6k-Mile 2017 Superlite SL-C LT4 6-Speed

Now available for auction is this 2017 Superlite SL-C presented in an Inozetek Acid Green vinyl wrap over a Stone Blue Metallic finish. Produced by Superlite Cars of Fraser, Michigan, the SL-C is an originally designed street-legal component car featuring an all-aluminum monocoque tubular hybrid chassis, fiberglass bodywork, and a custom CNC aluminum suspension. This example is powered by a C7 Corvette Z06 LT4 engine, which has been further modified with an upgraded supercharger pulley, intake, custom exhaust, and tune. Built at a cost of over $175k, this SL-C also comes equipped with a front suspension lift system, air conditioning, full audio, motorized doors, Tillett carbon-fiber racing seats, carbon-fiber aerodynamics, and much more. Now showing just over 6k miles on the odometer, this Superlite SL-C is being offered for auction by its seller out of Florida.

The chassis of the Superlite SL-C employs an aluminum monocoque structure with an integrated tube assembly TIG welded by hand. The design of the SL-C is loosely based on the IMSA GTP cars of the 1980s and 90s, and this example was optioned with the “race tail” body style which leaves the rear of the vehicle mostly exposed and provides mounting points for a rear spoiler. This SL-C comes finished in the GM color of Stone Blue Metallic (G1K) and currently wears a removable Inozetek Acid Green (SG011) vinyl wrap. Exterior details include integrated fiberglass fender vents, an integrated Aspire fiberglass rear window, door-mounted APR carbon-fiber adjustable mirrors, Lotus tail lights, matching Acid Green-painted brake calipers with black SL-C script, polycarbonate one-piece windows, and mechanized power-lifting doors operated by a button on the key fob. Aerodynamic features include a carbon-fiber race wing with billet aluminum end plates, a roof scoop, a carbon-fiber street-use front splitter, and carbon-fiber side skirts. This SL-C rides on white powdercoated 19” Forgestar CF5 wheels mounted with new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

The driver is situated in an exposed carbon-fiber tub featuring an integrated 6-point safety cage, Tillett one-piece carbon-fiber racing seats with Sparco 4-point harnesses, a MOMO Raptor Pro flat-bottomed steering wheel with a quick-release hub, an Audi R8 gated shifter with a leather-wrapped shift knob, an AIM instrument system, a HalGuard fire extinguisher, and an ISIS electrical system with a battery isolator and master power shutoff. The A-pillars, dashboard, and custom center console are finished in Alsa Soft Touch paint, designed to mimic the look and feel of leather.  Driver’s amenities include air conditioning, a rear-view camera, a front suspension lift system, an electronic parking brake, custom sound deadening throughout the cabin, and a Rockford Fosgate Bluetooth head unit with an Alpine amplifier, Focal speakers, and a custom center box.

This Superlite SL-C is powered by a 6.2L supercharged and intercooled LT4 V8 used in the C7 Corvette Z06, which produced up to 650 HP and 650 lb.-ft of torque stock. This LT4 offers a claimed output of 740 HP at the crank using an upgraded supercharger pulley, cold air intake system, custom ceramic-coated exhaust setup, and upgraded engine management software. The rear wheels are driven by an Audi R8-derived Graziano 6-speed manual transmission with custom gearing. Other performance features include a custom CNC billet aluminum coilover suspension, Brembo 4-piston brake calipers, and a custom fuel system. The seller reports routine oil services to have been carried out since new.

This sale will include a clean Florida title. A visceral race car for the roads, this LT4-powered Superlite SL-C is just as thrilling to drive as it is to behold.  Do not miss your chance to become the next owner. 

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  • Garage5 11 hours, 32 minutesago

    Bid in the amount of $115,000

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 18 hours, 3 minutesago

    @Actfsu Won’t allow to give you my number bud. I tried but it’s Pcar rules.

  • Actfsu (registered bidder) 18 hours, 13 minutesago

    @CertifiedJoe I can’t find your email or number.

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 18 hours, 35 minutesago

    @Actfsu Not a issue at all bud. Give me a call and we can make arrangements.

  • Actfsu (registered bidder) 19 hours, 15 minutesago

    @certifiedjoe I’m in Tampa. Any chance you around tomorrow for me to see it in person?

  • Bottfeed 1 day, 13 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $108,000

  • Garage5 1 day, 18 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $105,000

  • Bottfeed 1 day, 20 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $102,000

  • Garage5 2 days, 8 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $100,000

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 2 days, 9 hoursago

    @JPD DOT glass.

  • JPD (registered bidder) 3 days, 10 hoursago

    Is the windshield lexan or DOT glass?

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 3 days, 19 hoursago

    @JPD I am the second owner of the car and there is no damage history in the 2 years I have owned it.

    Motor was purchased brand new from Chevy so there was no donor car. Car was build with all brand new parts.

    I can get with Allan the builder of the car and get you the other specs.

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 3 days, 19 hoursago

    @JPD There is no emergency way to open the door and the windows are very easily removed.

    I haven’t had it on the track yet as it was built to be a fun street car. I just got back from a 500 mile run up in the mountains and the car was trouble free.

    I will take the nose off the car today and upload pictures of the fan set-up. I have been in dead stop traffic for over a hour and car never passes 195 degrees.

  • JPD (registered bidder) 3 days, 20 hoursago

    Are you the original owner of the car?
    Any known damage history?
    Regarding the engine, what year was the donor Z06 and how many miles were on it. Was the donor Z06 an automatic or manual trans?

    Regarding the R8 trans, who did the mod work to the gearing. Any data on how it is setup as for shift points/speed.

    Of the 6000 miles, please offer some insight into the amount of street miles vs track miles?


  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 3 days, 20 hoursago

    @Dsgray16 Upgraded Kevlar clutch and he’s I will be add videos later today.

  • OB1 3 days, 20 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $50,000

  • JPD (registered bidder) 3 days, 23 hoursago

    Please add some underbody photos with the car on a on lift.

    The doors are motorized...Is there an emergency or alternative mechanical release (door handle?) Located on the inside and outside to enter or egress the car.

    Are the side windows fixed or are they easily removeable?

    Has the car shown any signs of overheating (failing to limp mode or other temp related faults) on track days? Some photos with an explanation of the cars cooling systems would be appreciated. Eg. Engine rad, oil cooler, trans cooler, a/c condenser.

    Any known fluid leaks or other faults with the car?

    Thank you for your response in advance.

  • Dsgray16 (registered bidder) 4 days, 4 hoursago

    Is it’s a stock R8 Clutch that is used? Assuming V10.. but it’s not specified…. Will any videos of driving or cold start be added to this auction?

  • Sodo-moto 4 days, 9 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $17,500

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 4 days, 11 hoursago

    @Ttgonzalez2002 Yes sir

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 4 days, 11 hoursago

    @Ttgonzalez2002 Absolutely bud. Look at the shifter picture.

  • Aura1 (registered bidder) 4 days, 11 hoursago

    Wow this car is amazing! In a sea of Porsches and Lambos, this really stands out as something special.

  • Ttgonzalez2002 4 days, 11 hoursago

    Does it have a reserve?

  • Mlane8416 4 days, 13 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $15,000

  • dhuckabay (registered bidder) 4 days, 16 hoursago

    @CertifiedJoe Thanks for the help. Obviously no clue on the car so want to make sure that I can t least get into it, or out. Have a GT2RS that I fit fine, a bit of a wiggle to get out.

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 4 days, 16 hoursago

    @dhuckabay I am 6ft and I have a ton of room. The seat actually has 3” to go further back.

  • dhuckabay (registered bidder) 4 days, 17 hoursago

    Also would like to know on the taller driver

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 4 days, 18 hoursago

    @Clint930 100% street legal and doing the video later today and will get it up.

  • Clint930 (registered bidder) 4 days, 18 hoursago

    Would love to see/hear a cold start and a driving video. It is street legal, correct?

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 4 days, 19 hoursago

    @Cwheeler What’s UOA?

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 4 days, 19 hoursago

    @Dsgray16 Seats is adjustable front to back and super simple to insure. Sounds like a full blown racecar and it’s absolutely wild.

  • Cwheeler 4 days, 20 hoursago

    Are any UOA available?

  • Dsgray16 (registered bidder) 4 days, 20 hoursago

    Any problems with insurance or registration? From the comments, sounds like no..

    Iv always loved the Noble M400/M12 and this seems like a modern version of that on crack…. Man this is interesting.

    How is the noise in the cabin? And can a taller person comfortably drive this? Seats adjustable at all?


  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 5 days, 17 hoursago

    @dhuckabay pretty simple to get in and out in my eyes but could be different for others.

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 5 days, 17 hoursago

    @4lo Allan built the entire car.

  • dhuckabay (registered bidder) 5 days, 17 hoursago

    Looks like a high sill. Any comments on getting out of the car?

  • 4lo (registered bidder) 5 days, 18 hoursago

    Do you have any photos from the original build? Was it built by Allan Uzwiak in CT who does a lot of the Superlite SL-Cs / GT - Rs?

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 5 days, 18 hoursago

    @LloydChristmas Just got back from the tail of the dragon and was shocked that I didn’t get pulled over. The cops just wave, I am sure I will get pulled over eventually by a curious cop.

  • LloydChristmas 5 days, 18 hoursago

    Looks great in blue too. Assume this would look good in just about any color.
    Curious if you've been stopped when driving on the street. The police must think you screwed a license plate on a race car.

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 5 days, 19 hoursago

    @LloydChristmas Pictures added for you bud.

  • PCARMARKET_MODERATOR 5 days, 19 hoursago

    Additional content has been added to the listing gallery.

  • badboybuses (registered bidder) 5 days, 19 hoursago


  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 5 days, 19 hoursago

    @LloydChristmas Car is 100% street legal and titles as a Superlite ever since it has built in 2017. Weight on the car is 2300lbs and yes I have pics of the stone blue.

  • LloydChristmas 5 days, 19 hoursago

    Nice that it has AC & full audio, but I would have to assume it's not street legal anywhere. Guess you can cool yourself off & listen to some tunes while waiting in pit lane. What a great track day toy!

    What is the approximate weight of this?
    Any pic's in stone blue metallic (without the wrap)?

  • GT3-guy 5 days, 19 hoursago

    Can you imagine the power/weight ratio in this thing!?!? What a cool machine…

  • 0-60freak (registered bidder) 5 days, 20 hoursago

    Looks like a blast

  • Pedigree 5 days, 21 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $10,000

  • CJWRacing33 6 days, 5 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $666

  • CJWRacing33 (registered bidder) 6 days, 5 hoursago

    holy balls

  • CertifiedJoe (seller) 6 days, 6 hoursago

    Happy to answer any questions or concerns for anyone. Car is an absolute riot.

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6k-Mile 2017 Superlite SL-C LT4 6-Speed
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