2014 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

We are pleased to present this one-owner 2014 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S finished in Black over a Black leather interior.  This beautifully presented, highly optioned Turbo S is a lifelong California car and is stated to be in excellent overall condition. With a proper history of maintenance and a robust 4.8 L Twin-Turbo V8 engine, this flagship of the Cayenne line is not to be overlooked.  This low mileage Cayenne Turbo S shows 52k miles on the odometer and is now being offered for auction by its seller out of California.

The Black finish on this Cayenne is stated to be in great condition with only minor rock chips on the front end (detailed images are available in the photo gallery).  Giving this Turbo S its aggressive look are a pair of revised sides skirts from the SportDesign Package along with factory tinted taillights and factory wheel arch extensions.  Additionally, this Cayenne sits on black 21" Cayenne SportEdition wheels which come wrapped in Michelin tires.

Inside, you will find an abundantly optioned Black leather interior.  The cabin is said to be in excellent shape while retaining its factory specifications.  With an MSRP of over $168k, noteworthy features include 18-way Adaptive Sports Seats with Memory Package, seat ventilation, 4-zone Climate Control, seat belts in Guards Red, rearview camera, ParkAssist, Lane Change Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control.  Additional options include the following:

  • Porsche Entry & Drive
  • Smoking Package
  • Burmester® High-End Surround Sound System
  • Panoramic Roof System
  • Comfort Lighting Package
  • Power Sunblind for Rear Side Windows

Power comes from a twin turbocharged 4.8 L V8 engine that is capable of producing 550 HP.  All four wheels are driven by way of a 8-speed Tiptronic S transmission which allows this Turbo S to accelerate from 0-60 MPH in approximately four seconds.  A full service is currently being performed on this Cayenne including the replacement of fluids and filters.  Said to be in excellent running order with a Carfax report indicating consistent history of maintenance, this Turbo is ready to be enjoyed.

Included in the sale are a set of two keys, clear title, books, and service records.  If you are in search of a tastefully appointed low-mileage Cayenne, this example makes a compelling choice.

Auction Results

  • Sold for: $49,750
  • Auction End: Sept. 25, 2020, 3:36 p.m.
  • Number of Bids: 10
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Comments (41)

  • Mills28 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    Sold for $49,750

  • Mills28 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $49,750

  • graywing 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $49,500

  • Mills28 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $48,750

  • graywing 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $48,500

  • Mills28 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $47,750

  • graywing 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $47,500

  • RRM26 (seller) 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    @356rehab This is the most current Carfax. I bought the car in 2017 and its been in dealer inventory ever since as my driver.

  • 356rehab (registered bidder) 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    @RRM26 Is there a current Carfax? This only seems to cover up to 27,000 miles and through 2017

  • RRM26 (seller) 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    @356rehab I would say 8 out of 10, its a 50k mile car so its not perfect but its very nice for the miles. Just normal wear and tear on the front end from the miles. There is one small dent above the gas door that can come out with pointless dent removal. The inside of the car is very clean!

  • 356rehab (registered bidder) 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    @RRM26 On a scale of 1-10(10 being excellent) how would you rate the paint? Also can you identify/describe any and all chips, scratches and any dings or dents in the absence of paint meter readings

  • RRM26 (seller) 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    @cwoodman67 Sorry I wasn't able to get paint meter readings. I know the front bumper was previously painted before I bought the car.

  • cwoodman67 (registered bidder) 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    Any paint meter readings?

  • RRM26 (seller) 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    @Mills28 That is the most recent CarFax.

  • Mills28 (registered bidder) 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    Also says paint meter readings in the ad but I see none in the pictures.

  • Mills28 (registered bidder) 3 weeks, 3 daysago

    Please add an updated Carfax report.

  • Mills28 (registered bidder) 3 weeks, 4 daysago

    @Blacklablel The links are aftermarket and all brands are adjustable. The OEM ones are not. Some use different length links and some have an adjustable nut & bolt combo. Links trick the air suspension sensor to trip at a lower PSI thereby creating lowered stance. Less air, less cushion, more wear.

  • RRM26 (seller) 3 weeks, 4 daysago

    @Mills28 No other mods to the car. Its never had a tune or exhaust.

  • Blacklablel (registered bidder) 3 weeks, 5 daysago

    @Mills28 I’m fairly sure links are a modification to adjust the suspension. I don’t think the factory Porsche suspension has adjustable links. I have owned a 958 and a rover svr, both I modified with links and both have been solid and aligned correctly. But this is purely my experience.

  • Mills28 (registered bidder) 3 weeks, 5 daysago

    @RRM26 Do you happen to have the OEM links? Lowering a 958 with air suspension can cause premature tire & air shock wear not to mention a punishing ride. Ask me about my post lowering Range Rover air suspension debacle... Also has there been any tuning of any kind or any modifications to the engine software, intake or exhaust?

  • RRM26 (seller) 3 weeks, 5 daysago

    @Blacklablel Yes the car has lowering links and H&R spacers.

  • Blacklablel (registered bidder) 3 weeks, 5 daysago

    Is is lowered? Looks lower than factory?

  • Blacklablel 3 weeks, 5 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $47,000

  • kdartley 3 weeks, 5 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $44,000

  • Kdh930 3 weeks, 6 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $25,700

  • maxmilford (registered bidder) 4 weeksago

    I purchased the exact same car at Orlando Porsche in January, but in white/black. A phenomenal ride for a seasoned 911 owner. I could not find one with adaptive cruise control when I began looking. I had in my 15 Touraeg and is fantastic. Outstanding ride with the $$ depreciation taken out of the equation. GLWTS

  • RRM26 (seller) 4 weeksago

    Inspection report and last service invoice have been added to the pictures below.

  • RRM26 (seller) 4 weeksago

    @NYoutftr Yes I am a dealer and that is the current CarFax thats posted. I had the 30k mile service done at Beverly hills Porsche in 2018 then took it to an independent service center after that. Over the years having the car I have done new brakes, put new tires on, oil change and fluid flush every year.

  • NYoutftr 4 weeksago

    You are a dealer? You do or don't have a current carfax?
    You have had since 2017, put 29,000 miles on it and only done an oil change and CV Boot?
    Did you have brakes flushed or other regular service as recommended by Porsche?

  • siabond26 (registered bidder) 4 weeksago

    Do you have a recent inspection report or PPI on your car you could post in the gallery?

  • RRM26 (seller) 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    @Dennish456 Yes please private message me.

  • Dennish456 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    @RRM26 I am located in Costa Mesa. Can I set an appointment to see the car?

  • zollerm 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    @RRM26 Outstanding. Looking forward to your reply on Monday. Will be placing a bid that morning.


  • RRM26 (seller) 1 monthago

    @zollerm I have never had one issue with the car it has been bullet proof for me. No problems with the main compressor. I am not sure about the coolant tubes but I will check on Monday for you.

  • zollerm 1 monthago

    @RRM26 Beautiful Cayenne! Have the plastic factory coolant tubes been upgraded to metal? And any issues with the main compressor for the air suspension? Looking to buy the ultimate RV hauler for upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. Will definitely be placing a bid. Thanks.


  • RRM26 (seller) 1 monthago

    @Md11skipper I bought this car on 11/13/17 with 23k miles and have kept it in my dealer inventory ever since. I bought the car to resell but instantly fell in love with it and kept it as my driver. I just bought another Cayenne Turbo recently so its time to let this one go. It was a great car! I just had the car inspected a week ago to get it ready to sell. All that was needed was an Oil change and they found the left front axle was leaking out of the CV boot so I had them put a new one on. The car has new tires and is ready for the next owner.

  • tokyodude 1 monthago

    I have pretty much the same spec car, so will be watching with interest to see what the demand is like.

    All in all, truly awesome car. Bought it as a compromise when I only had one parking spot to be the car that can do everything, and it really can. Haul motocross bikes, go skiing up in the mountains, dogs in the back, but sporty and fast when you want it to be. It's super mellow just driving around town, and the gear box wants to shift pretty early, but it's a completely different car above 3500rpm and keeping it in sport mode. It will never be a sports car, but it's probably -the- best SUV I can imagine.

    The only downside so far is poor mileage, and I get around 15-18MPG driving nice :/ But then again, you don't buy this car if you care.

    Finally, the listing says manual, then the text (and photos..) show a Tiptronic.

  • NYoutftr 1 monthago

    Is there an updated carfax?

  • F1Dude (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    Perfect spec Cayenne ! Tempted to bid ......?

  • Md11skipper (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    Very nice car, according to the CarFax its a one owner car but yet it lists a second owner. Since Feb 2018 there are no more records, who owns the car now, a dealer or private owner?

  • Hehrrj 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $25,000

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2014 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S
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