No Reserve Illuminated Ferrari Style Sign
Final bid:$600
Categories: Art & Memorabilia
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Item Details

  • Seller: BEYGARAGE
  • Location: Istanbul Province, Turkey, 34145
  • Lot #: M-0037969

Available for auction is a newly commissioned illuminated Ferrari Servizio Assistenza reproduction sign. The sign measures approximately 28” inches in height, 16” inches in length, and 4” inches in width.

The sign features a large, translucent yellow panel with the iconic prancing horse logo, and the Ferrari name, and reads “Servizio Assistenza” in red. The sign is illuminated via energy-efficient LED lighting powered by 110v/220v circuitry. The sign is constructed of an aluminum frame and features two support mounts on the top for easy hanging. The seller notes the condition of the sign is excellent. The buyer is responsible for shipping, shipping insurance, handling, and transactional fees.

Auction Results

  • Sold for: $600
  • Auction End: Feb 12, 2024 08:48:21PM UTC
  • Number of Bids: 4
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No Reserve Illuminated Ferrari Style Sign
Final bid: $600 Sold
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