2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring PTS Dolphin Grey

Now available for auction is this 2018 Porsche 991 GT3 Touring finished in Paint to Sample Dolphin Grey over a leather interior in black with cloth seat inserts.  Developed exclusively for discerning driving purists, the GT3 Touring version features a visceral 6-speed GT Sport manual transmission as well as a more a more understated look courtesy of a rear wing delete.  Factory optioned with Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB), full bucket seats and the Front Axle Lift System, this 2018 example is accompanied by an MSRP totaling over $184k.  It is now being offered for auction in like-new condition with full paint protection film by its seller in New York while showing only 2185 miles on the odometer.

The highly desirable Paint to Sample Dolphin Grey exterior is noted to be as new with clear paint protection film applied over the front end (detailed images are provided in the photo gallery).  As part of the Touring Package, this GT3 features a rear wing delete as well as a Touring designation plaque located on the rear decklid.  Factory 20” center lock wheels are equipped which are finished in silver and dressed in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.  The optional Front Axle Lift System has also been added allowing the nose of the car to be raised for extra clearance when necessary.

Inside, the driver is situated in a black leather interior featuring full bucket seats with cloth center inserts.  The cabin retains its factory specifications and the original window sticker also highlights the following exclusive options:

  • Touring Package in Black
  • Extended Range Fuel Tank, 23.7 gal
  • Preparation for Exterior Paint to Sample
  • Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB)
  • Front Axle Lift System
  • 6-speed GT Sport Manual Transmission
  • Deletion of Model Logo
  • Luggage Net in Passenger Footwell
  • Smoking Package
  • Bi-Xenon Headlights with Porsche Dynamic Light System
  • Steering Wheel and Gear Lever/Selector in Black Leather
  • Bose® Surround Sound System
  • Air Vent Slats Painted and Air Vent Surrounds in Leather
  • Floor Mats with Deviated Carpeting, Leather Edging, And Stitching
  • Interior Trim in Leather in Interior Color I.C.W. Leather Interior
  • Full Bucket Seats
  • Automatically Dimming Mirrors with Integrated Rain Sensor
  • Sun Visors in Alcantara®
  • Steering Column Casing in Leather
  • Seat Belts in Silver Grey

This Touring carries a naturally aspirated 4.0 L flat-six engine which produces approximately 500 HP while revving up to 9000 RPM.  A smooth 6-speed GT Sport manual transmission distributes power to the rear wheels making for a 0-60 time of approximately 3.2 seconds and a top speed of over 190 MPH.  Denoted by their yellow calipers, the factory optioned Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB) provide superior stopping power throughout the most demanding driving experience.  An upgraded GMG exhaust system has been installed for enhanced power and sound, although the original factory exhaust will be included with the sale as well.  With all service up to date and only 2185 miles displayed on the odometer; this Touring is just waiting to be enjoyed.

The sale of this GT3 will include the original owner’s manuals, 2 keys, the original window sticker and the balance of its Porsche factory warranty.  Offered with low miles and tasteful options, this Touring represents an incredible opportunity for any Porsche conniseuer.

Auction Results

  • Sold for: $178,000
  • Auction End: Sept. 9, 2020, 3:02 p.m.
  • Number of Bids: 10
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Comments (38)

  • Pschendel 1 month, 2 weeksago

    Sold for $178,000

  • countryclubfl (registered bidder) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    what a car, congrats to buyer and seller!

  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    Reserve is off, it is going to a new home. Good luck all.

    Tom P.

  • Pschendel 1 month, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $178,000

  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    The question to remove the reserve or not to remove the reserve? That is the question. Lets take a quick vote until he one minute warning. I will leave it the bidders as well as those watching. I will leave it to you all.

    Tom P.

  • Gateway8sound 1 month, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $177,000

  • Pschendel 1 month, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $176,000

  • CScrogham (registered bidder) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    GLWS on this beautiful Paint to Sample Touring.
    So on the 4.0 GT3 engine the limiter is set at about 9150, so a run to the limiter will show some range 1 ignitions and maybe a scarce few range 2 ignitions. Completely normal for anyone that wants to know what 9k in a modern 911 sounds like. Porsche warranties anything up thru range 4 so you don't have any worries.

  • ODK 1 month, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $175,000

  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    @Needsdecaf Many thanks, you comment was a breath of fresh air.

    As one of the gentleman had commented, "it is not rocket science.", yet somehow it seems to be lol.

    Anyway, good luck to all during the last five hours of the auction. I can state with confidence, this 911 has no disappointments.

    Best to all,

    Tom P.

  • Needsdecaf 1 month, 2 weeksago

    Come on, some of these comments are ridiculous. If you are a serious bidder on this car, you know that people often replace exhausts immediately upon buying the car. And stickers are just that...stickers. You will also know that it's very common for buyers to put these cars up for sale with this kind of mileage, or less.

    I have no affiliation with the seller but come on, if you are interested in the car, reach out and speak to him personally and get your questions answered. I just hate to see people always trying to "gotcha" someone.

    Tom, GLWS. Beautiful car.

  • porschecollector 1 month, 2 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $171,000

  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    Hi all,

    Again, sorry for the delay. I have sent PCar the DME and inspection report. It should be up asap. Everything is clear and clean and no codes for over-rev of any kind. The car also had its open recall completed of updated software. She is good to go!

  • Mltaylor74 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $170,000

  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @DCGweez sorry for the delay, we have had a very busy week preparing for the holiday weekend. I am sure the guys in the shop will list the DME report first think Tuesday morning.

    Enjoy the remainder of your holiday weekend.

    Tom P.

  • DCGweez 1 month, 3 weeksago

    ETA on the DME?

  • CJWRacing33 (registered bidder) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    guys and gals, a couple comments- first: a lot of the non-metallic pts cars FROM THE FACTORY end up, as the seller has stated, getting quality control adjustments at the port. why? well, they paint these ones at the adjacent factory, and the QC on the ancillary bits (mirrors/bumpers) are not always 100% matched...and porsche would rather add more paint to take it from 99.23% to 100% matching vs concern themselves with the thickness guage. So, you have to grade the PTS non-metallic cars on a curve. The metallic paint is almost always done better!

    to the seller- getting a DME readout to satisfy people that it only has some range 1's (aka upshift bounces off the rev limiter) and not range 4's will probably put everyone at ease.

    that being said- this is a really cool color, on a very appreciated car. the Tourings were a nice nod from Porsche to apologize for anyone who wanted an R but did not get one.

  • Katman90 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @racer355 @racer355. From the information you've provided & the car being so new, I'm sure most on here agree a PPI is hardly necessary to be confident in this rare beauty. Just a DME to confirm its early treatment. Talking to previous owners can certainly help, but isn't 100% black & white confirmation. Unlike many cars, Porsche's ECU records rev events for good reason. It's not rocket science. GLWTA

  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    If anyone is interested in speaking to the first owner and previous client, I am happy to put you in touch. How's that, straight to the horses mouth.

    Tom P.

  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @Katman90 Once again, it is under warranty and the 911 shows zero signs of track use or hard use! I have said it is one owner, a friend of mine, a known collector. I have no reason to think it anything but excellent in every way and this is not my first Porsche. I am sure and I have seen Porsche warranty their engines. Once again, I doubt they would warranty and engine that shows signs of misuse and this is from experience, again bent exhaust valve that are from a missed shift, the engine will always tell the story legitimately when disassembled for inspection. I have a client with a 2019 911 C4, it threw a rod on the highway upon normal use and it is just now receiving a brand new engine from Germany under warranty. What you are not understanding is the fact that the DMW does in fact record all, but it is still not a substitue for a proper ppi by a specialist who knows the ins and outs of 911's. all eras. Of course, this is a newer 911 and again under factory warranty, but if you are a bidder-buyer who is interested in buying this 911, I recommend your sorting and paying for an appropriate ppi, by a local dealer or appropriate specialist so that you are confident, comfortable and secure in what you are purchasing. I have listed it as honorably as possible, it is virtually a new car.

    Tom P.

  • Wsf80 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $168,000

  • Katman90 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @racer355 Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I'm just going by your original odd statement here, regardless your history or previous experience. It may be running perfect at the moment, but that doesn't rule out break-in abuse that can cause such things as excessive oil consumption later.
    Out of curiosity(this ? is for anyone), does Porsche honor warranties on engines with DME's showing repeated overrevs during break-in or other such abuse? I'd say not, but asking as I do not know. In that case, you assume full risk. This is certainly a beauty & I assume it's just fine, but obviously without DME's you must assume. GLWTA

  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Hi all,

    I have sent PCar the paint meter readings. As you will see, they are all consistent and show absolutely zero paintwork. The readings of 10-11 on the hood/trunk and the front fenders account for the paint protection film.

    I will have the DME report available later today.

    As far as the "missing" side stripe stickers. I have spoken to the previous owner of this Touring. As you see above, the decals were not on the original build spec. These were added during the previous ownership. The previous owner removed the fender stripes for a makeshift styling piece for the car (driver side down/passenger side up).
    **To Each His Own**
    That said, the aftermarket stickers are easily removable without damaging any paint.

  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @Katman90 Thanks for your comment. Once again, all I have been saying it that it is a 911 that was meant to run and rev as the factory intended. It is in excellent condition throughout.

    As far as not to savvy. Please google me and my operation, over the last 31 years, we have built, restored, owned and sold many, many exclusive road and race Porsche's.

    Once again, I hope you enjoy the auction forum, but yes if it is doing everything it was intended to mechanically, it is in fact not broke! Just a saying. I welcome anyone to have an inspection completed like the old days if you are not comfortable buying blind.

    Oh yeah, one last thing. Although your thoughts are appreciated, please keep in mind this 911 is still under the remainder of its factory warranty, so their is no risk, Duh!

    Thanks for the otherwise well-wishing with regard to the auction. :)

  • Katman90 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @racer355 @racer355. "If it's running it ain't broke"
    ??? WOW No offense, but I take it you're not too savvy on mechanics. A $30k 500 hp GT3 engine isn't exactly an on/off electric motor LOTS more breakables that need proper run-in regardless the fact they're bench-tested. Get that DME up so a potential buyer clear across country can have total assurance a near $200k sports car hasn't been repeatedly bounced off the limiter its first 2100 miles. Duh?! GLWTA!

  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @ODK Nice to hear from you. Hope the last 911 I sold you is treating you well. This PTS would be an excellent 911 for your garage. You know how to find me if you would like to speak on the telephone with any questions you may have. Alternatively, the open forum is perfect as well.


  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @Mltaylor74 I hate to say it but I have to agree. I love these cars and am very interested. But the discrepancy of the stickers. **I have responded stating that I will check into all.

    what seems reluctance to simply provide paint scan (I agree it is new fangled and crazy like online auctions where you never see the car) **I will have answered and will certainly oblige and list paint reading shortly.

    and the fact that a 500HP car that sounds wesome stock had upgrades to the pipes in such a short period of time caused me to pause. **I hope you agree that it is the first owners prerogative to put a tuned exhaust to his preference on a car that he or she owns at the time. The car speaks for itself and comes with the original exhaust.

    Still a great car. I am still very interested, would love any additional transparency the seller is willing to provide. **Glad you love it, it is a great car and I will be updating and responding to any and all questions. Gonna be a long six days lol :)

    P.S. have you already sold or posted the other touring model? **It is currently list on the market. I am not sure it is correct to add a link. That said any of you who know me and my business will be able to find it.

    I have an excellent reputation in this business, I assure you, I have no interested in selling a mediocre 911, it will do nothing for my reputation. Keep the questions coming, even better, if interested have someone inspect. I am well-known in this regions Metro PCA, I am sure they can recommend someone to inspect.


    Tom P.

  • ODK 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $165,000

  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @Pasadena I am sorry it is not reassuring to you, it was just a statement for those who know and understand what these 911's were meant for, and reality, if it is running, it ain't broke.

    I will gladly get you a DME readout, this will be my absolute pleasure! I will update to PCar as soon as possible. We will also update with paint meter readings.

    The inconsistency on the front rocker striping left to right?!? Kind of funny if Porsche did this to check who is paying attention. :) To be honest, I am not sure, I must give Porsche a call and will get back to you on this as well.

    Tom P.

  • Mltaylor74 (registered bidder) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    I hate to say it but I have to agree. I love these cars and am very interested. But the discrepancy of the stickers, what seems reluctance to simply provide paint scan (I agree it is new fangled and crazy like online auctions where you never see the car) , and the fact that a 500HP car that sounds awesome stock had upgrades to the pipes in such a short period of time caused me to pause. Still a great car. I am still very interested, would love any additional transparency the seller is willing to provide. P.S. have you already sold or posted the other touring model?

  • Pasadena 1 month, 3 weeksago

    I’m not sure that’s a very reassuring answer? Do you have a DME readout? Why is the side striping inconsistent?

  • racer355 (seller) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Hi All,

    Here is the complete story. This 911 was purchased new by a good friend in Texas. He has been the first and only owner until its recent trade to me. The client - friend had not only one, but two Touring's. He traded both. What did he trade for? He decided he had enough newer Porsche and Ferrari's in his collection and wanted a bit of older Porsche 911 flavor and a bit of diversity. Therefore, both of the Touring's have been traded to me towards a 993 RS and 964 RS.

    You will find this Touring to be spotless, it has never been in rain, it has a sport exhaust for the extra sound, it has never been on the track and has only been driven on the street.

    For those of you new Porsche guys who are interested in DME read outs and paint meter readings, you are all welcome to come inspect the car.

    DME readouts...

    Guys and Gals, these 911's where made to be driven! If it doesn't have bent exhaust valves from missing a shift, it is perfect and meant to do exactly what the factory intended, to be revved and run hard. If this car was available right now with a free trip to Weissach to drive it around Porsche's test track at speed, none of you would decline the offer to drive the 911 in the environment it was meant. Just my feeling after being in the business and enjoying Porsche's for over 30 years.

    Paint...It is a new and has never had any paint.

    Paint meter...Oh my, how did we survive prior to the paint meter? In my years, I have had many Porsche that were painted prior to first ownership. Every factory has a inspection prior to final delivery, yes, many have been painted. In the older years and prior to protective paint covering and wrapping from the factory during shipment, many cars endured acid rain damage while sitting at the port. Many were re-cleared or painted on this side of the ocean and at the port distribution facilities. Let the car be judged for the car. Of course, this is just my opinion. If you are one who needs the added assurance from a paint meter, it will be my pleasure, but it has never had a bad day and is exactly as originally delivered by the selling dealer in Texas to its first and only owner.

    I am selling with my friends at PCar Market, we enjoy a good friendship and of course, this auction format should be fun for all. This 911 will only honor the auction site, because this 911 has absolutely no disappointments.

    Keep the questions coming, I am happy to answer all.

    Once again, inspections are indeed welcomed and fear not, this 911 is excellent in absolutely every way.

    Best to all,

    Tom P.

  • Pasadena 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Do you have a rev report?

  • JAM2 (registered bidder) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Is the car available for viewing? Has there been any paint work? The side scripts on both front fenders are missing pieces. The drivers side has a bottom stripe remaining, whereas the passenger side has only a top stripe remaining. Please advise.

  • CJWRacing33 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $157,991

  • porschecollector 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $150,000

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2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring PTS Dolphin Grey
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