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How do I register?

Registration is Free!  Click here to Register

  • Be the first to know about new auctions via email
  • Receive updates when the cars you're interested in becomes available 
  • Gain access to thousands of PCARMARKETs Auction Results
  • Interact and comment on listings 


I never received my sign-up verification email, what do I do?

Please check your SPAM or Junk folder.  If you require another Verification email, please attempt to login again and click on the "resend verification" link (this will only be an option if your account isn't already verified.


How do I reset my forgotten password?

There is a link on the login page to reset your password.  You can also use this shortcut RESET PASSWORD


How do I unsubscribe from daily emails?

There is a “safe unsubscribe” located at the bottom of each email.  If you would like to receive fewer emails, please visit “My Market” for vehicle specific notifications.


How do I contact PCARMARKET?

Please use this link and a customer support representative will respond as soon as possible  CONTACT US



How much does it cost to list my item?

  • $49 listing fee for Parts, Memorabilia and Lifestyle items
  • $99 listing fee for Vehicles
  • $199 listing fee for DealTank Direct (interactive social classified, no additional charge if the car goes to auction)
  • $500 listing fee for “Blind Auctions”


What is a "Reserve"?

The reserve price is the lowest amount your vehicle or item will be sold for.   PCARMARKET will work with the seller to determine the reserve price.  No fees are paid until the reserve price is determined. 

The seller has control to lower the reserve once the auction has started by using “Seller Central” which will be available to all sellers with reserve listings.


How do I submit my Vehicle, Part or Memorabilia?

Just follow this link SUBMIT


How do I take photos as nice as the others I see on PCARMARKET?

The staff at PCARMARKET is very good at coaching you to get the best photos possible.  If you prefer that professional photos be taken, we can assist in finding you a local photographer.


How long is the auction once it goes live?

Auctions typically last for at least 7 days however PCARMARKET reserves the right to make them longer or shorter based on the Items rarity or holiday schedule


Can I advertise my Vehicle on other websites or auction platforms during the auction?

No. PCARMARKET requires exclusivity during the live auction period. All other advertising must be suspended  


What is a PPI and how will it help my auction?

A pre-purchase inspection is a detailed assessment by a qualified individual to determine the cosmetic, mechanical, and safety condition of a vehicle before completing the purchase.  Some Buyers may request getting this done at their expense prior to bidding however if you (the Seller) are able to supply a PPI with your submission (carried out by any competent mechanic or automotive technician who understands the vehicle you are selling) it will provide all bidders with confidence as this will answer some of the most common questions and concerns.


The auction has ended and my vehicle or item was sold, what happens now?

Congratulations!   Both the buyer and seller will receive emails letting them know the auction has completed and we will provide each with the others contact information.  At this point the buyer and seller will communicate directly to complete the transaction. 

Shipping is always the responsibility of the buyer unless the buyer and seller negotiate otherwise prior to the auction ended.


The auction ended and my vehicle or item wasn't sold, what happens now?

It's not over until it's over!  The end of an auction doesn’t mean your vehicle or item won’t be sold.  Upon an auction ended in a non-sale your vehicle or item will then go into DealTank.  DealTank is a living social classified section where people can continue to comment, ask questions, make offers or even have a chance to “Buy now”.  All DealTank offers will expire 72 hours after they are placed.

DealTank listings last for 30 days, you will receive an email every two (2) weeks asking you if you’d like to extend it.  There is never a fee for DealTank after an auction.



How does bidding work?

Once registered to bid you may click the “Place Bid” button on the bottom of each auction page.  The confirmation box will ask you if you have read the “Terms and Conditions” as well as the “Buyers Agreement”.  (If you have not read them, read them!)

  • All bids are binding so ask all your questions before you place your bid.  PCARMARKET does its best to represent the auction as best as it can with the information provided by the seller but is not responsible for its accuracy.  Look at the photos, read the descriptions and ask questions!
  • If bids are placed with less than 2 minutes remaining on the auction countdown clock, the countdown clock will automatically extend to 2 min 15 sec. This will happen indefinitely until the last bid is made
  • If you win a vehicle or item, you are expected to pay the seller directly and you are responsible for picking it up or shipping
  • DealTank auction fees are the same as "live auction" fees.  All DealTank offers will expire 72 hours after they are placed
  • PCARMARKET fees are non-refundable

PLEASE NOTE - Some computers and mobile devices experience "time drift" if a browser is open for a long time. It is important that you occasionally refresh your screen to make sure you are in sync with the PCARMARKET servers if you are actively bidding.


Can I perform a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)?

BEFORE BIDDING, the bidder may request a PPI from the seller at the bidders cost however the seller is under no obligation to facilitate this request.  


Can I retract my bid?

We do not retract or cancel bids.  A bid enters you into a contract to buy the vehicle or item in the event your bid wins the auction.  Please perform your due diligence and be careful when bidding.


How much is the Buyer's Fee?

The Buyer's fee applies to all live auctions and DealTank purchases.

Vehicles - The buyer's fee is 5% of the winning bid with a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $5,000.

Items (Parts & Memorabilia) - The buyers fee is 10% of the winning bid, there is no minimum or maximum.


How does shipping work?

Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer unless otherwise stated in the auction listing. 


I just placed a bid, why am I seeing a charge on my credit card?

What you are seeing is an auction fee "authorization", however it may look like a charge on some Debit Cards.  When you place your first bid or make a DealTank offer we authorize your card on file for 5% or 10% of that amount (5% for vehicles, 10% for parts and memorabilia - see terms for details).  If you win the auction, the appropriate auction fee will be charged to the card on file, if you do not win the auction the authorization is automatically cancelled the next business day.


How does bidding work and why does the clock keep extending at the end of some auctions?

The bidding experience was made to mimic the feeling of a live auction.  Minimum bidding increments on a vehicle is $250 ($25 for parts and memorabilia) and your maximum bid will become the new high bid.  As an example, if the current bid is $5,000 and you bid $15,000 you will now be the highest bidder at $15,000 and the next minimum bid will be $15,250.

If a bid is placed with less than 2 minutes on the clock the countdown clock will extend to 2 minutes 15 seconds.   This will continue for as long as bids continue to come in.


Vehicle Warranties

If a vehicle is stated or implied to have a warranty, it is the buyer's responsibility to call the manufacturer and or warranty company to verify that the warranty is still valid. PCARMARKET is not responsible for voided or expired warranties.


The auction has ended and I was the winner, what happens now?

Congratulations!   Both the buyer and seller will receive emails letting them know the auction has completed and we will provide each with the others contact information.  At this point the buyer and seller will communicate directly to complete the transaction. 


Title Glossary

A title is a legal document that establishes ownership of a vehicle for a person or business entity.

Clean – The vehicle’s title is free of any brands.

Lien – The owner of the vehicle owes money towards an auto loan and the title may be currently held by the lender/bank.  Once the balance of the loan is paid, the vehicle’s title may be transferred to the next owner.

Branded – A title brand suggests some type of damage or fault with the vehicle at some point during its lifetime.  Common title brands include not actual mileage, water damage, salvage, and rebuilt.  The grounds for which a branded title is issued varies by state.

Bill of Sale – A bill of sale is used to transfer ownership of a vehicle that cannot otherwise be registered or titled.  This is commonly used for race cars, tractors, and other vehicles not intended for normal road-going use.

Title in Transit – The seller has established ownership of the vehicle and is currently waiting for their physical title to arrive in the mail.

Registration – In some states, vehicles over a certain age are no longer eligible for a title.  In these circumstances, the owner of the vehicle possesses a valid registration that can be transferred to the next owner.


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