WITHDRAWN 1994/2014 Land Rover Defender 110 Restoration

We are pleased to present this one-of-a-kind 1994 Land Rover Defender 110 updated to 2014 specifications. Starting life as a limited-production North American Specification (NAS) Defender 90, this 1994 example is said to have been purchased as a donor vehicle before it was completely stripped and restored from the ground-up with no-expense-spared.  It features a brand-new galvanized chassis as well as the body, interior, and “Puma” turbo diesel engine from a modern 2014 Defender XS.  Said to have traveled approximately 37k kilometers (23k miles) since the restoration, this exceptional Land Rover Defender is now being offered for auction by its seller in Boston, MA.

The donor NAS platform was purchased as a salvage vehicle before it was entirely dismantled and fitted with a new galvanized chassis as well an entire body sourced from a 2014 Defender XS.  The restoration was completed in 2018 and the factory Santorini Black metallic finish is said to remain in excellent condition with the only noteworthy flaw reported as a bolt hole in the right front fender from a previously installed intake snorkel. An internal/external roll cage by Safety Devices U.K. was installed and this example rides on factory 5-spoke alloy wheels that come dressed in fresh BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires bearing only several hundred miles of use.

Inside, you will find a modern black interior derived from the same 2014 Defender XS.  Driver amenities include heated partial leather seats, a heated windshield, power windows, air conditioning, and an aftermarket Pioneer double-din head unit.  All gauges and accessories are said to remain fully functional.

Power is derived from a 2014 2.2L "Puma" 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine which is said to produce 170 HP and 330 lb.-ft of torque as tuned.  All four wheels are driven through a ZF 4HP automatic gearbox by Ashcroft Transmissions in the U.K.  The body and drivetrain are said to have only had delivery miles at time of restoration with approxmiately 37k kilometers driven since.  A complete fluid service is said to have been carried out very recently and this Defender is reported to be in excellent mechanical order.

This sale is said to include a set of 2 keys with remotes, the original NAS badge, and a branded salvage title.  Perhaps the closest you can get to driving a modern 2014 Defender on the road in the U.S., this custom restoration offers a very unique opportunity.

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  • PCARMARKET 1 month, 2 weeksago

    This listing has been withdrawn

  • bringinthefunke 1 month, 2 weeksago

    Anyone else notice you can see the VIN plate in one of the engine bay photos? It's not the same VIN advertised in the auction listing. Seems sketchy if you ask me......

  • sportinggroup (seller) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    To address further questions about the restoration, I am locating the invoice from 2018 for the replacement chassis and will add to the listing shortly.

  • sportinggroup (seller) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    @El_Jefe you are so correct about the way the puma Defenders drive compared to the earlier cars. Lighter on their feet and simply better built - it feels like a "real" car in comparison.

    This one is fully stock, with EGR, ABS, immobilizer/keyless, factory tune. Parts are as easy, or easier, to source than Tdi as they were in production until just a year or so ago. The usual parts sources in the states - Rovers North namely - can provide everything or you could go to the UK for less expensive pricing but also less customer service.

    The beauty of the way this is built, is that factory service manuals, part numbers, diagnostic tools, and so on all apply so any worthwhile independent Land Rover shop (or dealer for that matter) will be able to plug their scan tool into it and reference factory wiring diagrams, parts books, etc.

    Not so with a custom built LS hot rod, as you point out.

    With regards to the transmission, Ashcroft has excellent information on their site here, https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/defender-auto-conversion-kits/tdci-defender-auto-kit.html

    It drives really well and so, so easy. 75mph cruise.

    It does in fact have the 2 inch trailer receiver (NAS style step bumper) but does not presently have trailer wiring. This could easily be added. Headlamp leveling switch just to the left of the heated seat controls, below climate control.

  • El_Jefe (registered bidder) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    Also, is this wired for towing, i see what looks like a 2 inch receiver, but is the wiring there? And do the headlights adjust up/down with a knob on the inside?

  • El_Jefe (registered bidder) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    Does this truck still have the anti stall feature(with a auto box now installed, i would guess you would not need it), abs and factory keyless/immobilizer unit? Is the EGR deleted or still stock? Any tuning to the engine or still with stock tune? As far as servicing this truck, are parts easily sourced as would be for 200/300 TDI. I have driven Puma trucks before. 1st gear was almost useless, but after that it drove really light on its feet, I was surprised on how different it drives compare to my NAS. My NAS feels "heavy" and it's only a 90 with the same automatic transmission. I would be really curious if the automatic in this with the puma engine took care of the low 1st gear and made this a more quicker off the line truck then the manual 6spd. If so, then this might be a good fit for me and the wife. I believe this is also a "quiet diesel" as we have also looked into 200/300 TDI with a auto box conversion, but they are just to loud for her. I have also considered the LS route, but they are very expensive and servicing is a big issue. I have looked at a few used trucks by some high end builders. Trucks that have cost over 200k to build, and the only way to get is repaired is to ship it back to said builder. only to have it sit for months to get it "sorted out". What i really would like to know, is this a truck that if i open a shop manual for a 2014 puma, is it going to match all the diagrams ect? I get the transmission will not, but other then that i hope it will, Im not looking for someone's custom build, i want it close to stock as possible, so that it can be serviced by a shop manual. Thankyou..

  • Nikojo (registered bidder) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    @sportinggroup Thank you. As a legit bump, the Ashcroft tyranny conversion is a valuable upgrade. Not cheap or easy and makes this a great truck. Anyone can drive and perfect for commuter. Wouldn’t have it any other way. That gives this great value as well.

  • sportinggroup (seller) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    @Nikojo thanks for clarifying your question. The paperwork you reference is not "necessary" in any regard, just nice to have. European authorities are very strict with exporting vehicle parts etc to ensure everything is on the level. No reason to worry.

  • Nikojo (registered bidder) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    @sportinggroup Please note I wasn’t implying this in the least. I’ve been down this road before. Just that the original VIN will be attached to the engine/ECU so I would need to know how, where that was purchased. When I did a similar build years ago I had the original invoices/paperwork tracing from UK to prove where I sourced. Am I off base that I need that? I’m just trying to learn on this one as what is unique and valuable is your NAS title even if salvage. Mine was not NAS title. Your truck IMHO is easier to argue for if questions came up. Sorry if I implied anything untoward specific to your truck.

  • sportinggroup (seller) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    For further VIN confidence there is a completed VIN inspection form present, signed off by the police department.

    If any potential bidders would like further detail please contact me and I can share photos of the "supply chain" of how this Defender came to be. They are not photos of this specific car however so I don't want too add them to the auction and create confusion.

  • sportinggroup (seller) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    There is no VIN on the frame, as it was purchased new as a replacement piece. The original D90 body was destroyed (in pieces) and the frame was scrapped (unsalvageable).

    With all due respect, the suspicions here are unfounded. If this had a LS V8 conversion no one would be insinuating that it may have come from a stolen Tahoe.

    Please be respectful. Thank you.

  • Nikojo (registered bidder) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    @sportinggroup How was the VIN on the parts truck handled? Is there provenance on that? The engine ECU, etc will have a VIN. Need to make sure this isn’t stolen, etc, which is part of trepidation I would think.

  • Nikojo (registered bidder) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    @sportinggroup where is the VIN stamp? On frame?

  • sportinggroup (seller) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    In response to some questions I've received about the car I'd like to clarify about what this Defender "is". For the uninitiated, there is somewhat of a "grandfather's axe" phenomenon that happens with Defenders of all vintages:

    Chassis rusts out, gets replaced.
    Engine and drivetrain wear out, get upgraded.
    Interior falls apart, gets replaced.
    Body gets banged up, replaced.
    Not enough room in a 90, convert it to a 110.

    Each of these things is widely accepted with Defenders and there are hundreds/thousands of them here in the USA which have had any combination or all of the above upgrades/improvements; this one obviously has all.

    The only area which could even be remotely "gray" with this Defender is the engine conversion but, by the letter of the law nearly any engine conversion violates EPA regulations in the same way which this one does. The EPA has what they call certified configurations (meaning a specific engine paired with a specific vehicle) versus just certified engines.

    In Porsche / EPA terms, this Defender would be like having a 964 with a 2011 GT3 4.0 engine and gearbox swapped in. In a pre-OBD2 car (1994, like this Defender) its still legal in most every state except CA although not really EPA approved.

    There is nothing, nothing about this 110 which is trailblazing and all has been done over the past decade by a number of Land Rover workshops including the most prestigious three-letter acronym shops.

  • sportinggroup (seller) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    @CJ that may be true if the work were performed in CA, which this was not. Regardless, this is not a vehicle for California we can both agree.

  • CJ 1 month, 2 weeksago

    @sportinggroup In Ca you can swap like frames, if it’s a used same make/model frame the VIN/year now become what the “new” frame VIN is. Short version, swapping a brand new OEM frame similar to what’s being replaced would require the Highway Patrol placing the original VIN on the new frame, old frame is then destroyed. Swapping a non-like frame (ie 90 to 110) or aftermarket frame would become special construction. That’s CARB issues aside.

  • sportinggroup (seller) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    It will not pass CARB smog due to the diesel conversion. The frame is not an issue. There are many, many frame-replaced Defenders roaming California today.

  • CJ 1 month, 2 weeksago

    @Singer2020 if that came to California the replacement chassis would kill any chance you have to register it here.

  • Singer2020 (registered bidder) 1 month, 2 weeksago

    can it be registered in CA?

  • mtown10 (registered bidder) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @sportinggroup Replacing a rusted defender 90/110 frame with a galvanized replacement 90/110 frame is an accepted practice. However, I would question the legality of creating a defender 110 from a branded defender 90 title/VIN without retaining the body, frame, engine, and transmission. What items were retained from the "donor" NAS title/VIN vehicle?
    The 2014 2.2L "Puma" 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine alone is a huge red flag. Sure looks like an illegally imported 2014 Puma 110 and a rivet gun VIN swap.

  • sportinggroup (seller) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    @mtown10 As has been explained in the listing and in my first comment, the 2014 body was purchased in Europe as a complete assembly. It was shipped here in a container, as a body only, and married to a new replacement galvanized chassis as is well accepted with Defenders.

  • mtown10 (registered bidder) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    So this is essentially is a 2014 PUMA 110 that was dismantled, shipped as parts, reassembled in the US and VIN swapped with a salvaged 1994 NAS 90 title?

  • sportinggroup (seller) 1 month, 3 weeksago

    Thank you PcarMarket. Some further detail below.

    This is a complete 2014 body that was purchased as a new/takeoff complete unit in Europe. It remains as the Land Rover factory built it and has never been disassembled, painted, or otherwise corrupted. It was shipped to the USA in a container as a complete body assembly with interior, wiring, and so on and then married to the new galvanized chassis here.

    This is not a 30 year old, heavily used Defender body which has been worked over in a "restoration" with body filler, leveling primer, and six coats of paint.

    The title is a MA rebuilt branded title which should easily transfer to at least 49 states. Due to the diesel conversion though CARB certification is compromised.

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WITHDRAWN 1994/2014 Land Rover Defender 110 Restoration
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