2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary V-Rod

In 2001, Harley Davidson released the VRSC (V-Twin Street Racing Custom) or V-Rod, equipped with a liquid-cooled, four-valve per cylinder V-twin “Revolution” engine developed jointly between Harley Davidson and Porsche Engineering. The first Harley-Davidson to feature water cooling and dual-overhead cams, the “Revolution” was subject to Porsche's “Dusseldorf” test, which ran the V-twin engine for 500 hours continuously in a demonstration of reliability.

This 2003 example is finished in two-tone Sterling Silver and Vivid Black and was delivered new in Michigan before being relocated to Indiana, where it was acquired from the second owner by the seller in 2016. It has received the addition of a Screaming Eagle exhaust system, Screaming Eagle hard saddlebags, Screaming Eagle heated handlebar grips, and a custom Clear View windscreen. Now showing approximately 38,450 miles on the odometer, this 2003 V-Rod is now being offered at auction by the seller based out of Indiana.

The aluminum bodywork is finished in Sterling Silver and features Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary badging, as well as Vivid Black accents. The frame of the V-Rod is constructed with a steel perimeter upper frame with a hydroformed tube frame, bolt-on lower frame rails, a one-piece cast aluminum swingarm, 49mm wide forks, and a 3.7-gallon capacity under-seat fuel tank.  The dragster-inspired styling includes a 38-degree fork angle, 34-degree steering head angle, an aerodynamic reflector optic headlight, a low 26" seat, dual slash-cut chrome exhaust pipes, and shaved engine fins. Additions include Screaming Eagle polished exhaust pipes, Screaming Eagle hard saddlebags, Screaming Eagle heated hand grips, and a custom Clear View windscreen, the original Harley David windscreen is said to accompany the sale.

The seller notes two small dings on each side of the fuel tank from the turn signals, which is reportedly a common issue with these bikes, detailed images are provided in the photo gallery. The 19” front and 18” aluminum disc wheels are mounted with Dunlop Sport Radial D208F tires.

The 1,131cc V-twin engine produces up to 115 HP and 74 lb-ft. of torque, sent through a Getrag five-speed manual transmission with a 9-plate wet clutch. Stopping power comes from dual disc brakes with braided lines and 4-piston calipers. A polished Screaming Eagle exhaust system has been installed for optimal airflow and a more aggressive exhaust note. The seller reports that they have performed routine maintenance during their ownership, and a new AGM battery was installed in 2021.

This sale will include 2 keys, the original Harley Davidson windscreen, and some maintenance documentation.

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  • stphnsns (seller) 5 months, 1 weekago

    @Blubyeyou Thank you for the interest. I'm not exactly sure what PcarMarket's protocol is, but perhaps they can link us, if @jade911 does pass. I will say we a still a bit away from the reserve (too cool and nice a bike to give away), but I'm always happy to talk. Thanks again to all for the interest and comments!

  • Blubyeyou (registered bidder) 5 months, 1 weekago

    @stphnsns If @jade911 passes, I may be interested.

  • Jade911 5 months, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $2,888

  • stphnsns (seller) 5 months, 1 weekago

    @Blubyeyou Thank you, it really is. Every time I go look at it, I start missing it already. But from a space and time standpoint in my life, the decision was made to tear off a few bandaids this year (ouch), and this was one. It will be missed.

  • Blubyeyou (registered bidder) 5 months, 1 weekago

    @stphnsns Thanks! Beautiful bike!

  • stphnsns (seller) 5 months, 1 weekago

    @Blubyeyou Thanks for the question. I just took a look, and the date code reads 3212, so the 32nd week of 2012. Might be time to slap some new meats on there, before a long tour, but there is no dry rot or exceptional wear of note. As for service records, I believe I included all I had. Most routine maintenance (oil changes, etc) was done by me, so no receipts to show there. For the record, since I have a number of cars and bikes, and don't put a lot of miles on any of them, I typically do oil changes annually on all. These are robust and reliable bikes, so there really haven't been any needs beyond the routine, in my time with it.

  • Blubyeyou (registered bidder) 5 months, 1 weekago

    @stphnsns Can you please tell us how old the tires are and miles on them? Do you have any other service documentation other than what's posted here? It would seem that with nearly 38k miles on the clock, there would be a lot more? Thanks.

  • stphnsns (seller) 5 months, 1 weekago

    @BobG Thanks for the note! I think Pcar market covered Porsche/HD collaboration in their listing copy, so I didn't elaborate, but you are correct! That's why I thought this site would be a perfect venue for this bike. It's the perfect end piece (Not to mention conversation piece - ask me how I know!) for any Pcar collection. And a heck of a lot of fun. A cool collaboration & acquisition, for sure. I am proud to have been a small part of the story. Who's next?!

  • BobG (registered bidder) 5 months, 1 weekago

    Interesting acquisition story!
    You didn’t explicitly state it, but I thought it was fairly well know (at least it was within Harley Davidson) that the VRod was an engineering collaboration between H-D and Porsche. I thought it would be appropriate to call that out given this is the PCAR Market!

  • DrT 5 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $2,500

  • MGHENDE 5 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $1,750

  • stphnsns (seller) 5 months, 2 weeksago

    @DrT All in good fun for sure! I love your vehicular variety. All very unique and cool stuff. Love too, that you have HDs & a Royal Enfield. One of my favorite pastimes, has been riding this VRod, and then jumping on my 250cc Janus Motorcycle (in the background of some of the listing photos, and hand built right here in my hometown), and just enjoying the completely different kinds of thrills and exhilarations two such opposite approaches can bring. Good stuff! Also, as to your mileage concern, I understand, but I would not let the miles detract from this well kept example. We all know about the rigorous testing these engines underwent in development, and this one has been treated and maintained well. Like an old Pcar, in some ways, I think a 38k mile one has been maintained better than a 2k mile one. These things were meant to be ridden, and like pets, will start to act up, and mark their territory when ignored. Thanks again for the great feedback and story!

  • DrT (registered bidder) 5 months, 2 weeksago

    @stphnsns @stphnsns: Not throwing shade on your bike, or your auction; but simply stating fact. We currently own a Porsche 911 Carrera S along with a C7 Z06 Corvette & Mercedes SL550; enjoy our two Harleys, Royal Enfield Bullet, & Suzuki Burgman 650. All very different, and like your V-Rod, all fun. Your bike has several nice options; otherwise I'd have no interest, the miles are a bit too high for us. Sorry if I've offended you. Best, and GLWTA.
    BTW, funny story... a diehard Harley friend hated the VRod when they first came out. He told the dealer that when he went to pick up his new Softtail he was going to knock over the first VRod he saw (he's hardcore). Well, they were waiting for him w/several big guys when he showed up, and insisted that he take the VRod for a demo ride. Two hours later they called the police to report it stolen and when he pulled back in an hour later, he canceled his Softtail, and bought the VRod on the spot. Long hair, big beard, 1% patch, and... raved about that bike. Too funny. lol

  • stphnsns (seller) 5 months, 2 weeksago

    @DrT That's quite surprising, as I've never seen one -even rough or with excessive miles- anywhere close to that cheap - even on evilbay. I hope those comments aren't intended to keep other would-be bidders away ;)

    For reference, a bike similar to this one, albeit with less options & less miles, did $8,250 on this site a couple months ago. Another special edition version did, iirc, $14k and change on another popular online auction site. Perhaps the global draw of these sites increases the potential bidders & bidding over a local lot. But I would've bought the bike you describe at that price, whether I needed it or not.

    As for the Vrod's popularity, they never did really resonate with the traditional HD crowd (another reason why I like them). Owners mostly seem to be Porsche fans, and guys who like to go in a straight line fast. My town has an annual bike night, that draws over 5,000 motorcycles to our downtown. I think I saw 2 others (besides mine) at this year's event. Lots more eyeballs and thumbs up than all the Soft Tails and Road Kings.

    It's also interesting to me, when I look at thousands of other bikes, at an event like that, that just how well the VRod has aged. At 20+ years old, the design still looks modern, if not futuristic.

    Thanks again for the interest and bids!

  • DrT (registered bidder) 5 months, 2 weeksago

    The local dealer had a 2003 V-Rod with 9,000 miles on it for sale this entire summer. Nice original bike; asking price was $3500; we should've bought it. For some reason these don't seem as popular as other Harleys (we currently own a Street Glide Special & a Dyna Wide Glide).

  • stphnsns (seller) 5 months, 2 weeksago

    @DtT Thanks for the bid.

    @Packersfan If you look at recent results for these bikes, on this site and others, I think you'll see that your 2400 mile bike would probably bring 3 times or more what the dealer offered you. I think you were wise to pass that one up!

  • DrT 5 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $1,500

  • Packersfan 5 months, 2 weeksago

    I only have 2400 miles on mine the dealer offered me 5000. Curious to see how far this goes.

  • snowtx1 5 months, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $500

  • stphnsns (seller) 5 months, 2 weeksago

    @artichoke thank you for the inquiry. Good timing, as I was just logging on to welcome everyone to the auction, for this unexpected great addition to any Porsche collection!

    The bike has never been dropped and is in excellent condition. Very few flaws, excepting the small and aforementioned dings in the faux gas tank (easily removable). It has been maintained impeccably and has zero known issues or needs. We are a multiple Porsche & motorcycle owning enthusiast family, and this bike has always received the same level of maintenance and care as all our P-cars. The last couple years it has spent most of it's time as a display in our retail store (pic included above), and aside from regular exercise and health checks, just hasn't been getting the use it deserves, so we decided to move it on to its next caretaker.

    The story of our acquisition of the bike is a fun one, so I'll tell it now, for anyone interested. A number of years ago, I was buying a very, very low mile Boxster from a gentleman in the Milwaukee, WI area. Upon striking a deal for the car, I felt compelled to ask why he had such a beautiful Boxster, that he never drove. He explained to me that he was an engineer at Harley Davidson, and that back in (I believe) the late nineties or so, they sent him and three other HD engineers to Stuttgart, to work on a "special project". Several years later, upon completion, Porsche presented all four engineers with a new Boxster, and shipped it back to the states. Upon acquisition of the Boxster, and hearing the story, I knew I had to have a VRod! And I'd always loved the 100th anniversary year silver/stainless edition. When I found this great one, only an hour from my home, I pounced. The bike has been great to own, has needed nothing beyond routine maintenance, and has never let me down. I'm sure the next steward will feel the same. Good luck to all!

  • artichoke (registered bidder) 5 months, 2 weeksago

    Has the bike ever been dropped? Any mechanical issues or major repairs done or needed?

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2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary V-Rod
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