DT: Illuminated Porsche Dealership Sign (51" x 39")

Available for auction is an original illuminated Porsche dealership sign. According to the seller, the sign was removed from Wyoming Valley Porsche in Pennsylvania. Upon acquisition of the sign face, the seller had a new aluminum box made with LEDs to illuminate it. 

According to the seller, the sign measures 51" tall, 39" wide, and 7" deep, and is in excellent condition without scratches. At its tallest point, the crest is 41" tall and 30" wide. All the electrical is brand new for years of trouble-free, efficient operation.

The sign will be crated in a wooden box to make sure shipping is safe and secure. Delivery from the seller on the east coast may be possible next week. Please inquire with the seller about shipping before the auction's end. The buyer is responsible for shipping, handling, and fees. 

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DT: Illuminated Porsche Dealership Sign (51" x 39")
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