Illuminated Bentley Dealership Sign (45" x 35" x 9")

Available for auction is an original Bentley dealership illuminated sign. The seller states this incredible sign was purchased from a dealership in England that had been relocating. The unit measures 45" x 35" x 9" and features LED illumination that can be powered from 110v to 240v. The seller states the sign is in near excellent condition only showing minor patina due to sun exposure as well as a slight chip in the right wing.

When W.O. Bentley started his car company in 1919, he needed a logo that summed up his quest to push the boundaries of performance. He turned to his friend F. Gordon Crosby, the most famous motoring artist of the pre-war years, who brought distant motor races and continental tours to life for readers of The Autocar. Crosby created the original Winged B – with the ‘B’ of Bentley inside a pair of wings chosen to represent the exhilaration of motion – and perhaps also a reference to W.O. Bentley’s background as a designer of engines for fighter planes in the First World War. Crosby gave each wing a different number of feathers to make it completely unique – and stay one step ahead of fraudulent imitations.

Whether you're a Bentley aficionado or an enthusiast of European signage, this authentic Bentley dealership sign would make an excellent addition to your garage or collection. The buyer is responsible for shipping, handling, and fees.

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Illuminated Bentley Dealership Sign (45" x 35" x 9")
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