DT-Direct 1998 Porsche 993 Carrera S Coupe

We are pleased to present this 1998 Porsche 993 Carrera S finished in Guard’s Red over a black leather interior.  Marking the final production year for the air-cooled 911, this 1998 Carrera S is amongst the most collectible vintage Porsche’s on the road.  Purchased by its current owner in 2003 from a dealership in Boston, this 2-owner Tiptronic example has been kept in outstanding condition with approximately 45k miles now showing on the odometer.  Having undergone a comprehensive 45k mile service within the last 100 miles, this Carrera S is ready to begin its journey with a new caretaker.

The classic Guards Red finish is said to be in excellent condition with some very minor chipping.  A collection of detailed images is provided in the photo gallery.  Sought after for its styling, the 993 Carrera S shares the widened body of the Turbo model with a distinctive split-grill rear decklid.  This 993 rides on factory Cup 2 wheels which come dressed in Michelin tires dated from 2014 with plenty of tread life remaining.  The rear tires are dated 2018 and the front tires are noted to be slightly older.

The driver is situated in a black leather interior featuring 8-way power operated seats in supple leather.  Factory options include power windows and mirrors, a power sunroof and the Premium Sound Package.  The radio has been upgraded and the driver’s seat rails are said to have been professionally extended by a dealer.  The cabin is noted to be in exceptional condition with all accessories remaining fully functional, and the seller confirms that the original Porsche radio will be included in-sale.

This Carrera S carries an air-cooled 3.6 L flat-six engine which is rated at 282HP and 250 lb.-ft of torque.  Power is sent to the rear wheels through a refined Tiptronic automatic transmission making for an accommodating driving experience.  This 993 has been equipped with the optional Motor Sound Package which adds a more resonant airbox and muffler.  Service records indicate this 993 to be up to date on all due maintenance with a comprehensive 45k mile service carried out in 2019 within the last 100 miles.

The sale of this 993 will include a set of two keys, the original books, tools and radio, service records, a spare tire, air pump, car cover and battery tender.  Showing to have been impeccably well-kept throughout the years, this final-generation air-cooled Carrera S is not to be missed.

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  • Argus1 (seller) 6 days, 2 hoursago


    The info you requested has been posted.

  • Spokayman 1 weekago

    @Argus1, I will look for the photos and a summary of all of the maintenance performed.

  • Argus1 (seller) 1 weekago


    I’ll retake those areas from closer up and have them posted. What you are seeing are simply reflections. When the panel shots are compared to the full body shots, the reflections show up differently. If you look at pictures of other cars posted, you’ll see the same kinds of reflections depending on the angle of the shot.

    Yes, I do have records since I’ve owned the car.

  • Spokayman 1 weekago

    Thanks Argus1,
    Your reply is helpful.

    I am still uncertain of the condition of the paint and chips/blemishes because what shows in the photos appears to be an extensive number of issues.
    For example the half dozen lighter colored spots below the drivers side headlight washer nozzle in photo #9, or similar spots around the fuel filler door in photo #16, and the same on the top of the passenger fender and hood in photo #19. These look like chipped paint that’s been touched up, but we might actually be seeing reflections of something in the background.
    If you could post closeup photos of all of the chips and blemishes, that would probably be the best way to see what’s real.

    I’ve seen the 2018 and 2019 maintenance receipts you’ve included. Do you also have any of the car’s prior maintenance history, ie back to new?

    Thanks again.

  • Argus1 (seller) 1 week, 1 dayago


    The a/c blows cold and holds the charge. There are no fluid leaks and the underside has never been repainted. It doesn’t smoke or burn oil. Nor does it hesitate or idle rough.

    There is a copy of the last maintenance service attached (Sep ‘19)

    The paint is original and while there are several small wear and tear chips on the hood, there are no abrasions, swirls, scrapes, etc. The paint is original and no panels have been repainted.

    I will provide depth readings.

    Hopefully, I answered all of your questions. Thanks.

  • Spokayman 1 week, 1 dayago

    Hi @Argus1,
    Apparently with Deal Tank Direct there is no way to contact you other than by public comment, so here goes....

    -Does the A/C blow cold and does it hold it’s charge?
    -Are there any fluid leaks whatsoever?
    -Has the engine been painted on the underside?
    -Does the car smoke upon startup, burn oil, idle rough, hesitate, etc?
    -Is any maintenance currently due, or due soon?
    -What is the condition of the paint? There appear to be numerous problems such as chips, abrasions, swirls, scrapes, fading, etc but the photos make it difficult to know if they’re real. Unfortunately the photos are not high enough resolution and zooming in causes distortion.
    -Is the paint all original? Any signs of any panel having been repainted? Can you verify paint depths?
    -Other than one 2018 and one 2019 record are other (prior) service and repair records available?

    Your car seems very nice overall and my wife and I are interested to learn more about its condition.
    Thank you.

  • cbsales.com 1 week, 3 daysago

    Great looking car, exactly what I am looking for except prefer 6-Speed.

    Good luck

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