NO RESERVE - Porsche 997.2 PDK Steering Wheel

Available for auction is a Sand Beige 997.2/987.2 PDK leather steering wheel. This PDK steering wheel was removed from the sellers 2011 C4S and is stated to be in great condition with no wear on the leather or stitching. A minor imperfection can be seen on the indicator window to the left of the PDK logo. This steering wheel is best suited for 911 and Cayman/Boxster vehicles from 2009-2012. No airbag included. Part number 997.347.803.65 T24. Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling charges.

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  • Auction End: April 19, 2020, 5:31 p.m.
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NO RESERVE - Porsche 997.2 PDK Steering Wheel
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