1982 Porsche 911 SC Targa

Now up for auction is this restored 1982 Porsche 911 SC Targa finished in Moss Green Metallic over a black leather interior with sport seats.  Purchased by its seller in Kansas approximately 5 years ago, this 1982 example was treated a full glass-out restoration in its factory original color before receiving a full engine rebuild at 39k miles.  Featuring a rebuilt 5-speed manual gearbox with Wavetrac limited slip differential, Gold Campagnola wheels and a rear coilover suspension, this tastefully restored SC Targa is now being offered with a branded title, accompanied by a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity and receipts totaling over $100k.

In April of 2017, this SC underwent a professional glass-out respray in its factory specified color of Moss Green Metallic.  The paint is noted to be in great condition with clear protective film applied over half the front hood, fenders and entire front bumper (detailed images are provided in the photo gallery).  After sustaining some damage in a single-car collision shortly after it was originally purchased in California, the original owner brought the car back to the dealer where it was “totaled” and issued a branded title.  This SC retains its factory look with its iconic black Targa bar, wraparound glass rear window and front fog lights.  Aftermarket Gold Campagnola Group 4 wheels have been installed which come dressed in new Yokohama tires from 2020.  An extra set of cookie cutter wheels with winter tires will also be included.

Inside, this 911 features a black leather interior with sport seats.  The cabin is noted to be in mostly original condition with the only modifications reported as being an aftermarket XM stereo, a hardwired connection for a Valentine 1 radar detector and an upgraded Griffith's air conditioning system.  All gauges and electrical components are said to be fully functional with the speedometer recently restored by North Hollywood Speedometer at 50,433 miles.  

This SC is equipped with an air-cooled 3.0 L flat-six engine.  180 HP is delivered to the rear wheels through a 915 5-speed manual transmission which was rebuilt with new synchros and a Wavetrac limited slip differential.  In October of 2017 at 39k miles, the motor is said to have been completely rebuilt by Bob Hindson Racing with Turbo lower valve covers and a Carrera chain tensioner upgrade.  A rear coilover suspension has been installed and the car is said to be up to date on all maintenance with a recent oil and filter change.

This sale will be accompanied by a set of 2 keys, owner’s books, a toolkit, service records, a spare tire, seat covers, winter wheels, air compressor, car cover and Porsche Certificate of Authenticity. This well-presented SC Targa makes the perfect choice for any passionate air cooled enthusiast, do not miss out.

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  • Auction End: 2020-10-28 09:57:23+00:00
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  • $34,750 offer from Modesto, CA (95350) 9 months, 1 weekago

    Offer in the amount of $34,750

  • mkiisupra (registered bidder) 9 months, 2 weeksago

    Glad I checked out the Pcarmarket site to find more information on this SC. Please disregard the email sent from PCA mart, all questions answered from this post and pics!

  • Squint4 10 monthsago

    Wow, this is a beautiful and well done car. I love the color choice on the wheels and the car itself. This is exactly the kind of build I would have done.

  • glipert 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $25,000

  • PCARMARKET 10 monthsago

    An image of this 911 SC Targa equipped with Fuchs wheels has been added to the photo gallery.

  • foolsgold200 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $24,000

  • oxpcar (registered bidder) 10 monthsago

    @dsdepew - sent you a private message a couple hours ago with a few questions. Wanted to make sure you had a chance to respond prior to time expiring. Thank you.

  • dsdepew (seller) 10 monthsago

    @LongwoodCharger Gotcha. I always “assumed” that if a car was totaled (in the ins. co. eyes, which is strictly a financially based decision void of “safety” concerns) and therefore issued a “salvage” title that it (the car) would have to be inspected by a state agency to be deemed registerable, ie: safe to be on the roads. Now, the level of the state agencies “inspection” could be subjective. In the case with this car, I had to show the DMV (Kansas Highway Patrol) officer the repair receipts and pictures as well as have him take the car into a secure (away from me) area and inspect before he issued the “rebuilt salvage vehicle” (it says both as you can see in the pics) tag. I don’t think you had a question but were making more of a statement here. I’m just trying t provide clarity. Thank for your continued interest.

  • GerryHass 10 monthsago

    Bid in the amount of $22,000

  • LongwoodCharger (registered bidder) 10 monthsago

    @dsdepew. The description said "branded title" after it sustained a "totaled" collision, so I assume it continues to have a "salvage title". However, after looking at the carfax closely, it does indeed have a "rebuilt" title, which would allow for "safe" driving in the states. My question was about this, not about "washing" a title, which I have seen dealers try to do and pass it on in other auction sites and got called out on it!

  • dsdepew (seller) 10 monthsago

    @jed As you wish. I forwarded a pic to Pcar to upload. As an enticement I’ll throw these wheels (no tires) in if it meets the realistic reserve.

  • jed (registered bidder) 10 monthsago

    Epic Color
    Love to see her with 7 and 8 Fucs

  • Dipper17 (registered bidder) 10 monthsago

    Great looking car. I had a 1989 911 Turbo modified by Ruf about 20 years ago in the dame color. It was a show stopper. Car looks clean and straight. Best of luck with the auction.

  • dsdepew (seller) 10 monthsago

    @LongwoodCharger Love the 928. The one here is/was exceptional. The Moss Green on a 928 has to be outstanding.
    Yes, the Sport Seats are in pristine condition, likely due to them be covered for so long. I’m not sure I follow you on the “rebuilt to a daily driver” question. There is no, legal, way I know of to “wash” a title, nor would I (and I’m NOT assuming you or anybody else here would too) although I’m sure it’s been done by unscrupulous sellers. I have well over a 100k in receipts restoring this to a near perfect daily driver. I’ve put over 14,000 miles on this car in the few short years since completion. That may not sound like a lot, and certainly not to ‘brag’ but this car shares garage space with 8 other cars, so it’s been driven more than any of them sans my Tacoma truck. Also, we live in the Midwest so year round driving is not reasonable even though the car comes with a set of Cookie Cutter wheels on snow tires. The reason for the miles is, I love driving this car. Thanks again for looking and if I can answer any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • dsdepew (seller) 10 monthsago

    @Jolin Thanks for the comments! I love the ‘greens’ too. Moss Green Metallic is a very cool color, imho. I agree with you that as the cars age the “branded” issue is less of an concern IF the repairs were correctly done. I can assure you, in this case they were. Thanks also for the reminder it was listed on the PCA site as I forgot to remove it. It’s now removed per Pcar guidelines. Yes, my “ask” there was 54k, BUT, my reserve here is considerably less than that.
    Maybe this will help the Mrs! FWIW the sports seats are very comfortable:)

  • LongwoodCharger (registered bidder) 10 monthsago

    Love the color. Had it on my '85 manual 928. Also, those sports seats look to be in great shape, likely due to the sheep skin covers. Will have to consider this built, salvage title and all. Can it be a rebuilt title to be a daily driver?

  • Jolin (registered bidder) 10 monthsago

    Wow. Nice Targa. Has everything you need to go crusing. Great color and wheels. Listed on PCA Mart for $54,000 so don't know where this will end up. Branded title not an issue with the age. There something about a green car..........! Seller has certainly built a classic. Mrs. said "does it have a bed, 'cause you're going to need it!" Hmmmm........

  • dsdepew (seller) 10 months, 1 weekago

    Hello to the Pcarmarket crowd. Happy to answer any questions on our Targa. I'm a collector who is fortunate to own several air cooled cars. I'm selling this one and another Targa (86 hotrod going live on 09/29). Making room for some other cars. This is a beautiful example in an awesome color. I'm happy to give all the details on the "rebuilt salvage title" issue. It would NOT be the same outcome if the same thing happened today as the insurance company would have fixed it. One had more "pull" in the early '80's as opposed to today. Thanks for looking/inquiring and bidding.

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1982 Porsche 911 SC Targa
Final offer: $34,750