CheckedItOut Chicago

PCARMARKET is a Proud Sponsore of CheckedItOur Chicago

It all started in 2017, with a comment on a Instagram post. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Porsche event in the city? The idea of dozens of Stuttgart’s finest on display in Chicago—not the suburbs—was intoxicating. But not like a “car show,” those are boring. More like an art gallery opening, with music, food, and conversation. Cars as art, Chicago as the canvas. Let’s make it happen. A year later seventy Porsches descended on the West Loop for the inaugural Chicago Porsche Convergence, Checkeditout—named after the Instagram handle of the late Karsten Aufgebauer, the man whose comment pushed a creative faction of Chicago Porschefiles into gear. Checkeditout (CIO) has grown steadily since that first event in 2018. In numbers, ambition, and scope. More than 400 Porsches assembled in the Fulton Market District for Check22, in the heart of Chicago. CIO is fundamentally an inner-city event, a motorhead gathering injected with a dose of Chicago soul. And giving back to the city has always been part of the plan. Checkeditout has raised nearly $30,000 for Chicago-area non-profits since the first event in 2018. What’s next for the Midwest’s coolest Porsche party? Lots. Follow on Instagram to stay hip.

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