1967 Porsche 911S Soft Window Targa 5-Speed

We are pleased to offer this rare 1967 Porsche 911S Targa finished in Special Order Tangerine over a black interior.  Marking the introduction of both the 911S and Targa model with the early soft rear window configuration, this 1967 example is said to be one of only 483 built for the model year and was delivered new from the factory to the Hans Kahrmann Volkswagen-Porsche dealership in Fulda Germany, one of the four original Porsche dealerships. This Targa remained in Germany for two years with all service work being performed at the factory per Kardex before it was exported to Southern California in 1969 where it has remained ever since.  This 911S was the subject of a recent 3,000-hour nut-and-bolt rotisserie restoration at the hands of early 911 specialist Brad Baldwin of Los Angeles, CA.  With both the original 911S and Soft Window Targa models rare in their own respects, this 1967 example represents one of the most coveted early 911s in existence. Said to retain its number matching drivetrain and accompanied by its original 1969 California license plates, this 911S Targa was recently featured at Monterey Car Week and is now being offered for auction by its seller out of California with less than 100 miles traveled since the completion of the restoration.

During its recent restoration, this Targa was placed on a rotisserie, stripped to bare metal, and painstakingly refinished in its original Special Order paint color of Tangerine (2002P).  The restoration is said to have been carried out to the highest show quality standards and the seller notes that a 12-year SunTek ceramic-infused self-healing paint protection film has been applied over the full exterior. Detailed images of the car and the restoration process are provided in the gallery.  Several notable changes were introduced to the bodywork of the 911 for the 1967 model year including the addition of rubber covers to the chrome overriders, wider rubbing strips on the chrome bumper and rocker moldings, and a new design for the chrome door handles.  This 1967 example also debuted the original Targa top configuration with a distinctive silver roll-over bar and removable plastic rear window.  This 911S rides on first-year 15" x 4.5" Fuchs forged aluminum wheels that come dressed in a set of period-style Michelin tires.

Inside, the cabin has been re-trimmed in black leather along with new carpeting, a new dashboard, a wood-rimmed steering wheel, and a period Blaupunkt radio.

1967 saw the introduction of Porsche’s 911S model with a 2.0L engine featuring a higher compression ratio, forged aluminum pistons, revised cam profiles, and larger valves resulting in an output of up to 160 HP.  The 911S also came equipped with front and rear anti-roll bars, Koni shock absorbers, and ventilated disc brakes.  The recent restoration of this 911S included a full rebuild of the original 2.0L flat-six engine, numbers-matching 5-speed manual gearbox, suspension, steering, and braking system.

This sale will include a Kardex, original 1969 California license plates, a spare tire, and a clean title.  This rare and beautifully restored 1967 911S Targa makes an excellent investment opportunity as well as a fine addition to any classic Porsche collection, do not let this opportunity pass you by.


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  • Seltrocollect 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $380,000

  • PCollector1976 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $369,999

  • pollone 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $355,000

  • PCollector1976 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $351,911

  • Dfort-1 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $351,000

  • Seltrocollect 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $350,000

  • Dfort-1 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $330,161

  • 25shalen 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $329,911

  • PCARMARKET 10 monthsago

    New video content has been added to the listing page.

  • Dfort-1 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $325,001

  • swt (registered bidder) 10 monthsago

    WOW....these SWT's are such beauties. ......and tangerine on top of it .

  • pollone 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $320,911

  • Dfort-1 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $300,001

  • flat6party (registered bidder) 10 monthsago

    What a surprise. Saw this car in Monterey few weeks ago. Drool still on the fender? Fantastic!

  • barnabyherm 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $290,911

  • Softarga 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $281,911

  • barnabyherm 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $280,911

  • cmaxcliff (registered bidder) 10 monthsago

    @ehd911 50 years being a long time perhaps a previous owner replaced the front fenders? Originals will have the serial number stamped inside the headlight buckets and originals through 1967 have uniform width arch lips whereas 1968 started with lips that are trimmed for wider tires. Do you have the original extruded ribbed aluminum threshhold plates?

  • soterik 10 monthsago

    A lot of great details on this SWT S that have been missed on some recent sales including correct quarter window frames, bumper rubber, front bumper guards oil lines etc. Imho this car is better overall than the irish green one sold elsewhere a few months ago. Looks like some new photo's show updated details that changed from the first picture postings.

  • PCARMARKET 10 monthsago

    Additional content has been added to the listing page.

  • Lvetter 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $245,000

  • ehd911 (seller) 10 monthsago

    142 additional restoration photos uploaded to PcarMarket; should be in the gallery soon.

  • ehd911 (seller) 10 months, 1 weekago

    @jcbfff Appreciated. We can accommodate either scenario, as desired.

  • jcbfff (registered bidder) 10 months, 1 weekago

    Seller is the title conveyed by a dealer or individual? If a dealer will you cooperate in having the car titled in Montana which requires their form of bill of sale? Great car, saw it in Monterey.

  • ehd911 (seller) 10 months, 1 weekago

    @Dfort-1 These items did not pass to us with the car that was just completed prior to Monterey Car Week or photos would have been included in the gallery, however we will source such for the new owner.

  • ehd911 (seller) 10 months, 1 weekago

    @Dfort-1 Thank you; very much appreciated. Regarding your questions: During the 3,000-hour nut-and-bolt rotisserie restoration, all panels are restored to perfection; it's always a judgment call to restore an existing panel or replace it with a Porsche factory panel. In this case the quarters and the floor pan were replaced; the fenders were not. All panels were expertly prepared (cold galvanized, primed, fitted, finished, etc.) and restored to perfection as part of our restoration process -- will uploaded (80+) additional restoration photos shortly to provide context.

  • Dfort-1 (registered bidder) 10 months, 1 weekago

    Are there any books (ie, original owners Manuel , etc) and tools that come with the car?

  • tdskip (registered bidder) 10 months, 1 weekago

    If the good AND bad cannot be discussed there is little value by way of community here, just saying.

  • Dfort-1 (registered bidder) 10 months, 1 weekago

    Beautiful car! I ask questions with all seriousness and respect as a serious bidder. Have either front right or left fenders been replaced? Have either front right or left quarter panels been replaced? If so, why were they? If so, are they Danska? Has any of the floor board been replaced? Do you have any pictures of the car before the restoration took place.
    Thank you,

  • cmaxcliff (registered bidder) 10 months, 1 weekago

    Serious question, in general, does Pcarmarket not want commenters to note flaws of cars on sale here?

  • PCARMARKET 10 months, 1 weekago

    Additional content has been added to the listing page.

  • maharaja (registered bidder) 10 months, 1 weekago

    Very Attractive and done to a high standard. GLWS

  • qpDrakeLp 10 months, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $215,000

  • Inelliasher (registered bidder) 10 months, 1 weekago

    @cmaxcliff Let the seller answer your comment about the fenders being original. It’s a good thing to know.
    But your taunting is juvenile and seems more appropriate for BaT.
    This car seems like a world class example. I actual saw this car at McCalls Motorworks Revival and it was completed to a high level concourse standard.
    I’m sure someone can pick something out but this is top level rare collectible for sure.

  • cmaxcliff (registered bidder) 10 months, 1 weekago

    @ehd911 By "assumption" do you mean the fenders? If you look at the parking light boxes and the headlight buckets it can be seen that they are replacements. The buckets should also be stamped with the last 3 of the serial number. I have seen dozens of Kardexes and never seen one with so much writing. I don't read German so maybe it just says "fixed oil leak" but I doubt that. More important is why are you so touchy about what was written on a card over 50 years ago? Are the faults not dealt with, LOL.

  • ehd911 (seller) 10 months, 1 weekago

    Additional photos (92) and (2) walk-around videos just uploaded to Pcarmarket showing the Tangerine 67S SWT with it's top down -- should be available in the gallery soon.

  • ehd911 (seller) 10 months, 1 weekago

    @cmaxcliff With all due respect, I see no reference to your assumption; the "writing on the Kardex" describes an oil leak that was addressed early in it's life -- regardless, please note that this original, extremely rare matching numbers 1967 911S Soft Window Targa, finished in it's extremely rare special order original Tangerine, has undergone a fresh/just completed world class, 3,000+ hour full nut & bolt rotisserie restoration and has no issues related to the Kardex or otherwise and needs nothing.

  • cmaxcliff (registered bidder) 10 months, 1 weekago

    It has had both front fenders replaced. That sure is a lot of writing on the Kardex.

  • porscheklaus (registered bidder) 10 months, 1 weekago

    holy wow !

  • BB314159 10 months, 1 weekago

    Bid in the amount of $200,000

  • BB314159 (registered bidder) 10 months, 1 weekago

    nvr mind found it

  • BB314159 (registered bidder) 10 months, 1 weekago

    hi nice car. Can we see the Kardex please?

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1967 Porsche 911S Soft Window Targa 5-Speed
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