DT: 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe G50 5-Speed

Showcasing a sought-after combination of Cassis Red Metallic paint over a Burgundy interior, this 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe was acquired by the seller from a California-based Porsche collector in 2019 after it had reportedly spent much of its life in Texas. The car has since benefitted from over $60k in service and refurbishment including a rebuild of its flat-six engine to upgraded RoW specifications. This beautifully appointed Carrera is now being offered for auction by its seller out of California showing just over 119k miles on the odometer.

This Coupe was factory-finished in the rare and unique shade of Cassis Red Metallic. Factory equipment includes a front valence with integrated fog lights, an electric sliding sunroof, and 16” Fuchs forged alloy wheels. The seller describes the paint as being largely original, noting the front valence, bumper, and mirrors have been refinished during their ownership. Some minor touch-ups are noted on the hood and rear decklid, and the full exterior has been treated to a paint correction. Additional images are provided in the gallery along with a CARFAX report showing minor damage to the driver’s door in 2017 which is said to have resulted in minor dent repair.

The driver is greeted by a Burgundy leather interior with matching carpets and black Porsche-branded floormats. Factory options include a central locking system, cruise control, and elevated steering wheel hub which has since been replaced with a standard-length unit. The seller notes the dashboard has been replaced, the seats have been restored with new foam, the carpets have been reseated, and all leather and vinyl upholstery has been touched-up as needed. All lighting and turn signal switches have been replaced including central locking and window switches. The radio has been upgraded to a new Blaupunkt Bremen Bluetooth head unit paired with new Infinity speakers behind retro-look grills. The A/C system has also been rebuilt using OEM parts.

In 2021, the air-cooled 3.2-liter flat-six engine was rebuilt to RoW specifications by V&S Motors using new high-compression Euro pistons. A cat-bypass pipe has been installed and a new catalytic converter will accompany the sale. The rear wheels are driven through a 5-speed G50 manual gearbox. The seller states the shift linkage, suspension, and braking systems have been recently overhauled as well.

This sale will include the original owner’s manuals, a spare tire, an air pump, service records, and a clean title.   

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  • dwadexx (seller) 2 weeksago

    @wriggie can contact Pcar customer service if Contact Seller button not working?

  • wriggie 2 weeksago

    @dwadexx won’t let me

  • dwadexx (seller) 2 weeksago

    @wriggie Please message directly and can arrange.

  • dwadexx (seller) 2 weeksago

    @waflnutz definitely slow week with SVB, and epic rain in LA which prevented showing in person.
    Please message directly and can arrange.

  • wriggie 2 weeksago

    I’m local. Can I come take a look today?

  • waflnutz 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Results=market is shifting here, clearly.

  • Drivedreamer 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $76,000

  • prscheNSheepsClthing 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $75,000

  • gshibayama 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $74,100

  • QRSTUV 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $73,000

  • prscheNSheepsClthing 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $71,250

  • Drivedreamer 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $70,000

  • QRSTUV 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $65,000

  • dwadexx (seller) 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Question was asked privately re Carfax. I have the TX police report verifying "minor" parking lot damage and can verify that the body panel and glass are original. Paint meter readings are provided in gallery also.

  • dwadexx (seller) 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Also worth mentioning is that the car has a 2 year / 24 month warranty on parts and labor for the rebuilt engine.

  • prscheNSheepsClthing 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $64,000

  • dwadexx (seller) 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    @IGB911 all the colors match across the various pieces, yes. I do see what you mean with one of the photos (71) which looks generally darker than IRL. The dash was replaced before my ownership, I do not believe it is an exact match tbh as the car would not have had stitching from what I understand as it did not come from the factory with extended / full leather. Other than that, my aim with the interior pieces was to match color perfectly and I worked with the two top interior shops in LA for vintage Porsches. I did use all OEM trim pieces, gaskets, parts etc. where I had to replace.

  • twickes40 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $60,911

  • IGB911 (registered bidder) 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    one of the greatest 911 color combinations of all time. Is the replacement dashboard OEM or aftermarket? With the work that was done on the interior, do the colors match? The pictures give the impression that there are different shades but it might just be the lighting. Many thanks in advance and GLWTA.

  • prscheNSheepsClthing 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $54,000

  • dwadexx (seller) 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    We’re coming down the homestretch, thanks to all for the kind comments and bids so far. Encourage folks to reach out with more questions either here or on DM; I am happy to share any and all details as I have spent many hours on the particulars. It’s not every day we get an open look at a completely sorted G50 Carrera, in a legendary color combination, that will deliver trouble-free joy for years to come. Happy bidding!

  • Damaho912 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Love the color, and the name of the color (though there’s nothing “red” about it). I miss colors like these. Automakers have become so risk averse in their color offerings these days. No one did colors like Porsche back in the day!

  • twickes40 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $50,911

  • john_kirs (registered bidder) 2 weeks, 2 daysago

    love the car...and the watch

  • dwadexx (seller) 2 weeks, 2 daysago

    Additional content has been added to the gallery for this listing.

  • acanet88 2 weeks, 2 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $42,000

  • dwadexx (seller) 2 weeks, 3 daysago

    @Wizard13 thank you!

  • Wizard13 (registered bidder) 2 weeks, 3 daysago

    Really like the way this car is presented. Nicely done

  • dwadexx (seller) 2 weeks, 3 daysago

    Hi all, just a note from DM's, please reach out directly and happy to email link to more detailed photos, gdoc with service history and folder of receipts; finally there's a sep folder of paint meter readings.

  • dwadexx (seller) 3 weeksago

    @Cozad1955 higher compression motor was 231hp from the factory in 1987 (vs 217 hp U.S. spec). It uses a 10.3:1 compression ratio and new Euro-spec Mahle pistons. You can see those details in the service record pertaining to the rebuild in the photo gallery, along with leak down numbers after the build.

  • DOGGERJK 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $40,000

  • Cozad1955 (registered bidder) 3 weeksago

    Do you have the specifications for horsepower torque, and compression readings?

  • dwadexx (seller) 3 weeksago

    Good morning! This is a special car, thanks for following the auction. I’ll be responsive to questions here and post anything that could also be helpful from DMs. Longtime Bat folks will remember the car from summer 2021, I sold it there but the transaction didn’t complete. I then spent another two years and $40K restoring it to its current state. There’s a screenshot of the build doc and can provide a link also.

  • gshibayama 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $30,100

  • P-Unit 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $1,000

  • Bergman 3 weeksago

    Did the car not actually sell on BAT in July 2021? The buyer did note in the comments that he knew that car. Interesting bidding pattern.

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DT: 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe G50 5-Speed
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