DT: Vintage Pines Jaguar Pedal Car

Available for auction is a Pines of Italy "Giaguar" Jaguar E-Type Roadster pedal car. The Pines Company based out of Italy made these Jaguar pedal cars starting in the late 1960s through the mid-1970s.

This particular example is believed to be from 1969 or earlier because it has a fully padded seat back, which was not on the 1970 and newer models. The body of the car was ahead of its time, being manufactured from a plastic material when most pedal cars were still being made from metal. The body is in good cosmetic condition, only having an area on the left door showing some stress discoloration around the hinge area and a few other minor cosmetic imperfections including the passenger side mirror is no longer present. It has a metal chassis/frame assembly underneath the body. Both doors, hood, and trunk all open and function; the hood opens to reveal a plastic faux engine.

The pedal car has metal wire-spoke simulated wheels and rides on rubber tires that are about 7 inches tall. The pedal car measures 41” long x 18” wide x 16” high. The pedals and front steering mechanism are in excellent working condition. Most of these Pines-manufactured Giaguars are long gone and were not all that popular in the USA when new, so finding one now in this condition is a real treat. The buyer is responsible for shipping, handling, and fees. 

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    Offer in the amount of $350

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    Bid in the amount of $110

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DT: Vintage Pines Jaguar Pedal Car
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