50-Mile 2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Up for auction is this 2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider finished in White over a black interior with Tobacco leather-trimmed bucket seats.  Assembled in Modena, Italy at the Maserati S.p.A plant, the 4C was unveiled as Alfa Romeo’s flagship mid-engine sports car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013.  Powered by a turbocharged inline-four, this rear-wheel-drive two-seater features a carbon-fiber monocoque tub, lightweight composite body panels, Brembo brakes, and a 6-speed Alfa TCT twin dry clutch transmission.  This 2020 Spider came optioned with a race-tuned suspension, yellow brake calipers, a dual-mode Akrapovic exhaust, and extensive carbon-fiber trim.  Showing under 50 miles on the odometer, this 4C is now being offered for auction by its seller out of Massachusetts.

This Spider comes finished in White and features optional yellow-painted brake calipers, carbon fiber Italian flag mirrors, carbon fiber front fascia vents, Bi-Xenon headlamps, and a carbon-fiber halo, the band that spans across the rear engine cover behind the front seats.  Standard features include LED daytime running lights, solar control glass, and an anodized rear skid plate.  Detailed images are provided in the gallery along with a clean CARFAX report.  This 4C rides on optional 18”/19” Bright Fan Spoke wheels dressed in Pirelli P Zero performance tires.

Inside, the driver is greeted by a black interior with Tobacco leather-trimmed bucket seats and optional carbon-fiber trim.  Standard features include a rearview parking camera, remote keyless entry, power heated mirrors, bright aluminum pedals, air conditioning, cruise control, power accessories, an Alpine radio, and a 7” color instrument display.  An image of the orignal window sticker is provided in the gallery.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is powered by an all-aluminum 1750cc inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing up to 237 HP.  The rear wheels are driven by way of a 6-speed Alfa TCT twin dry clutch transmission that can be shifted automatically or by the paddles mounted on the steering wheel.  Weighing in at approximately 2,500 lbs., the 4C Spider is capable of accelerating from 0-60 MPH in as little as 4.2 seconds.  Performance features include the Alfa DNA PRO Drive Mode System, double-wishbone front suspension, vented Brembo disc brakes, and an optional Akrapovic dual-mode center exhaust.  To save weight and increase driving sensation, the 4C comes without power steering.


This sale will include the original window sticker, manuals, and a clean title. Staying true to its roots, the 4C is the latest in a long line of nimble, lightweight two-seaters from Alfa Romeo. Do not miss your chance to become the first owner of this well-equipped 2020 example.

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Comments (53)

  • ICENAMAT (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    Thank you, @RADexotics! I am excited to get this 4C a new home in Orlando!

  • PCARMARKET 1 yearago

    @John4C That is why all interested parties should be bidding. People lose out on cars all the time because they make assumptions that things won’t sell. Our sellers are serious and the platform works. Good luck in finding another 4C

  • John4C (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    Congrats @ICENAMAT. Wow this was stolen. @Radexotics if I knew you would sell it for this I would’ve bought it LOL

  • ICENAMAT 1 yearago

    Sold for $73,000

  • ICENAMAT 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $73,000

  • ICENAMAT 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $72,750

  • GearDevils 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $72,500

  • tr12davis 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $71,500

  • GearDevils 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $70,500

  • jazzyg72 (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    This most likely is the last new, never registered 2020 4C Spider - White in North America. If not the last certainly one of the very last as @John4C said 1 of 1 so very rare spec and one of the last ever 4C Spiders made. I expect the knowledgeable collector community here will understand the value and rarity of this car. Hard not to want to buy it and seal in a plastic bubble to maintain its perfection!

  • tr12davis 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $70,250

  • Buxby7 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $65,000

  • GearDevils 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $63,000

  • ChequeredFlag 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $62,500

  • Buxby7 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $60,001

  • GearDevils 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $56,000

  • rad2m 1 yearago

    @211Broadway I am 6'3'' (I wear pants 34'' inseam) and I fit very comfortably. You will not see the top of the display, unless you make a simple adjustment found on the forum. Really easy to do.

    It is "interesting" getting out when the door is open less than at its first position in my garage, but I just push my left knee close to my chest and the leg clears the door. Then I rotate and I get out even in the narrow space.

  • Sammisb2 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $55,250

  • Robdrake 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $55,000

  • ChequeredFlag 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $54,500

  • Robdrake 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $53,000

  • ChequeredFlag 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $52,500

  • RADExotics (seller) 1 yearago

    @John4C thanks! I wasn’t sure and I was trying to figure a way to measure/determine that…

  • John4C (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    @211Broadway it's hard to answer that. It really depends on you. I would encourage you to sit in one. It depends on how long your legs are versus torso, etc. I am inclined to say yes, a 6'3" person would fit fine (there are a few guys around that height on the forum who have them) but it is really person by person and what is comfortable for you.

  • RADExotics (seller) 1 yearago

    @amc222 yes, that is correct. It will be on a title, not MSO.

  • amc222 (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    So its presently titled in the name of your dealership? Im asking because my state will not recognize a transfer to a retail buyer on a "Manufacturers Certificate of Origin" unless it comes from an Alfa Romeo dealer. Im not a MA resident and donot want to pay MA sales tax.

  • RADExotics (seller) 1 yearago

    @amc222 yes, it will.

  • amc222 (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    Will this car be delivered to the next owner with a MA title?

  • 211Broadway (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    I have never sat in one but have always admired the car. Can a 6"3" person fit? Leg room?

  • Robdrake 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $51,000

  • John4C (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    So, for the numbers on this lovely 4C Spider (note these are for the entire production run (2015 to 2020) and are listed as North America and then USA/Canada.

    • Total Flat White Spiders - 99 North America (95 USA / 4 Canada)
    • Total Flat White Spiders w/ Tobacco Leather - 6 North America (6 USA / 0 Canada)
    • Total Flat White Spiders w/ Tobacco Leather w/Carbon Fiber Halo - 1 North America (1 USA / 0 Canada)

    So before we even get into the other desireable options featured on this car (Akrapovic Exhaust, Club Italia mirrors, CF vents/interior), this is the only flat white over tobacco 4C spider with a Carbon fiber halo (btw this is the bar behind the seats, which if not optioned with the CF halo would be made of black plastic).

    So yes, a very nice example featured here on PCarMarket. Best of luck to all potential buyers and GLWA RadExotics!

  • John4C (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    Also, for those not as familiar with the cars, they produced the 4C in three whites over the course of the production run:
    • Madreperla Tri-Coat metallic white (VR 216/A - model years 2015 and 2016);
    • Trofeo Tri-Coat metallic white (VR 248/B – model years 2017 to 2019 – note the stickers on the cars still listed Madreperla but the paint changed to match the Giulia QV when Alfa updated these in 2017); and
    • Alfa white, or flat white (non-metallic), as I will refer to it below (VR 217/B – model years 2015 to 2020)

  • John4C (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    So, I post the build figures for Alfa 4Cs on BAT, so thought I would as well here for this very nice 4C. This 4C has all the really desirable options on these (for those not as familiar with the cars) in the Akrapovic exhaust, Carbon fiber halo (btw this is the bar behind the seats, which if not optioned with the CF halo would be made of black plastic), Club Italia mirrors, CF fascia vents and CF interior.


  • RADExotics (seller) 1 yearago

    @Turbos7903 we’ll make that happen today!

  • RKBerta 1 yearago

    @Turbos7903 It is a targa type of top. It isn't a convertible. The top fabric panel is removed, folded and than stored in the rear trunk (between the engine and rear bumper). The halo behind your head remains. It covers the built in roll bar.

  • RKBerta 1 yearago

    This is a particularly desirable model....not many made with all these options. I already have a 2015 Launch Edition 4C coupe. I bought it new and love it. I have had many sports cars including a SCCA race car. This is a very raw car that delights your senses like very few cars. It is very close to he feel of a race car. It is basically hand made by Maserati with a Dallara designed carbon fiber chassis tub. Stock they are quite a capable car but with a few simple mods they become extraordinary. Better tires, maybe some blocks to give a bit more negative camber and maybe more caster if you drive on freeways mostly (wrong place for a car like this though). The 4Cs have very strong acceleration and nimble handling...that is the benefit of a light car and gas mileage is very good too.... 24 city-34 highway mpg.

    These have proven to be very reliable and bullet proof on track. No recalls or issues. Prices have been rising steeply on these now that they just produced the last of the 4C series beginning of this year.
    If you get this make sure you join the ALFA 4C Forum. I am a Super Moderator there.

  • Turbos7903 (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    Any pics of the car with the top removed?

  • ICENAMAT 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $50,250

  • RADExotics (seller) 1 yearago

    @cpa7man unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. When the new car dealer reports the car sold to the manufacturer (Alfa Romeo) the warranty starts, regardless of registration status. I purchased the car new as RAD Exotics, LLC (a licensed dealer) so I don’t have to register it, but the warranty was activated.

  • cpa7man (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    Since the car has never been registered new car warranty should accrue to auction winner.

  • AnthemAVM 1 yearago

    Wow, this combination is stunning.

  • JFreddie (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    Gorgeous car. I love these. They’re so toss-able and unique in their power delivery. Really a car where you can access and enjoy the performance too. Really not a lot like them and this is probably one of only a couple untitled ones left. GLWA

  • RADExotics (seller) 1 yearago

    @MedicGT4 factory warranty is in effect and began in approximately July of 2021.

  • MedicGT4 (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    What is status of original warranty?

  • RADExotics (seller) 1 yearago

    @Alphaboy1 couldn’t agree more! What a car for the money…and now they’re gone forever! Thank you.

  • Alphaboy1 1 yearago

    Awesome 4c! I love mine. Trully an inexpensive supercar with the carbon fiber tub and look. GLWS

  • RADExotics (seller) 1 yearago

    for clarification, this is a new car that has never been titled and registered (or driven). Carfax does not show as “1 owner” because there hasn’t yet been an owner. Whoever buys this will be the first owner.

  • Davenorcal (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    Great color with those wheels

  • rhmoritz (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    Seller, can you provide an exhaust clip and some undercarriage photos?

  • JJensen 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $50,000

  • TB 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $20,000

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50-Mile 2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider
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