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  • Seller: vo152
  • Location: United Kingdom PH3 1RA
  • Lot #: M-0036443-DT

Available for auction is a Ferrari Dino electric go-kart produced by Giordani in Italy. The Giordani brand was an Italian-based company that produced smaller fun versions of the supercars of the 60's and 70's.  This go-kart was modeled after the famous 1970s Ferrari Dino and features an orange molded plastic body over a steel chassis. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a battery-powered rear mounted electric motor. Unique features include; a three-spoke steering wheel, rubber tires, a louvered rear deck lid, headlights, tail lights, and rear faux dual exhaust pipes. Various stickers adorn the side “doors” and front hood as well as a manufacturer sticker denoting details on the electric motor specification.

The seller notes some age-related scratches on the body and tires as well as a missing front left headlight. The seller states the go-kart has not been turned on but could be enjoyed as is or go the extra mile and have a complete restoration done.  Whether you're a passionate Ferrari enthusiast, a collector of automotive memorabilia, or simply an admirer of toys, this unique electric Ferrari Dino go-kart is sure to make a striking addition to any space. The buyer is responsible for shipping, shipping insurance, handling, and transactional fees. 

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  • vo152 (seller) 5 months, 2 weeksago

    @JAGUARUNO Good morning, thank you for getting in touch.

    The car has not been run in years as it was primarily bought for decorative use. I don’t believe it would be a great ordeal to get it running again.

    The length is approximately 1 meter and the width is 50cm. The overall height is approximately 45cm.

    Many thanks

  • JAGUARUNO (registered bidder) 5 months, 2 weeksago

    Does it run? What are its dimensions?

  • vo152 (seller) 5 months, 3 weeksago

    Hello everyone and thank you for viewing this auction.

    I just want to let everyone know that worldwide shipping of this very special toy is not a problem. As of yet I have not packaged the toy car as it is currently in storage.

    Packaging & Shipping:

    Every item submitted to the PCarmarket website can be shipped almost anywhere in the world using companies such as UPS or FedEx.

    I always do all that I can to ensure items are packaged professionally and safely. I do not charge for the actual packaging of the items as I have an abundance of shipping material in storage. The only cost would be for the actual courier itself.

    However, in certain situations a shipping crate may be required for certain items and this may even be a special request of the winning bidder to ensure the safe delivery of the item in question.

    Unless a shipping crate has been specified in the listing or in the comments section then this will incur an additional cost to the shipping price as the crate would need to be manufactured.

    There would also be a slight delay in the shipping to allow for the crate to be produced as well but a 7 day turnaround time would be a fair estimate.

    The creation of a crate is not something I am personally able to undertake, but the good news is I have now found a company that will be able to have one commissioned on request from a dedicated packaging provider. There would be no additional fees to organise the crate production (only the cost of the crate itself would be required and for it to be paid for in advance of production). I do appreciate the delicate nature of some items will benefit greatly from this. To enable a fair and balanced sale of these cherished items, I am happy to spend the time involved to have this request fulfilled if desired.

    If anyone has any questions please just let me know as I am always happy to help in any way that I can.

    Due to my current working and personal commitments and the time zone difference, there may be a slight delay in my response. However, I will always reply as soon as I can.

    Thank you once again to everyone for the interest you have shown and I wish you all the very best of success in the auction.

    Kind regards

DT: 1970s Giordani Ferrari Dino Electric Go-Kart
Buy Now: $2,000
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