Ferrari Cavallino Statue
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Available for auction is a Ferrari prancing horse Cavallino Rampante statue. The statue is believed to have been produced in the 1980's and is stated to be in excellent condition.

As an internationally recognizable symbol, this iconic prancing horse (Cavallino Rampante) is said to have been first seen as a symbol on the Italian fighter plane flown by Francesco Baracca during World War One. Historians note that Baracca was killed in 1918 when his Spad VII was shot down by a rival Austrian aircraft. Soon after, Enzo Ferrari supposedly met the parents of Baracca at a local racing event in which they suggested putting the Cavallino symbol on his racecars for good luck. The story goes on that Enzo Ferrari eventually created his own version of this logo which is seen on the cars produced then and in the present day. The statue measures approximately 16" x 4" x 10". The buyer is responsible for shipping, handling, and transactional fees. 

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  • Sold for: $850
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  • Offer from Defender-90 2 weeksago

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Ferrari Cavallino Statue
Final offer: $850 Offer Accepted
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