1973 Porsche 911T Targa Sportomatic

Now available for auction is this 1973 Porsche 911 T Targa Sportomatic presented in Gold Metallic over a black leatherette interior.  In 1973, the 911 T was offered in the United States as the first 911 to be equipped with Bosch CIS fuel injection.  Marking the final iteration of the long hood 911 Targa, this 1973 example is said to remain in outstanding condition for its age.  Highlighting some noteworthy recent service items including a full engine rebuild performed at a cost of over $21k, this number’s matching 911 Targa is ready to begin its journey with a new owner.

The Gold Metallic finish is said to be in very nice condition with only minor road-going wear.  A collection of detailed images is provided in the photo gallery.  This Targa is characterized by its sought-after long hood configuration, distinctive stainless-steel roll hoop and wraparound rear dome windshield.  Exterior details include an aftermarket front bumper and factory optioned chrome fender strips, fog lights and tinted glass.  This 911 rides on factory Fuchs alloy wheels which are currently dressed in Pirelli tires from 2016. 


The black leatherette interior is stated to be in great shape with all gauges and accessories in working order including the air conditioning system.  Factory options include an engine compartment light, Koni shocks and stabilizer bars.  An aftermarket Pioneer head unit has been installed with rear shelf speakers.

This 911 carries its original air-cooled 2.4 L flat-six engine featuring a Bosch CIS fuel injection system which was debuted in 1973 exclusively for the United States T model.  With a higher output than its European-market counterparts, this 911 T is capable of sending 140 HP to the rear wheels by way of a number’s matching 4-speed Sportomatic transmission.  Launched in 1967, the Sportomatic transmission was essentially a semi-automatic 4-speed transmission which allowed manual operation but clutch-less shifting. It proved to be popular choice with nearly a quarter of all U.S. sold 911’s equipped as Sportomatics

The brakes were redone within the last few years and the engine was fully rebuilt in 2018 by German Auto Center at a cost of over $21k.  A record detailing all of the work performed during this time is provided in the photo gallery.  Factory performance options include premium Koni shocks as well as front and rear stabilizer bars.  The seller indicates a slight exhaust leak and some minor grinding when shifting into second gear.  This Targa is stated to be in otherwise excellent driving condition, just waiting to be enjoyed.

The sale of this 911 will include one master key, one lock key, the original tools and owner’s manual, service records, a spare tire and Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.  This final-year long hood Targa represents a unique opportunity for any air-cooled enthusiast.

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  • KWhite (seller) 2 years, 1 monthago

    @eurocol you have really good questions. I was clearly ill prepared for this auction and looks like I will have to regroup on this one. I am working to get answers to some of your questions from the shop that did the work. It looks like he will not be able to get back to by the end of this auction. I will continue to push for more answers and will have to get pictures when I am back with the vehicle.

  • rldmap 2 years, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $30,000

  • eurocol (registered bidder) 2 years, 1 monthago

    @KWhite I understand transparency, and that you may be doing your best,
    but surely, when selling online, you must give specific answers and include at the very least pictures of the undercarriage, suspension pick up points, floor pans, etc. and know a little more about the car.
    Why would you be out of town, when the auction is running and pictures and answer are therefore not forthcoming?
    It is hard to bid when there is so much information lacking,
    missing photos,
    a cold start of the engine,
    a video of the car being driven,
    video of the oil pressure gauge when running and hot, and revving the engine,
    so we can see and hear what the transmission is doing,
    or answers to has the car been repainted,
    or why the engine case welded up?

    Basically, these days when we can hardly just pop over and inspect the car,
    I for one need all the pictures, video and information as though I was there.
    The ad is sweet but very vague, I noticed the receipts were just printed out and covered a period of time from 2008 till now, and are not the original invoices.

    If I can get answers, and the auction ends on Monday,
    I may consider bidding, but need facts here.
    But who sells a car that has known issues when there is a shop near you to fix them,
    or at least have an estimate binding estimate done, where we can know the cost of repairs.
    There are several websites talking about swaps to manual,
    and this is horribly if not prohibitively expensive, we are talking $ 10- $15k plus,
    and nobody can fix the sporto,
    so basically it is an unusable car without further vast expense.
    You say the car needs to be driven more, but you would drive it more if the gearbox worked..
    Again, I like the car, but need answers please to the big questions already asked:

    Original paint? paint meter, but we know that at least the rear deck lid and the front spoiler have had paint.
    Rust? close up detailed pictures needed
    Any accidents? close up detailed pictures needed
    Why was the engine welded up?
    Matching numbers? need close up detailed pictures of
    the stamped vin,
    the window vin,
    the windshield vin,
    the emission control sticker in the door,
    the engine number,

    so now there are no tools or jack,
    you mention service records are there any before 2008? close up detailed picture
    is there a spare and is it a Fuchs, close up detailed picture.
    I would love ot own it, but really need to know what it is I would be getting myself into.


  • KWhite (seller) 2 years, 1 monthago

    @eurocol I have not found anyone locally that is capable of rebuild on this transmission. A swap out to a 5 speed is a good option if you don’t care about numbers matching. The vacuum system leading up to transmission was addressed by the same shop that rebuilt engine that is the extent of it. As far as selling as is I am being as transparent as I can I am happy to disclose all I know about the car. I have several other classic cars that get the majority of my attention when I have spare time. This just does not get the attention it deserves from me. I love the car and wish I had more time to drive it. But I spend more time replacing and charging up the batteries on this car than anything else. This car needs to be driven more than I have time for. Sounds like you are very proficient on this car so might be able to provide a great home for her. I do have owners manual and keys I can take pics of but I do not have the original tools that came with it, sorry for miss information. I have stated in my comment to Ravenna45 that I am currently out of town and will try to get some one to help me get more pictures to you this weekend.

  • KWhite (seller) 2 years, 1 monthago

    @Ravenna45 I am not seeing the discrepancy in the vin number. Where do you see it different than COA?

  • KWhite (seller) 2 years, 1 monthago

    @Ravenna45 The front end is as I received it. I have not seen any signs in damage to the front end. I assume the tensioner was changed out but I can not get ahold of the shop that did the repairs until Monday to confirm. As for the transmission the only one I found that was comfortable with the rebuild of current trani or swapping out for a 5 speed was out of Cleveland. He quoted me about $3k - $4k to rebuild. as it is drivable and I lack the time to work on it I have not addressed it yet. Also, I have not found anyone locally that could do this. I am currently out of town unfortunately, so I will try to get some one to go take some more pictures of the car and post this weekend.

  • eurocol (registered bidder) 2 years, 1 monthago

    Looks like a sweet and decent car,

    However I have a few concerns:

    You are trying to sell a car with an exhaust leak and a crunchy gearbox,??
    if that's all there is why not simply take the car back to the shop where you spent all that money and fix it?.
    I didn't see new clutch parts in the list of parts,
    did they replace the clutch disc,
    pressure plate and throwout bearing?
    The Sportomatic system works on a vacuum operated servo clutch using solenoids,
    and it always broke, even when new, the clutch would either not completely engage or disengage, or do nothing at all,
    hence the crunching sound, never an easy or cheap fix.
    The only real fix and what most owners did, was simply to throw all the useless stuff away and fitted a 915 gearbox with 5 speeds to replace the 4 speed slush box.
    When they work they are great, but there is no shop that I know of that can fix or work on them. Non even the main Dealers.

    There is no way 25% of all US cars had this system, it was horrible from new, and only really
    developed for the US market, but the American could not figure out that the moment you touch the gearshift it jumps out of gear.....
    Read any motoring Magazine of the era and you will see it was a disaster.
    I would put it optimistically at less than 1% of US 911 Production.

    Re engine rebuild:

    I see there was $ 900- of welding done to the case,
    did it run a rod through the case??
    Please send pictures of the repaired case.

    Re: front spoiler,
    Strange that such a weird front spoiler be put on a Sporto targa,
    especially with the middle part missing and no oil cooler in place,
    what did happen to the original spoiler, which with htis being a late production car would have had a steel S spoiler,
    Has the car had front end damage?.
    Please post pictures of the interior of the trunk area, facing forward with the spare wheel removed, and also pictures of both battery boxes, close up picture are best here.

    Also the Sportomatic scrip is missing from the rear deck lid??.

    Lastly you mention:
    "The sale of this 911 will include one master key, one lock key, the original tools and owner’s manual, service records, a spare tire"

    can you please take pictures of all these items,
    many thanks,
    and GLWTS

  • DPP09 2 years, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $25,000

  • charlesbennett 2 years, 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $5,000

  • Ravenna45 (registered bidder) 2 years, 1 monthago

    Why is the vin you stated differ from the COA?

  • Ravenna45 (registered bidder) 2 years, 1 monthago

    KWhite There is a little known fact about Porsche Sportomatics. Porsche entered 3 Sportomatic cars in the 1968 Targa Florio and they finished 1-2-3 in their class. I notice the front spoiler/valence appears to be an after market RS style bumper. Do you happen to have the original bumper?
    I also noticed there is no tensioner upgrade at rebuild?
    Did you get an estimate to repair the bad synchros in the transmission? Is this the original o paint in part or whole? Are there any pictures of the undercarriage? I've owned Sportomatics before and love them.

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1973 Porsche 911T Targa Sportomatic
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