"El Rocker de Las Llantas Muertas" by Rodney Allen Trice
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  • Seller: Ich_fahre_schnell
  • Location: Oyster Bay, NY 11771
  • Lot #: M-0028351

Available for auction is "El Rocker de Las Llantas Muertas" (The Rocker of Dead Tires) chair by Rodney Allen Trice of T.O.M.T Studios. This unique and incredible piece has been meticulously hand crafted by Brooklyn-based designer Rodney Allen Trice using various found objects and features two perfectly balanced rubber wheels and a custom steel frame.

" "El Rocker De Las Llantas Muertas" is one of my more complicated builds. Even after prepping all the parts completely, it still took 16 hours of labor to put it all together." Rodney's work is sure to make you rethink the world around you and stir childlike fantasies where anything is possible. Whether you see his work as art, whimsical inventions, or post-apocalyptic retro decor, he taps the past and gives it a future in ways everyone gets excited about. He always surprises with his precision refinement of a found object’s shape and form to better transition these pieces from their original purpose to a new one —and that’s how Rodney landed on Time Magazine’s “Green Design 100 List.”

“My work is a kid in the candy store relentlessly playful and fascinated with well-designed objects but who takes a deep dive into a future that sometimes seems dark, sad, and possibly hopeless. Though I never give into the hopelessness I am ever aware of its presence. There is definitely a lot of Mad Max meets Charles & Ray Eames in my work. Mine is an apocalyptic future brought upon us by the American Dream with generous room for domestic bliss, and meditative reminiscing over the quirky inventions of the “Harriet Carter” catalogs of days gone by. My own personal work has been an ever-evolving exercise in playful reuse of anything I can get my hands onto. It has primarily taken the shape of furniture and lighting to this stage of my evolution but that is changing rapidly.” As a company, T.O.M.T. works in the direction of creating things that ensure greener earth and also makes people aware about the advantages and aesthetics of recycling. Rather the company takes recycling to next level that fulfills its mission in a very beautiful way.


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  • Auction End: Apr 03, 2023 08:30:00PM UTC
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  • gamifrazier 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $1,500

  • KenHi 1 yearago

    Bid in the amount of $1,000

  • BoxsterBill (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    How does it rock? Maybe a "cold start" video to show the motion? Pretty cool piece!

  • Ich_fahre_schnell (seller) 1 yearago

    @Nikojo Hello, thank you for your question. As stated in the previous comment, we spoke with Rodney about repairing the back section. It will indeed be repaired before the chair goes to its new home.

  • Nikojo (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    I enjoy this and would like to bid. Concerned over what appears to be broken/missing strap in middle of support. Can you explain this better or demonstrate it in more detail? Does the affect the comfort or seating?? Can this be repaired??

  • Ich_fahre_schnell (seller) 1 yearago

    After speaking with Rodney, the back section will indeed be repaired before shipping. Thank you for your interest so far. Please feel free to ask any questions.

  • Ich_fahre_schnell (seller) 1 yearago

    @R-car4Me Hi Rob, thank you for your inquiry. I just reached out to Rodney about having the split sections repaired. I will let you know the outcome. Thank you.

  • R-car4Me (registered bidder) 1 yearago

    Rodney-Can the section in the center of the back be repaired before shipping the rocker?
    Is that a lot of work for the buyer-or would you be willing to fix it at an additional cost?
    It looks like two sections have split
    Let me know, and thanks a lot- great looking rocker for a gearhead

"El Rocker de Las Llantas Muertas" by Rodney Allen Trice
Final bid: $1,500 Ended
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