1959 Auto Union 1000 SP Coupe

Auto Union was founded in 1932 and incorporated four German brands; Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer, into a single company that would go on to become Audi. The 1000 SP was a sports car that comes equipped with a two-stroke 981cc inline three-cylinder engine mated to a four-speed manual transmission, and is said to be heavily influenced by the styling of the first-generation Ford Thunderbird. This 1959 example is said to be one of approximately 5,000 coupes produced between 1958 and 1965, and comes finished in red with a black roof over a two-tone red and black leather interior. It was acquired in 2021 from a previous owner in California, who is said to have completed a restoration including a repaint in its original colors. After the restoration, it reportedly won Best in Show in the Audi class at the Legends of the Autobahn 2019 in Monterey. Showing just under 66,530 miles on the odometer though the true mileage is unknown, this rare 1959 Auto Union 1000 SP is now being offered at auction by its seller out of Washington.

The bodywork was completed by Karrosserie Baur of Stuttgart, Germany, and is finished in red with a black roof. Equipment includes front and rear chrome bumpers, polished window trim, a hood scoop, pop-out quarter windows, Talbot-style mirrors, and finned rear quarter panels. During the restoration, the exterior was repainted in its factory color scheme, and the seller notes some paint chips and touch-ups are present. Detailed images are provided in the gallery. The black 15” steel wheels wear polished hubcaps and are mounted with BFGoodrich Silvertown radial whitewall tires that show date codes from 2015.

The interior features twin bucket seats and a rear bench seat upholstered with black bolsters and red centers, with red piping throughout, complimented by matching door panels, black carpeting, and wood-grain dashboard trim. Amenities include a locking glove box, fold-down front seats, a dashboard-mounted rear-view mirror, roll-up windows, an ivory two-spoke steering wheel, and a Clarion push-button radio. The seller reports a tear in the b-pillar rubber door seal, the radio is inoperable, as well as the analog clock and cigarette lighter, and there is no box behind the glove box door.

The 1000 SP is powered by a two-stroke 981cc inline-triple with a single Solex carburetor which was factory rated at 50 HP, mated to a column-mounted 4-speed manual transmission that drives the front wheels. Acceleration from 0-60 MPH occurs in approximately 16.7 seconds with a top speed of 83 MPH. Recent work includes the installation of a new stop lamp switch and adjustment of the brake shoes.

This sale will include 2 keys, a car cover, some additional spare parts, car show awards, a spare tire, and a jack.

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Comments (19)

  • ParkPlaceLTD (seller) 1 week, 4 daysago

    @Cward2 Thanks for your comments - It really not a big car at all, slip dollies under the wheels and give it a spin sideways into the the back of the stable.

  • Cward2 (registered bidder) 1 week, 4 daysago

    What a wonderful car. Got 2 too many in the stable otherwise this would be making its way to my garage. Just such a great little piece of kit as my UK friends say.

  • Weetinbrighs 1 month, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $16,000

  • agoncoupe 1 month, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $15,250

  • Weetinbrighs 1 month, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $15,000

  • agoncoupe 1 month, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $12,000

  • Weetinbrighs 1 month, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $11,111

  • lllfish 1 month, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $10,300

  • ParkPlaceLTD (seller) 1 month, 1 weekago

    @rkdinuzzo Thank you so much. Since we received the car and it had been driven much, it wasn’t a question that had come up. Appreciate your expertise.

  • rkdinuzzo (registered bidder) 1 month, 1 weekago

    @ParkPlaceLTD I hope people don't read this literally... you do need to put two stroke oil in as well at a 40:1 ratio. It's pretty easy to do with one quart equaling the 10g tank capacity.

  • OttoBozart 1 month, 1 weekago

    Looks like a mini 56 Ford thunderbird, I thought only Hyundai stole other companies designs.

  • ParkPlaceLTD (seller) 1 month, 1 weekago

    @TubeGuy you just put Gas in the tank and have lots of fun.

  • TubeGuy (registered bidder) 1 month, 1 weekago

    Do you add gas pre-mixed with two-stroke oil? Or does it have oil injection?

  • rkdinuzzo 1 month, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $10,000

  • rkdinuzzo (registered bidder) 1 month, 1 weekago

    Having one of the only other restored AU 1000 SPs in the US, I can say this car is a blast. Parts are available from many suppliers in Germany and South Africa, and the car is pretty easy to work on. Hates warm weather above 80 though, due to the smaller radiator and its location. Best of luck!

  • ParkPlaceLTD (seller) 1 month, 1 weekago

    @liedoctor Glad you love the car!

  • ParkPlaceLTD (seller) 1 month, 1 weekago

    @liedoctor When searching parts add DKW with Auto Union and you will find caclassiccarparts and others. These classics are still getting restored, so I would guess parts are available, and most likely coming from Germany. I hope that helps.

  • liedoctor 1 month, 1 weekago

    I just LOVE this car. One question; How do you find parts?

  • ParkPlaceLTD (seller) 1 month, 1 weekago

    Welcome to our auction for this unique and rare automobile. If you want something fun and different to add to your collection this is it.

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1959 Auto Union 1000 SP Coupe
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