1990s Aprilia Motorcycle Dealership Showroom Sign (20')
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  • Seller: vo152
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Available for auction is a rare Aprilia motorcycle dealership sign. According to the seller, this was the display sign hanging from the tall ceiling of the official Aprilia 'Concessionari' showroom in Bologna during the 1990's and up to and including the early 2000's prior to the merger with Piaggio.

The sign represents the Aprilia racing sector of the brand and was acquired via a close friend and fellow enthusiast of the sellers father who was involved with the brand and importer.

The sign consists of 6 individual panels each one measuring 30" in height by 37" in width. The sign is stunning in size measuring approximately 20 feet wide and 30" tall. The panels are constructed of a durable board material and contain holes at the top corners to allow the sign to be suspended from the ceiling.

This is an exceptionally rare piece of scarce and virtually unobtainable Aprilia motorcycle history. Don't miss your opportunity. The buyer is responsible for shipping, handling, and fees.   

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1990s Aprilia Motorcycle Dealership Showroom Sign (20')
Final bid: $75 Ended
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