No Reserve Porsche 996/997 Cabriolet Hardtop with Porsche Stand
Final bid: $150
Categories: Wheels & Parts
Auction type: No-Reserve Sold
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Item Details

  • Seller: kdub627
  • Location: Jefferson, LA 70121
  • Lot #: P-0036551

Available for auction is a Carrera White/Sand Beige Porsche 996/997 cabriolet hardtop. The seller states the top was originally ordered for a 2006 Porsche 911 4S Cabriolet as can be seen from the original build sheet in the gallery. The hardtop is in great condition with an immaculate headliner, trim panel, parcel shelf and window seal felt strips. This piece should fit Porsche 911 models 1999 to mid 2012. The seller states the hardtop will come with the original factory folding stand. The buyer is responsible for shipping, handling, and transactional fees.

Auction Results

  • Sold for: $150
  • Auction End: 2023-11-21 21:00:00+00:00
  • Number of Bids: 3
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No Reserve Porsche 996/997 Cabriolet Hardtop with Porsche Stand
Final bid: $150 Sold
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