Jaguar 3.8L Engine Coffee Table
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Final Offer: $2,400
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  • Seller: k_keller
  • Location: Herndon, VA 20170
  • Lot #: M-0036453-DT

Available for auction is a fully restored Jaguar inline 6 3.8L glass top table. The engine was featured in the Jaguar E-Type series 1 cars between 1961-1964. The table measures approximately 21” in height, 24” wide and 30” long. The custom glass top measures 40” x 40” and is 1/2" thick.

This beautiful coffee table was created from a numbers matching 3.8L Jaguar engine which sits on top of two horizontal metal bars providing stability.  The glass is supported by custom-fabricated arms bolted to the cylinder head on the exhaust and intake sides. The valve covers have been polished, the head has been finished in aluminum sliver with the correct gold paint in the valley, and the block is painted black. All the nuts and hoist points on the head are the original hardware along with copper washers to match how the engine would have left the factory . The pistons and crank have been removed from the block to save weight. The table is a beautiful statement piece that will enhance any space or garage. The buyer is responsible for shipping, handling, and transactional fees. 

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  • Sold for: $2,400
  • Auction End: 2023-11-23 23:26:11+00:00
  • Number of Offers: 2
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  • Offer from ftsuru 2 weeksago

    Sold for $2,400

  • $2,400 offer from ftsuru 2 weeks, 1 dayago

    Offer in the amount of $2,400

  • $2,000 offer from ftsuru 2 weeks, 2 daysago

    Offer in the amount of $2,000

  • k_keller (seller) 2 weeks, 3 daysago

    @Cherryblock thanks! I would say it weights about 300lbs with the crank and pistons removed. I have to get it on a scale to confirm.

    I have moved it by myself many times. I have a small dolly that I lift the motor onto and then wheel it around. Btw, this isn’t any type of special dolly it’s the generic $25 harbor freight one with casters on it. I moved it from the garage to the area in the photos as well.

  • Cherryblock (registered bidder) 2 weeks, 3 daysago

    What is the weight and have you moved it before ? Any challenges with moving it?

    Ps very cool!

  • k_keller (seller) 2 weeks, 4 daysago

    If anybody has any questions, ask away! I can also provide more pictures in request!

  • ftsuru 2 weeks, 4 daysago

    Bid in the amount of $1,000

  • k_keller (seller) 3 weeks, 2 daysago

    Hi Everyone, excited to see where bidding goes! If anyone has any questions, I’m more than happy to help answer them. I also have plenty of photos of the bid process if you are interested to see.

Jaguar 3.8L Engine Coffee Table
Final offer: $2,400 Offer Accepted
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