2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Modified
Final bid: $31,957
Categories: Water-Cooled
Auction type: Reserve Ended
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Vehicle Details

  • Year: 2009
  • Make: Porsche
  • Model: Cayenne Turbo S
  • VIN: WP1AC29P09LA83608
  • Mileage: 49,902
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Title Status: Clean
  • Color: Lava Grey Metallic
  • Seller Type: Private Party
  • Location: Smithtown, NY 11787
  • Lot #: V-0036803

Topping the range of the first-generation Cayenne, the Turbo S featured a 4.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that rocketed the 5,500lb. SUV to 60 MPH in just 4.4 seconds. This 2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is finished in Lava Grey Metallic over a black full leather and Alcantara suede interior and features the panoramic roof system, Porsche Entry & Drive, rear camera including Park Assistant, and more. It has also been modified with SportDesign side skirts, a SportDesign rear spoiler, 22" Hamann Motorsport wheels, a TechArt lowering module, an EVOMS cold air intake, EVOMS diverter valves, Fabspeed bypass pipes, a 9ff valved exhaust system, and a Softronics ECU tune. This Cayenne Turbo S is being offered for auction by its third owner out of New York showing just under 50k miles on the odometer.

Finished in Lava Grey Metallic, this Cayenne rides on 22” Hamann Motorsport wheels with Nitto NT555 tires. The factory 21″ SportPlus alloy wheels are said to be included with the sale and are wrapped in Pirelli Scorpion winter tires. This Turbo S is optioned with a rear camera including Park Assistant. The seller has reportedly added SportDesign side skirts, a SportDesign rear wing, and a TechArt lowering module to achieve a more aggressive stance. The original rear spoiler is included as well. Detailed images are provided in the gallery along with a clean CARFAX report.

The interior is upholstered in black full leather and Alcantara suede upholstery and has been optioned with the Leather Package, Bluetooth phone interface, panoramic roof system, front and rear floor mats in black, and the Light Comfort Package. Standard equipment includes heated and power-operated seats, a Bose sound system, Porsche Communication Management (PCM), and navigation. The seller also added a TechArt carbon fiber shifter surround.

This Cayenne Turbo S is powered by a 4.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces up to 550 HP from the factory. Performance has been enhanced with an EVOMS cold air intake, EVOMS diverter valves, Fabspeed bypass pipes, a 9ff valved exhaust system, and a Softronics ECU tune. Service in 2013 is said to have included replacements to the thermostat, water pump, turbocharger piping, oil return line, valve cover gaskets, and rear driveshaft. The CARFAX report shows a total of 37 service history entries, including a maintenance inspection and the brakes checked in May 2023. The seller adds that new OEM brake rotors are included with the sale along with a Durametirc tuning cable. 

This sale will include owner’s manuals, extensive documentation, a toolkit, a spare tire, an air pump, the original set of wheels, removed OEM parts, a new set of OEM brake rotors, a Durametric tuning cable, and a clean title.


Auction Results

  • Highest Bid: $31,957
  • Auction End: 2023-11-24 20:10:28+00:00
  • Number of Bids: 16
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Comments (52)

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  • IKEY13 1 week, 4 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $31,957

  • teknic3 1 week, 4 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $28,250

  • IKEY13 1 week, 4 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $28,000

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 4 daysago

    Hi everyone with the last hour of the auction hopefully I have addressed everyone's questions and concerns, but feel free to ask away.

  • teknic3 1 week, 4 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $25,250

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 4 daysago

    @teknic3 nope all is working as it should, I haven't had any issues.

  • teknic3 (registered bidder) 1 week, 4 daysago

    @Aspenone - got it. Just to confirm aside for the basic maintenance, there isn't any issues with the vehicle, mechanical or electrical, etc.

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 4 daysago

    @teknic3 Also I found amongst the vehicle parts a New OEM oil filter I will give the winner as well, Basically anything I have for the vehicle you will receive.

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 4 daysago

    @teknic3 not a problem

    I would say just the usual maintenance that I would have done if I was purchasing a used vehicle, Oil change etc but nothing major. Rotors still are in good shape but, I have included Brand new OEM rotors which if the time comes you will be ready and will save on the cost of new ones.

  • teknic3 (registered bidder) 1 week, 4 daysago

    @Aspenone - Got it, thanks for the reply.

    Any notable issues or maintenance items coming up?

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 4 daysago

    @teknic3 it is only secondary bypass it still has cats on the front. But if this is an issue I have the factory converters being included in the sale. When the tune was done they ask you what mods you have on the vehicle, these included the bypass pipes. Everything on the vehicle can be turned back to stock since the stock parts are included.

  • teknic3 (registered bidder) 1 week, 4 daysago

    Do you know if the smog monitors are set with the tune and bypass pipes? Assuming the bypass pipe are bypassing the catalytic converter. If it is, will the OEM catalytic converter be included?

  • mbarturbo 1 week, 4 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $25,000

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 4 daysago

    @mbarturbo Also the walk around video the vehicle is running, so you can see how quiet it is during idle .

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 4 daysago

    @mbarturbo Hey no drone at all that's why I love this exhaust. Not sure if you listened to the driving video that's basically the extent of the sound. The installation of the switch on the valves would only be if you wanted that. After installing it you would have that option of full open by the flick of a switch or normal by closing them. During driving in town and on the highway the sound is fine I have no issues with normal conversation or listening to the radio. This is also due to the fact that this is a twin turbo vehicle which would be quieter then an all motor vehicle. You can hear the turbo's spool in the video, also if you listen we had the windows rolled down and rolled up during driving that's the extent of the drone which I wouldn't say is a drone at all but more of that throaty sound. Let me know if you have any other questions thanks!

  • mbarturbo (registered bidder) 1 week, 4 daysago

    How is the exhaust sound at cruising speed on the highway? Any drone? I had a 08 GTS with full Fabspeed exhaust and it was brutal on the highway. Curious as to how this one sounds and if the installation of the valves would affect the highway drone. Looks like a really nice pepper!

  • Jarod964 1 week, 4 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $18,000

  • Jack.porsche2626 1 week, 4 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $17,000

  • ldon911 1 week, 4 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $16,250

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 4 daysago

    Hello everyone with the last hours of the auction I will be monitoring it, feel free to ask questions now and please don't wait till last minute to put bids in as I've noticed based on your internet connection could be delayed. Goodluck and know your getting a lot of vehicle with a lot of added extras including winter tires, brand new OEM Rotors which were $2400 alone. A Sport Design wing that took me years to source. Some of the items came straight from Germany like the 9ff valved exhaust which was a limited production run and the Hamann Anniversary wheels these were close 10k when I purchased them. This vehicle has been cared for and garage kept as you can see in the photos. And thank you to those who have taken the time to check it in person Goodluck

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 4 daysago

    @REB27 Thank you I appreciate that. Absolutely it does, you can choose what height to drive in. Normal driving setting is a regular ride height it also has Terrain level and special terrain, this lets the vehicle ride higher for offroad use. The unique part is you can adjust what ride height you want to normally drive in so you aren't locked into certain heights you have many options. Any other questions feel free to ask

  • REB27 (registered bidder) 1 week, 4 daysago

    Hi. I live in New England, on a crappy dirt road. Assume the lowering module allows the car to be driven at “regular” height/ground clearance? Thanks and nice car!

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 5 daysago

    @Fjrpilot not a problem at all! they are amazing machines this is on a another level. I agree having the lowering module and PDCC makes this vehicle corner like no other vehicle I have driven. Anytime feel free to ask any other questions. Have a great day

  • Fjrpilot (registered bidder) 1 week, 5 daysago

    @Aspenone totally my bad, fat fingers on the phone typed 958 when it is 957. We have had two (an 08 CTT and a twin to this 09 CTTS) and agree these don’t look like every other cookie cutter SUV out there. They ride amazing with the PDCC and the lowering module would make it corner even flatter than physics should allow. Thanks for the comments on the driveability.

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 5 daysago

    @drejw2 not a problem I understand, we will make it happen then. Like I said usually you can let the transporter know, in my experience they don't have a problem with that.

  • drejw2 (registered bidder) 1 week, 5 daysago

    @Aspenone thank you for your answer, there is need for factory muffler and intake to pass smog.

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 5 daysago

    @drejw2 Also I make sure the wheels are bagged up in plastic, and if you decide to want the stock muffler I will wrap that as well. Most of the other parts are still in boxes so they will either be bagged up or in a box as to keep the interior clean.

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 5 daysago

    @drejw2 I should be able to put the wheels in the back with seats folded down the stock muffler might be questionable most likely would be able to put on top of the wheels..... If its a transporter sometimes they may be able to take that item for you if you let them know beforehand. If you don't want the stock muffler then I believe I can fit it all..... I will do my best to pack everything in there. Any other questions please let me know

  • drejw2 (registered bidder) 1 week, 5 daysago

    Can you fit all the parts inside the car for shipping?

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 5 daysago

    @Fjrpilot Oh and thanks for the nice comments but its a 957 not 958 the best and most aggressive body style in my humble opinion

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 5 daysago

    @Fjrpilot Thank you very much its been a great vehicle and a blast to drive.
    daily drivability- vehicle is more responsive, better TQ and higher HP numbers without killing the MPG after the flash. It has been a dream to drive and wouldn't hesitate to drive it daily.
    You don't see the EVOM intake tubes because they under the factory engine trim. This is one reason why I went with them because I was able to retain all the factory pieces. These photos are current and were done the day the vehicle went live. The EVOM cold air intakes also have the optional socks that protect the filters from unwanted debris. a Huge upgrade in my opinion without loosing the classic look of the engine compartment.
    The TechArt lowering module is removeable not sure why you would want to do that very hard part to find and its increased the handling of the vehicle without loosing drivability. The factory module will come with the vehicle if you should decide to do that.
    The one cool option with the TechArt module is when you hit the lock button on the remote, the vehicle air's out.

    I have shown the vehicle a few times already, most of the comments I get is it looks better in person.
    Goodluck to everyone only one day left Happy Thanksgiving. Any further questions just ask

  • Fjrpilot (registered bidder) 1 week, 5 daysago

    Beautiful truck! A couple of questions that others may be interested in the answers to;
    -How is the daily driveability with the ECU flash?
    -I don’t see the EVOM intake tubes in the photos, were the photos taken prior to their installation?
    -Is the lowering module removable or a coding setting to return to stock height?

    Thanks in advance and again, a beautiful example of the best 958 in my opinion.

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 6 daysago

    @Maxoverdrive Also that Bracket is Rennline Billet bracket, it screws into your factory tow Hook location

  • Aspenone (seller) 1 week, 6 daysago

    @Maxoverdrive Hey Thank you, if you remove the front plate bracket you just put the Plastic trim back on, No holes show I have also included all stock parts for the car so the stock License plate bracket which usually goes in the center is included. Yes the Screen works no issues with you just would have to hit the agree button. During the shoot we were moving the vehicle in different positions so that's why you still see it on. All works Bluetooth as well, has charging ports in the center console

  • Maxoverdrive (registered bidder) 1 week, 6 daysago

    Hi, great looking older cayenne. Two questions 1. How is front plate mounted (if removed do holes show)? 2. The info screen/stereo in pictures and video has warning disclaimer always on. Is everything work as it should? Stereo, ect…

  • Aspenone (seller) 2 weeksago

    @Jarod964 Hi thanks for looking. There is NO RUST at all on the body at all. This has been a garage kept vehicle during my ownership. Stock exhaust is included if you would like it. Borescope has not been done to check cylinders it has 49k miles. never had any indication or issues with such, as you can see I only put an average of 1500 miles on it a year if that. Any other questions please let me know thank you

  • Jarod964 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $16,000

  • Jarod964 (registered bidder) 2 weeksago

    Great looking Turbo S, couple quick questions. Any rust starting on door bottoms? Stock exhaust included? Has a borescope been done to check cylinders recently? Thanks

  • batting 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $15,678

  • tcmiami305 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $15,000

  • Aspenone (seller) 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    @Nehmaiz I just realized I have included a photo of the service records which were done at Porsche of Huntington while the vehicle was under warranty. These are all the records of the warranty items such as the thermostat, Carden shaft, Turbo Lines, valve cover gaskets etc. which were mentioned in the listing. Are you looking for something specific in regards to that? All this service was done in 2013 after I purchased this car. I went over everything with the car and had it addressed while it was under warranty.

  • Aspenone (seller) 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    @Nehmaiz Hi I have all the receipts under my ownership yes I will do my best to upload them and they will be included in the sale. The car has never been in an accident nor repainted under my ownership, and nothing was ever disclosed to me prior. I have looked over that one particular door because this was a bit of surprised to me as well. There is no indication whatsoever of any paint work getting done. You can check out other Porsche vehicles listed on here they do show some differences as well like mine and no paint work was done. If you look at the other rear door it shows close to 7 mill as well so although high on that door there has never been any paint work done. I welcome anyone to check it in person, this is a very difficult color to blend any any paint work would show in the light which is does not. So I stand firm that nothing was re painted nor was it in any accidents dents scuffs etc.

  • Nehmaiz (registered bidder) 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    @aspenone - do you have the actual service receipts for all the work that shows up on the carfax? And would they be included in the sale? (Please upload them if that’s the case.
    Paint thickness shows one door reading high ~10, was the repaint job done under your ownership? If so can you shed some light on that incident?

  • G.G 2 weeks, 2 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $13,000

  • McCork50 2 weeks, 2 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $12,000

  • FleetbySSC 2 weeks, 2 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $10,250

  • Aspenone (seller) 2 weeks, 3 daysago

    Please check out the factory wheel pictures, you will notice Pirelli Scorpion Winter tires mounted on them. These are included in the sale and just in time for winter driving. Plenty of tread still left on them, they are absolutely amazing in the snow.

  • Aspenone (seller) 2 weeks, 3 daysago

    @robbylou Thank you I appreciate that. Its been a great vehicle a lot of versatility.

  • robbylou (registered bidder) 2 weeks, 3 daysago

    Great spec in the best color. Should do well. Wish I had the space for it. Good luck

  • Aspenone (seller) 2 weeks, 4 daysago

    Hi everyone thanks for taking the time out and looking at my car. I have owned this vehicle since 2012, it has been garage kept as you can see the paint quality in the photo's. The vehicle was purchased local from Ferrari of Long Island, I understand on the Carfax it says I am the third owner but I am actually the second owner. The first owner traded the car in and then bought it back. All the tasteful mods were done under my ownership. The wheels were imported from Germany as well as the ultra rare 9ff valved exhaust. You will see a valve kit in the photo's which I never installed that will open the valves on the exhaust to full open. Also you will notice in the pictures Brand New OEM rotors front and back that I am including in the sale as well as a Sport Design rear wing. Any questions please feel free to reach out it has been my baby for 11 years and hoping the next owner will treat it just as good as I have.

  • G.G 2 weeks, 4 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $10,000

  • FleetbySSC 2 weeks, 4 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $7,500

2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Modified
Final bid: $31,957 Ended
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