1995 Porsche 911 RUF BTR2 Coupe

We are excited to offer this rare 1995 RUF BTR2 for auction.  Since the company’s founding in 1939, RUF Automobile has grown from a humble service garage to a world-renowned German automobile manufacturer.  Specializing in high performance sports cars based on modified Porsche chassis, RUF has earned a reputation for building remarkably quick cars with unparalleled attention to detail.  Originally sold to Lou Foubare of RUF Performance Haus in Florida, this former 993 received the RUF BTR2 conversion when new by Gulf Performance Center in Pompano Beach and now boasts an astonishing 420 horsepower at the rear wheels.  Since its transformation, this stunning BTR2 has been featured in the May 1997 issue of Car and Driver and has received a $29K engine-out service from a RUF service center in 2017.  Now showing just under 45k miles, this BTR12 is being offered for auction in exemplary overall condition by a seller in California.

The Arctic Silver Metallic paint has been refreshed and shows exceptionally well.  The RUF conversion included aesthetically enhanced front and rear bumpers, a fixed rear biplane wing, and a front-mounted oil cooler.  This car rides on flawless 18" RUF wheels produced by Speedline which come wrapped in new Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires.  The seller indicates that the whole underbody, front trunk and engine bay were recently deep cleaned and that the following items have been replaced.

  • Hood and Deck Lid Shocks
  • Headlight Washers
  • RUF Badges
  • Fog Lights (clear glass)
  • Rear Bumper Heatshield
  • One Front and One Rear Wheel (pothole damage)
  • RUF Center Caps
  • Ignition Surround

Inside, this RUF is appointed in a pristine, custom black leather interior.  Ordered from Porsche with a sunroof delete and rear seat delete, this former 993 coupe pulls off a lightweight track-oriented motif.  The seller spent approximately $10k to have an upholstery shop remove the carpeting and sound deadening from the floor and firewall, which were then refinished in black as seen in the gallery.  Hard-back sport seats from a 996 were installed in December 2007, and other modifications include carbon fiber trim, a RUF shift knob, radio delete plate, RS-style door panels, an Autopower roll bar, and RUF door sills.  During a service in June 2017, the following work and custom installations were completed: 

  • Center Console and Brackets Removed
  • Hazard / 12V Switch Relocation to Dashboard
  • Rennline Floorboards
  • Rennline track mats
  • Rennline 4-piece Metal Pedal Cover Set with Rubber Grips
  • RUF Instrument Gauge Set
  • Carrera RS Red Seat Belts
  • Carrera RS Steering Wheel with Custom-Etched Carbon Fiber RUF Horn Button

Originally, this car was powered by Porsche’s standard 3.6L flat-six engine.  During the BTR2 conversion this engine was fitted with a K27 turbocharger that makes 11.6 psi of boost.  The compression ratio was also reduced from 11.3:1 to 8.4:1, and RUF pistons, camshafts, injectors, and engine wiring harness were installed along with a re-mapped Bosch Motronic ECU and a RUF lightweight free-flow exhaust system.  Claimed output was 420 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque.

The 6-speed manual transaxle was strengthened, and the suspension and brakes were upgraded.  The RUF suspension system includes Bilstein PSS9 coilovers with custom springs/valving, RUF front/rear anti-sway bars, and a RUF billet aluminum front shock tower bar back.  4-piston calipers are equipped all around, paired with 320mm front and 300mm rear cross-drilled rotors.  In December 2007 at 15k miles RUF Auto-center performed an engine-out refresh, including a motor rebuild, Xenon headlight and Sachs racing clutch/lightweight flywheel install.  In June 2017 at 39,100 miles, RUF service center Rstrada Limited completed another engine-out refresh totaling $29,904 that consisted of the following services and upgrades:


  • Replaced Engine Gaskets (Chain Cover, Valve Cover, Camshaft Flange, Crankshaft Seals, Intake Manifold, Exhaust, O-Rings)
  • Carrera RS Engine Mounts
  • Rennline 993 Upper and Lower Billet Aluminum Valve Covers
  • Ceramic-Coated Tailpipes, Turbo Plumbing, Engine Cooling Fan, Heater Tubing and Associated Brackets
  • Ceramic Coated Intercooler Housing in Black
  • Replaced Throttle Cable and Throttle Position Sensor
  • FD Motorsports Golden Rod RS-Style Shift Rod and Rennline Billet Short Shifter Assembly Install


  • Elephant Racing Front Lower Control Arm Monoball Kit
  • Elephant Racing Rear Adjustable Drop Links
  • Elephant Racing Front Adjustable Drop Links
  • Stromski Racing 993 Front Camber Plates
  • Elephant Racing Rear Control Arm Monoball Kit
  • Porsche Rear Lower Control Arms
  • Porsche Rear Toe Links
  • Porsche Rear Upper Back and Front Control Arms
  • Porsche Front Ball Joints
  • Hunter Alignment

The complete 4-page invoice is displayed in the gallery.

Included in the sale of this very special 1995 RUF BTR2 will be all associated books and documentation as well as a clean Carfax report citing no accidents or mechanical troubles.  The 1997 Car and Driver magazine featuring this vehicle as well as comprehensive service records will also be provided.  Note that this car has not completed a California emissions test as the seller has it titled and registered in Montana.

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  • Winning Offer: $95,000
  • Auction End: Sept. 23, 2019, 5:25 p.m.
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  • PCARMARKET 1 hour, 33 minutesago

    @burnrubr Hello this vehicle did sell via DealTank very shortly after auction close.

  • burnrubr 13 hours, 59 minutesago

    beautiful car! I can't believed no one picked this up? my timing is wrong at this time but loved this car!

  • $95,000 offer from Covina, CA 3 weeks, 2 daysago

    Offer in the amount of $95,000

  • Karkrazy 3 weeks, 2 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $92,000

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    Bid in the amount of $91,500

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    Bid in the amount of $90,255

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    Bid in the amount of $89,993

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    Bid in the amount of $84,000

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    Bid in the amount of $80,000

  • gary_samsonmd 4 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $40,000

  • tpeterson 4 weeksago

    Now you’re talking. Love the 993. Add RUF to it and I’m all in. Good luck to all who are in this.

  • proprteeking 4 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $35,993

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1995 Porsche 911 RUF BTR2 Coupe
Final offer: $95,000