regularly and religiously. I can tell you that the car drives excellently and I have not felt any suspension problems. I reviewed the service records that I have and do not see work on bushings etc.

  • Onehri (seller) 2 monthsago

    @BoJones Hello Bo. Thank you for your interest. I have had the car for 20 years but I am not I a mechanic.  I try to help fix inner-city teens, not cars (: I run a nonprofit for at-risk youth in NYC. When I heard the noise that prompted me to have the car checked out, the mechanic informed me that the head studs are a common failure and that all other issues can and should be addressed during that service.  I did not authorize the mechanic to go any further than what is stated in the listing. I hope this offers some assistance.

  • BoJones 2 monthsago

    Looking for my first Porsche, so I jumped in with an early bid. Which caused me to look further into the engine issues you mentioned.
    Have you had a mechanical pressure test for the oil pressure? It could be the sending unit, or a much more serious issue with the main bearings.
    As for the Head Studs, the prevailing opinions say to replace so many other things while it engine is out that the total costs could continue climb way past the cost of replacing Head Studs, obviously. You've owned the car for 20 years, can you and your mechanic present a better picture of the total state of the engine?

  • BoJones 2 monthsago

    @Onehri Has the suspension been refreshed, bushings, etc.?

  • Onehri (seller) 2 monthsago

    9/11/ First Responder for Hawk the 911. An interesting personal note about me and the Hawk33. She drove me down to the city on 9/11. I remember passing all the cars on Hudson bridge and being one of the only one allowed thru because I was going down be a First-Responder for 9/11. I drove her down to 33rd street and I was in charge of all of the psychologist and social workers on at the Armory at 33rd Street. As a Psychologist, I volunteered and received an award for my work supporting victims and families. That is the sticker on the back bumper from 9/11. Sorry folks but we are going down memory lane.

  • Onehri (seller) 2 monthsago

    For the past two decades, I have taken excellent care of this beauty. It is Hawk33 because she flies. She has always been kept immaculate and in the garage. That is how I go. The handling of C4 rocks around the turns. The drive, as we all know, there is no substitute. The heads turn for this classic. I always drive with the Targa off and because it is a Targa you don't feel the wind or chill. It also feels safer than a cabriolet yet has the open air feeling. In the fall and winter, heat on the feet, music blasting. I put in an incredible sound system, amplifier under the seat and huge box speakers in the back so when driving on the highway you feel the beat and the music is clear as a bell. I will miss this car, the value is high, it is a rare classic. Black on black is always the best. Good luck to all you bidders. Any questions feel free to ask away. 100% transparent as you see.

  • BoJones 2 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $5,000

  • mastersext 2 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $4,500

  • wouldgrane2 2 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $2,911

  • Onehri (seller) 2 monthsago

    The person who purchases this car will be very fortunate. This targa is unique and an incredible ride. It will bring you to place that is hard to describe in words. I am only selling it because I have to. Let me know if you have any questions. Onehri

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"NO RESERVE" 1990 Porsche 911 C4 Targa
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