20k-Mile 1997 Acura NSX-T 6-Speed
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Final Offer: $115,000
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Vehicle Details

  • Year: 1997
  • Make: Acura
  • Model: NSX-T
  • VIN: JH4NA2160VT000117
  • Mileage: 20,361
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Title Status: Clean
  • Color: Formula Red
  • Seller Type: Dealer
  • Location: West Chester, PA 19382
  • Dealer Fees: None
  • Lot #: V-0043693-DT

In 1997, the updated NA2 version of Honda’s venerated NSX sports car was introduced featuring a larger 3.2-liter engine, a new 6-speed manual transmission, larger brake rotors, and lighter aluminum alloy body parts. This 1997 Acura NSX-T is one of 1,254 pre-facelift NA2 models sold in the United States from 1997 until 2001. It comes finished in Formula Red over an Onyx leather interior and is said to have remained under the care of its original owner in California up until 2021. Benefitting from a major recent service including a new water pump, timing belt, and spark plugs, this NSX-T is now being offered for auction out of Pennsylvania with approximately 20k miles showing on the odometer.

For the 1997 model year, the NSX received lighter and stronger aluminum alloy bodywork for the doors, fenders, hood, and decklid. This NSX-T is one of 171 pre-facelift U.S. NA2 versions finished in Formula Red and includes a matching removable hardtop, pop-up headlamps, side air intakes, an integrated rear wing, a full-width LED taillight, power-adjustable mirrors, and dual exhaust outlets. The car rides on factory 16”/17” seven-spoke forged aluminum wheels dressed in BF Goodrich g-Force Rival tires dated from 2019 in front and 2018 in the rear. The CARFAX report shows damage to the front and right front end in August 2019 and the seller states the right fender was replaced, painted, and blended into the bumper, hood, and door under prior ownership. The seller adds that the exterior recently underwent paint correction, and the OEM lower front splitter is included in the sale. Detailed images are provided in the gallery.

The cabin is trimmed in Onyx leather upholstery with matching carpets, power-adjustable sports seats, and a three-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel. Accessories include automatic climate control, cruise control, power windows and door locks, a theft-deterrent system, a center console armrest, and a BOSE sound system with an AM/FM cassette stereo and a remoter CD changer.

For 1997, the NSX featured a revised C32B V6 DOHC engine with a 3.2-liter displacement and a reconfigured stainless-steel exhaust manifold. Equipped with VTEC variable valve timing, it delivers up to 290 HP and 224 lb.-ft of torque to the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual transaxle and a limited-slip differential. The chassis includes four-wheel double-wishbone suspension, electric variable-assist power steering, a traction control system, and four-wheel disc brakes with ABS. The seller adds that services completed by an Acura dealer in 2024 include replacing the timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, and oil, and performing a pre-purchase inspection. Maintenance invoices are provided for reference in the gallery.

This sale will include the original window sticker, owner’s manuals, a spare tire, a battery charger, an OEM lower front spoiler, and a clean title.


Auction Results

  • Sold for: $115,000
  • Auction End: May 24, 2024 11:10:11PM UTC
  • Number of Offers: 2
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Comments (32)

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  • Offer from Moosenose 4 daysago

    Sold for $115,000

  • $115,000 offer from Moosenose 4 days, 1 hourago

    Offer in the amount of $115,000

  • $110,000 offer from cpoon1 4 days, 6 hoursago

    Offer in the amount of $110,000

  • Tgilbert 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $108,000

  • classof92 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $107,000

  • Tgilbert 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $106,000

  • classof92 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $105,500

  • Tgilbert 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $104,000

  • classof92 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $103,000

  • cpoon1 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $102,000

  • Tgilbert 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $100,000

  • classof92 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $99,000

  • cpoon1 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $98,000

  • classof92 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $95,700

  • cpoon1 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $92,000

  • classof92 1 week, 2 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $77,777

  • vo152 (registered bidder) 1 week, 2 daysago

    Just wanted to say what a beautiful car.

  • cpoon1 1 week, 3 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $75,000

  • Magicalmachine 1 week, 4 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $56,250

  • DoveMtnMotors (registered bidder) 1 week, 5 daysago


  • SkyMotorCars (seller) 1 week, 5 daysago

    @DoveMtnMotors The AC is ice cold and the radio and CD changer function as they should. There is periodically some static when adjusting the volume knob.

  • DoveMtnMotors 1 week, 5 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $56,000

  • DoveMtnMotors (registered bidder) 1 week, 5 daysago

    Thanks for the PPI. The report indicates N/A for all items related to the stereo and CD operation. Please confirm that these are or are not in proper working order. Also there are several items related to the AC which were indicated as N/A.

  • SkyMotorCars (seller) 1 week, 5 daysago

    Additional content has been added to the gallery for this listing.

  • SkyMotorCars (seller) 1 week, 5 daysago

    @DoveMtnMotors 7 scanned images including the PPI from Acura will be uploaded momentarily.

  • marineporsche3 1 week, 5 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $50,000

  • DoveMtnMotors 1 week, 6 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $40,000

  • SkyMotorCars (seller) 1 week, 6 daysago

    @DoveMtnMotors my apologies, I will get clearer images of it in am.

  • DoveMtnMotors (registered bidder) 1 week, 6 daysago

    Full PPI? One page multi point inspection on page 203? A bit blurry and illegible.

  • SkyMotorCars (seller) 1 week, 6 daysago

    @DoveMtnMotors yes AC and heat function as they should along with radio. I’ll have to double check cd changer. There is a full PPI in the photo gallery from Piazza Acura.

  • DoveMtnMotors (registered bidder) 1 week, 6 daysago

    Do the heater and AC work properly? Is the car audio head unit and CD changer working? Thanks in advance. Very nice NSX.

  • SkyMotorCars (seller) 2 weeksago

    Welcome to this gorgeous Formula Red Acura NSX-T!

    We acquired this one from a local collector that simply needed more garage room for his collection. In preparation for sale, the NSX was just treated to a major service at Acura and an extensive detail/correction at Oakes Detail in West Chester PA. Feel free to come visit us in person, or ask any/all questions you make have. Best of luck bidding!

20k-Mile 1997 Acura NSX-T 6-Speed
Final offer: $115,000 Offer Accepted
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