DT: 22k-Mile 2018 Porsche 991.2 Turbo Coupe

This 2018 Porsche 991.2 Turbo Coupe comes finished in Black and sports a matching leather interior with carbon fiber trim and optional Bordeaux Red instrument dials.  At an original sticker price over $177k, it was also optioned with SportDesign mirrors, gloss black 20” Sport Classic wheels, a sliding glass sunroof, painted lettering, silver model logo decals, and a host of driver luxuries. Showing just over 22k miles on the odometer, this Turbo Coupe is now being offered for auction by its seller out of New York.

The exterior is finished in Black and includes optional tinted taillights, LED headlights in Black, painted rear lettering, SportDesign side mirrors, and model designations on each door in silver. It rides on optional 20” Sport Classic wheels in high-gloss black with colored Porsche crest center caps and Pirelli P Zero tires.  Additional images are provided in the gallery along with a clean CARFAX report.

Inside, this Turbo features the Carbon Fiber Interior Package with black leather upholstery and optional instrument dials in Bordeaux Red. Other options include a heated multifunction steering wheel, heated and ventilated seats, Porsche Entry & Drive, Lane Change Assist (LCA), and an electric slide/tilt sunroof in glass.

A 3.8-liter flat-six engine sends up to 540 HP and 523 lb.-ft of torque to all four wheels by way of a 7-speed dual-clutch PDK transmission. Acceleration from 0-60 MPH is reached in less than 3 seconds. Standard performance features include a locking rear differential with Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) as well as Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM). The CARFAX report shows maintenance history including recommended service at Porsche North Houston through 2019 as well as services by Serra Auto Campus of Michigan in 2020 and 2022. Items addressed in November of 2020 at approximately 17k miles included fuel system service and new spark plugs.

This sale will include a clean title.

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Comments (22)

  • $128,000 offer from New York, NY (10002) 1 week, 6 daysago

    Offer in the amount of $128,000

  • $115,000 offer from Syosset, NY (11791) 2 weeksago

    Offer in the amount of $115,000

  • delRover 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $110,000

  • tbazeh 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $86,911

  • Spyder34 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $85,000

  • DOB20thCentury 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $80,250

  • Spyder34 (registered bidder) 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    Does the front end have PPF? Any dings/dents/scratches that don't show in the pics?

  • Salchachi (seller) 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    This car is unreal to drive. Switching driving modes makes the car a great daily or can turn into a beast with the click of a button. Not to mention it looks AMAZING!

  • Salchachi (seller) 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    @DOB20thCentury The CPO I believe is non transferable.

  • Spyder34 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $80,000

  • williamlax27 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $77,500

  • DOB20thCentury (registered bidder) 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    My understanding is that the CPO is only transferable if a used Porsche is purchased from either a Porsche Dealer or an individual- can you confirm?

  • atdds 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $75,000

  • williamlax27 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $57,500

  • KenHost 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $55,000

  • Salchachi (seller) 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    @WedgePerformance unfortunately I am in Arizona and the car is in NY.

  • WedgePerformance (registered bidder) 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    @Salchachi I hope you can understand my concern. Salt damage causes corrosion on the aluminum suspension parts to include the engine, it also causes all of the fasteners to rusts. Are you sure you can't put your phone under the rear of the car and take a few pictures of the engine and rear suspension? I like the car, but I will not bid unless you can validate there is no salt corrosion.

  • Salchachi (seller) 4 weeks, 1 dayago

    @WedgePerformance I’m sorry right now I don’t have any pictures. I can assure you there’s no rust. It was never driven in salt or rain.

  • WedgePerformance (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    I would like to see pictures of the underside, engine and suspension prior to placing a bid as I'm concerned about salt damage. Thank you

  • williamlax27 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $50,000

  • frknfast 1 monthago

    Bid in the amount of $31,500

  • RoMoCo1 (registered bidder) 1 monthago

    Nice 991 Turbo. I'll start with the usual questions: Do you have mileage and/or date codes on tires? These cars have short-lived front and rear deck lid struts; any idea if they have been replaced? Is the CPO warranty transferable to a new owner; if so, when will it expire? With respect to paint finish, any PPF or ceramic treatment? Would like a straight-on photo of driver seat left bolster and close-up of under side of front splitter lip (high wear items on these cars). It would be helpful to serious bidders if you provide underbody and chassis photos; also, starting and driving videos. Thanks.

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DT: 22k-Mile 2018 Porsche 991.2 Turbo Coupe
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