No Reserve Illuminated Bugatti Sign
Final bid:$300
Categories: Art & Memorabilia
Auction type: No-ReserveSold
4 bids, 6 comments

Item Details

  • Seller: VintageSigns
  • Location: Milwaukee, WI 53202
  • Lot #: M-0030325

Available for auction is an illuminated Bugatti sign. The sign measures 18 inches wide x 10 inches high x 4 inches deep and according to the seller, is in great condition with warm internal LED illumination and detail. The sign is made of an aluminum body frame. The buyer is responsible for shipping, handling, and fees. 

Auction Results

  • Sold for: $300
  • Auction End: Jun 08, 2023 08:30:00PM UTC
  • Number of Bids: 4
1,172 views12 saves

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No Reserve Illuminated Bugatti Sign
Final bid: $300 Sold
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