36k-Mile 1996 Porsche 993 Turbo

We are pleased to offer this 1996 Porsche 993 Turbo finished in Grand Prix White.  The last of the air-cooled 911 Turbos, the 993 was one of the quickest production cars of its day, featuring a twin-turbocharged flat-six engine, all-wheel-drive system, lightweight hollow-spoke wheels, and a 6-speed manual transmission.  Originally sold in California in October of 1996, this 993 Turbo was ordered with a Midnight Blue full leather interior, supple leather seats, and the Nokia Digital Sound Package.  Upon the current owner’s acquisition in 2019 at 35,799 miles, the car was treated to major preventive service including valve adjustments, new spark plugs, engine seals, rebuilt turbochargers, a new clutch kit, and more.  A stunning example of one of the most sought-after air-cooled cars of all time, this 993 is now being offered for auction by its owner out of Florida while showing just under 36k miles on the odometer.

This Turbo comes finished in Grand Prix White and rides on factory 18” Technology hollow-spoke wheels in a custom chromed finished.  The intercooler was also custom finished in red under previous ownership to match the large Brembo brake calipers.  Compared to a standard 993 Carrera, the Turbo features wider bodywork, broader rocker panels, a color-matched rear spoiler, and a unique front fascia with three lower air inlets.  The factory wheels were dressed in a set of new Michelin Pilot Sport tires in 2018.  Detailed images are provided in the gallery along with paint meter readings and a clean CARFAX report.

Inside, this 993 showcases a beautiful Midnight Blue full leather interior with optional supple leather seats. The original matching floor mats with leather edging have been well preserved and will also accompany the sale. Factory features include an electric sunroof, automatic speed control, a 6-disc remote CD changer, and the premium Nokia Digital Sound Package (DSP).  A rear window wiper, onboard computer, Litronic xenon headlights, and power-operated seats are also equipped as standard.  The cabin has been kept in excellent condition throughout the years and the original Porsche CR-210 radio remains fully functional.

The 993 Turbo carries an air-cooled 3.6L flat-six engine equipped with twin KKK type K-16 turbochargers, dual-charge air intercoolers, hydraulic lifters, and Bosch Motronic M 5.2 engine management.  Thanks to the use of two smaller turbochargers rather than one larger unit, the 993 offered greatly improved throttle response at low revs compared to its predecessor.  A 6-speed manual transmission distributes as much as 408 HP and 398 lb.-ft of torque to all four wheels.  The dynamic limited-slip system with Active Brake Differential (ABD) and a limited-slip differential are equipped as standard along with red-painted 4-piston fixed aluminum brake calipers paired with 322mm rotors front and rear.  An aftermarket performance exhaust has been installed as well. A full 30k-mile service was performed on the car in 2006, and the current owner opted for additional preventive service at the time of their purchase in 2019 including valve adjustments, resealed valve and chain box covers, various new O-rings and gaskets, a rebuild of both turbochargers, a new clutch kit and slave cylinder, and oil and filter changes.  A collection of service records is said to accompany the sale dating back to the original purchase.

This sale will include a set of two keys with remote fobs, one spare key, the original owner's manuals, floor mats, service records, and a clean title. No Porsche collection is complete without a 993 Turbo, and this beautifully preserved 1997 example is just waiting to be enjoyed by a new caretaker.


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  • CA993TT 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Sold for $210,000

  • CA993TT 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $210,000

  • CA993TT 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $206,000

  • ChasingFineCars 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $205,000

  • CA993TT 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $204,000

  • ChasingFineCars 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $202,000

  • CA993TT 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $200,000

  • ChasingFineCars 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $197,000

  • CA993TT 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $195,000

  • sean2112 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $192,000

  • Seingring 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $190,000

  • CA993TT 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $188,000

  • Frank123 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $187,000

  • Harleys3 3 days, 11 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $186,000

  • Seingring 3 days, 11 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $185,000

  • ChasingFineCars 3 days, 11 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $180,000

  • Seingring 3 days, 12 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $175,000

  • Frank123 3 days, 12 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $172,000

  • Frank123 3 days, 12 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $171,000

  • Boatdoc74 (registered bidder) 3 days, 12 hoursago

    people can try to get the price down with the comments all they want. we can all see this is a real car and real seller. Looks like he just had a great sale on his Z8 just a few weeks ago. Best of luck to all

  • Luc0523 (seller) 3 days, 12 hoursago

    Hi Slydids. Yes, there is a reserve and as you may have guessed, it has not been reached yet.

  • Slydids (registered bidder) 3 days, 12 hoursago

    HI is there a reserve on here or am I going to win it outright?

  • Hi 3 days, 13 hoursago

    Is very funny and inappropriate how people trow comments without even being near a vehicle just trying to destroy a sale..someone here just mention that the "position of the exhaust tips could be a bad engine mounted " extremely weird comment SIR... Is happened a lot also on BaT to the point that people are really damaging a sale without any knowledge or even know anything about a vehicle or ever could bit on that vehicle, just for the pleasure . I would never put a car for auction on BaT again, and here people just begin to do the same ..Hope admin will flag those comments here before they go public in order to keep this site clean and far from losers... Just to be clear here. I just had work done on my 993TT and after done one of the exhaust tips was off a bit and took no more than 15 min to adjust that. Nothing like engine BAD Mounted ...

  • Slydids 3 days, 18 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $170,000

  • Luc0523 (seller) 3 days, 18 hoursago

    Superracer: None of the servicing dealers have ever mentioned the position of the exhaust tails.The angle from which pictures are taken can sometimes distort things. No one has ever said they look low when actually looking at the car.

  • Luc0523 (seller) 3 days, 19 hoursago

    BlueTTop: During all the work that was done when the engine was pulled, including the most recent service, engine mounts were never identified as an issue.

  • ChasingFineCars 3 days, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $155,993

  • Cpreston3 3 days, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $141,000

  • Seingring 3 days, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $140,000

  • BlueTTop 4 daysago

    Low hanging exhaust tips can be a sign of bad engine mounts. Not sure in this case without more information.

  • CA993TT 4 days, 2 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $132,000

  • superracer (registered bidder) 4 days, 3 hoursago

    From the photos, the exhaust tips seems to hang a little low, is that due to the recent engine out service? Is that easily fixed?

  • Cpreston3 4 days, 3 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $131,000

  • TheMoose 4 days, 4 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $129,250

  • Luc0523 (seller) 4 days, 11 hoursago

    I found the Selling Dealer Order printout and the Porsche Build Sheet which contain the same information, but I have not found the actual window sticker. I went back and looked again, but still could not find it. That would be another nice thing to have and I am not sure why it was not kept with the other documents. Perhaps it was damaged or just misplaced somewhere along the way.

  • brianbuse (registered bidder) 4 days, 13 hoursago

    Is the original sticker included?

  • Luc0523 (seller) 4 days, 13 hoursago

    Thank you for the kind comments. I, too, am a big fan of the color combination, especially the leather. When Porsche said the car had a full leather interior, they weren't kidding. Virtually everything that could be leather is a rich dark blue leather: the seat fronts, backs, sides, door panels, rear seats, rear seat side panels, shelf behind rear seats, dash board, steering wheel, gear shift, hand brake, leather trimmed floor mats, etc. And the supple leather is so soft it resists any signs of wear. Regarding maintenance, the maintenance records go back to the original owner and are organized chronologically in a three-ring binder. There are over 100 pages of documents, receipts and even logs kept by previous owners. This car has a history of proud ownership. I hope the next owner will be just as proud.

  • Dima815 4 days, 15 hoursago

    Terrific specimen. Beautiful color combination and the leather looks new. Impressive amount of maintenance and care obvious with this car. Whats not to like. Will be a great addition for the lucky buyer.

  • Cpreston3 5 days, 4 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $129,000

  • Frank123 5 days, 11 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $128,500

  • PCARMARKET_MODERATOR 5 days, 14 hoursago

    Additional content has been added to the listing gallery.

  • Luc0523 (seller) 5 days, 14 hoursago

    Before I took possession of the car in early 2019, I had major preventive maintenance performed on it. While the car was in great shape, I wanted to make sure everything was right to start out. The equivalent of the 30,000 mile service was repeated at 35,799 miles since it was originally done about 10 years earlier. That included new plugs, wires, all filters, etc. I also had them drop the engine to reseal the Valve Covers and Chain Box Cover, replace all O-Rings and Gaskets, rebuild both Turbochargers, install a new Clutch Kit and Install a New Clutch Slave Cylinder. That work took almost two months, but when the car was delivered to me, it was in first-class condition in all respects and I knew all maintenance was up to date and up to spec. I am uploading a few new pictures that were taken while the engine was out FYI. Today, the car performs beautifully. As you tell from the videos, the engine is very strong and does not smoke or require oil between changes. Additionally, final routine service before sale was performed last month, including new oil and filter. The car is up to date and ready to drive off.

  • Cpreston3 6 days, 8 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $128,000

  • CJWRacing33 6 days, 10 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $126,993

  • Cpreston3 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $126,000

  • Luc0523 (seller) 1 week, 1 dayago

    Just a note of clarification. In case you were wondering, the front floor mats pictured in the car were made for the car but they are only used for local driving to save wear and tear on the original leather bound floor mats. The original leather bound floor mats are in very good shape and they do come with the car and are pictured here separately. In fact, there are two sets of them that will be provided. The mats shown in front of the rear seats are part of the authentic leather bound set. You will note they match the interior color perfectly.

  • Luc0523 (seller) 1 week, 1 dayago

    Car is certainly available.

  • Frank123 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $125,000

  • Frank123 (registered bidder) 1 week, 1 dayago

    Would like to see the car I am in Naples
    Can I come see it
    Can you give me the address

  • Luc0523 (seller) 1 week, 2 daysago

    Fortunately, I was able to arrange for the car to be hoisted again today so bottom panels could be removed to expose the mechanicals for more photographs. The intercooler cover was also removed to gain greater visual access to the mechanical components around it. I hope you find the resulting 20 pictures that have just been added here to be helpful and informative. And I hope you share my belief that these show this car has been well maintained and cared for. I also forgot to mention that the entire exterior of the car just received a double ceramic coating two months ago that should protect the finish for up to three years.

  • PCARMARKET_MODERATOR 1 week, 2 daysago

    Additional content has been added to the listing gallery .

  • TheMoose (registered bidder) 1 week, 2 daysago

    I have met the owner of this car a few times as well as purchasing a vehicle from him. It is a pleasure to deal with this owner. I actually had the opportunity to look all over this Turbo today and was certainly impressed! While I didn't drive it, I did look all over it (being a 993 Turbo fan!) and the car appears to be in excellent shape and does look stunning. It'll be 6 days of torture for me trying to work out if I need to add this to my garage!

  • TubeGuy (registered bidder) 1 week, 2 daysago

    Love the blue interior. It's so graceful. And it is so obvious this car has been well taken care of. Love it.

  • TKAD (registered bidder) 1 week, 2 daysago

    Undercarriage pics? Specifically of drivetrain would be beneficial.

  • Bd71500 1 week, 2 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $115,000

  • superracer 1 week, 3 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $100,000

  • Luc0523 (seller) 1 week, 3 daysago

    Good evening. I am the owner of this 1996 Porsche 993 Turbo. As you can see, there is a variety of information presented here in the form of written narrative, pictures, videos and other documentation that I hope will give you an accurate view of this offering. We tried to make the material as complete as we could. I believe it is a great car and know it will bring a great deal of enjoyment to its next owner just as it has me. Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to become familiar with the car.

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36k-Mile 1996 Porsche 993 Turbo
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