Mercedes-Benz 190SL Pedal Car
Final bid:$100
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  • Location: Indian Wells, CA 92210
  • Lot #: M-0037217

Available for auction is a pedal-powered Mercedes-Benz 190SL. The pedal car comes equipped with red painted bodywork with silver painted grilles, bumpers, windshield frame, and rocker trim. Other features include; Mercedes Benz decals on the front hood and rear trunk, steel wheels wrapped in white rubber tires and Mercedes Benz branded hubcaps.

The cockpit features a faux dash with speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, radio and clock. The interior also features a faux tan leather bench seat and white three spoke steering wheel.

Whether you're a Mercedes-Benz aficionado or an enthusiast of automotive collectibles, this 190SL pedal car would make an excellent addition to your garage or collection space. The seller states the pedal car is in good overall condition with some visible patina. The buyer is responsible for shipping, handling, and transactional fees. 

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  • Highest Bid: $100
  • Auction End: Dec 04, 2023 09:10:00PM UTC
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  • BEW 2 months, 3 weeksago

    Bid in the amount of $100

  • gsfent 2 months, 3 weeksago

    While I understand shipping is going to vary some depending on location, it would be nice to have some idea of not only shipping, but "handling and transaction" fees also. Otherwise, not sure how I can make an intelligent bid.


  • GREENWICHCARGUY (seller) 2 months, 4 weeksago

    I did a lot of research on line and could not find a maker or exact year. This was a pre -internet item. About a half dozen of these were sold on Bring a Trailer. A piece of junk missing parts for $1200 and a good one like this for $5100. I was told by a friend of mine who used to be a Mercedes dealer that he believed these were sold through Mercedes Benz parts departments in Germany and the US. I know that they were produced in the same era as the 190SL cars so that would put them from the mid 1950's to 1963. For anyone who has children it is amazing that the car survived as it did. The true milage is unknown but you don't have to replace the tires.

  • Gibs504 2 months, 4 weeksago

    Who is the maker and what year was it produced?

Mercedes-Benz 190SL Pedal Car
Final bid: $100 Ended
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