"Porsche 911 RS" Painting by Michael Ledwitz
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Available for auction is an original painting by Michael Ledwitz. This original artwork depicts the 1973 911 Carrera RS. This painting measures 36” x 48” and was completed using silver metallic spray paint as a base with acrylic paint in brush stroke along with silver leaf on the Fuchs and trim and then sealed with resin on top of the entire painting.

Michael Ledwitz is known for his abstract style similar to Peter Max and LeRoy Neiman. His love for the arts started with drawing cars at a very young age and was inspired by Hot Wheels. Michael's art is coveted in the automotive industry and has led to many high-level pieces including the artwork done for Carrol Shelby's 85th birthday celebration. Michael's professional career in automotive art started after he was in a near-fatal car accident in 2005. He was forced to slow down from work in franchising in order to heal. His painting began as a hobby; a way to relax and reflect. Soon after, people started noticing Michael’s talent and requesting commissioned pieces of their own. Since then, Michael’s accomplishments include silent auction pieces for Zoo Atlanta, commissioned paintings for Carroll Shelby’s 85th birthday in Las Vegas, Shelby Licensee, and was the featured artist for the 2018 Atlanta Concours d'Elegance at Chateau Elan.

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"Porsche 911 RS" Painting by Michael Ledwitz
Final offer: $1,900 Offer Accepted
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