DT: 1-Owner 2018 Porsche 991.2 Targa 4S

Now up for auction is this 2018 Porsche 991 Targa 4S presented in Racing Yellow over a Black leather interior with Adaptive 18-way Sport Seats.  Having been specially configured by its original owner with exclusive options including Rear Axle Steering, Sport Exhaust and the Burmester High-End Surround Sound System, this Targa 4S commanded an original sticker price of over $159k.  Preserved in outstanding overall condition with full ceramic coating, this one-owner 2018 example is now being offered out of Irvine, California with approximately 13k miles shown on the odometer.

Reported to have undergone regular professional detailing while always being garage-kept, the Racing Yellow finish is said to be in excellent condition (detailed images are provided in the photo gallery).  Clear side marker lenses were installed and the seller also notes that full ceramic coating was applied to the car in December of 2019.  Features include a distinctive stainless-steel Targa bar with wraparound rear glass as well as factory optioned SportDesign side mirrors, tinted taillights, LED headlights, a “911” rear model designation and the exterior package painted in high-gloss black.  Factory wheels are also equipped which are finished in Black and dressed in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

The cabin is appointed in Black full leather with 18-way Adaptive Sport Seats Plus featuring heating and ventilation.  The interior is reported to be in superb condition with the only modification being OEM Porsche sun visors in leather without airbag warning stickers.  Optional equipment selected for this example includes the following:

  • Instrument Dials in Black
  • Sport Exhaust System
  • Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)
  • Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC)
  • Wheel Center Caps with Colored Porsche Crest
  • Rear Axle Steering
  • SportDesign Exterior Mirrors
  • Luggage Net in Passenger Footwell
  • Smoking Package
  • Power Steering Plus
  • GT Sport Steering Wheel
  • Model Designation "911"
  • Burmester High-End Surround Sound System
  • Leather Interior in Black
  • Brushed Aluminum Interior Package I.C.W. Leather Interior
  • Exterior Package Painted in High Gloss Black
  • Adaptive Sport Seats Plus (18-Way) With Memory Package
  • Premium Package Plus I.C.W. Adaptive Sport Seats Plus (18-Way)
  • Porsche Crest on Headrests
  • Door-Sill Guards in Stainless Steel, Illuminated
  • Tinted Taillights
  • PDK Gear Selector in Brushed Aluminum

This second-generation 991 Targa is powered by a 3.0 L twin turbocharged flat-six engine which is paired with a 7-speed dual clutch PDK transmission.  420 HP is distributed to all four wheels allowing this 991 to accelerate from 0-60 MPH in as little as 3.3 seconds.  Optional performance features equipped on this model include the Sport Exhaust System, Power Steering Plus, Porsche Dynamic Classic Control (PDCC) and Rear Axle Steering which provides for superior maneuverability at any speed.  All scheduled service has been carried out and this Targa is ready to be enjoyed.

This sale will include a set of 2 keys and original books.  Finished in eye-catching Speed Yellow while showcasing some must-have options, this Targa 4S presents an incredible value.

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  • Gershrab 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $114,500

  • 50acrefarm 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $114,000

  • Gershrab 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $113,250

  • 50acrefarm 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $112,500

  • Gershrab 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $111,000

  • DavidWhipple (seller) 1 day, 19 hoursago

    @az911 The new SC2 tires were put on by the local Porsche dealership at 8500 miles and are in great shape. Yes, to your point, the factory tires were 4S's, I had them removed just as fast as could be :).

    RE: clear bra, I had paint protection film installed on the front bumper, and, the rear diffuser & door sills (both of which are high gloss black). I have receipts of that as well. In my opinion, there is no cosmetic wear nor damage anywhere on the car; I don't want to call it a garage queen but it has been well cared for and never damaged, eaten in, smoked in, etc.


  • wilkenspat 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $110,500

  • Gershrab 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $110,000

  • Vox4shalex 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $109,000

  • Gershrab 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $108,500

  • wilkenspat 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $107,500

  • Vox4shalex 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $106,000

  • wilkenspat 1 day, 19 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $103,000

  • az911 (registered bidder) 1 day, 20 hoursago

    When were the tires last replaced? (I'm guessing that the original 4S Michelins were replaced with the Cup 2s that you specified in the listing?) Also, does the car have any clear-bra coverage in the front? Any prior paintwork or damage history? Thank you.

  • Vox4shalex 1 day, 20 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $101,000

  • Chrisvonn 1 day, 20 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $85,000

  • DavidWhipple (seller) 1 day, 21 hoursago

    @geb217 Looks like Dylan from PCARMarket here posted both the walk around and engine start/stop - thanks Dylan!

  • francoisillas 1 day, 22 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $82,000

  • DavidWhipple (seller) 1 day, 22 hoursago

    @geb217 Unfortunately, I have no means to offer anything like CPO, something only a Porsche dealer can do (as far as I know). I can attest the car has no mechanical issues and am providing on paper (invoice/receipts) all the service records from my Porsche dealership with the sale; that of course is simply the oil change I had done when the engine was broken in (3000 miles), the 1 yr service (oil filter, A/C cabin filter, etc), and, the 2 year service (oil change, brake fluid, etc) - all Porsche recommended "by the book" stuff.

  • DavidWhipple (seller) 1 day, 22 hoursago

    @geb217 Regarding CPO, I understand from Porsche that the car's factory warranty will transfer as is from me, the first & only owner and private seller, to the buyer.

  • DavidWhipple (seller) 1 day, 22 hoursago

    Regarding videos, you bet, I have some and would love to share that here. Let me contact PCARMarket real quick and see if they can get it here before the auction ends.

  • DavidWhipple (seller) 1 day, 22 hoursago

    @geb217 @geb217

  • DavidWhipple (seller) 1 day, 23 hoursago

    Hi Molly63,

    No, the without Sport Chrono, this car does not auto blip between gear shifts nor does it have launch control.


  • geb217 (registered bidder) 2 days, 2 hoursago

    Could we see some video ( walk around / start) ?
    Also, would you be offering this car with Porsche certified pre owned (CPO) status?

  • Molly63 (registered bidder) 2 days, 2 hoursago

    @DavidWhipple thanks David, but just to be clear having pdk but no sports Chrono it does not have auto blip or launch control, correct?

  • Chrisvonn 4 days, 18 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $80,000

  • DavidWhipple (seller) 4 days, 22 hoursago

    Hi spatrol,

    I love every single thing about this car, as does my wife. But, I have on order a 2021 model of the exact same spec that delivers in Jan. But for my switch to the 7 speed manual & PCCBs in the 2021, the cars will be about identical, including the Racing Yellow paint. :)


  • spatrol (registered bidder) 4 days, 23 hoursago


    Why are you selling the car?

  • jalexbell 5 days, 23 hoursago

    Bid in the amount of $75,000

  • DavidWhipple (seller) 1 weekago


    No, the car is not equipped with the Sport Chrono Package. To note, this car has the 7-speed PDK transmission and does a fabulous job in both Normal and Sport mode with both up & down gear changes.


  • DavidWhipple (seller) 1 week, 1 dayago

    Good day bidders,

    My name is David and I am the first and only owner of this 2018 911 T4S. Thank you for stopping by to view it, it’s been an absolute joy to own and to drive.

    I’m happy to field any questions you might have about the car, owning it, or it’s condition.


  • LeeDavidAuerbach 1 week, 1 dayago

    Bid in the amount of $15,000

  • Molly63 (registered bidder) 1 week, 1 dayago

    I notice the targa does not have sports Chrono pkg, does that mean it does not have rev matching/auto blip and launch control?

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DT: 1-Owner 2018 Porsche 991.2 Targa 4S
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