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  • Seller: W31SSACH
  • Location: San Joaquin County, CA, 95330
  • Lot #: M-0032605-DT

Available for auction is authentic 1980s BF Goodrich memorabilia. The first item is a rare 1981 BF Goodrich tire dealer illuminated sign. With measurements of 34" x 12" x 4", this eye-catching sign is powered by 120VAC, and it comes equipped with a two-prong plug for easy setup. 

Next is a piece of racing memorabilia, the 1988 BF Goodrich T/A tires factory poster, measuring an impressive 36" x 24". This poster features the iconic 962C at the prestigious 24 Hours of Daytona, a legendary moment in motorsport history. As a vintage item, it bears the marks of time with some minor scratches, which only adds to its authenticity and charm.

Both of these treasures represent a unique opportunity to own a piece of BF Goodrich's rich history, capturing the spirit of the 1980s and its automotive culture. Don't miss your chance to bid on these iconic items and secure a slice of the past for your personal collection. The bidder is responsible for shipping, handling, and fees, 

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DT: 80's BF Goodrich Illuminated Sign and Porsche 962 Poster
Buy Now: $650 Final Bid: $275
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