Seller: Once your account has been created, click on the "Auction Your Car" link at the top of the page. This page will direct you through the simple 4-step process in submitting your car for consideration. You may receive a follow-up email requesting additional information. Once your vehicle is approved, you will receive a notification email.

Auction Formats

PCARMARKET features a bidding style auction format similar to that of a live auction. Once a bid is placed, it is set at that exact amount. For example, if you place a bid of $30,000, you agreed to pay $30,000 for the car. Please note: Should you win the auction, a 5% buyers premium will be added to the total price as per the user agreement. (See user agreement for complete details). 

  • Reserve Auction

Seller sets a Reserve price. Vehicle will only sell if the bid amount meets or exceeds the set Reserve. Listing fee: $99

  • No Reserve Auction

No Reserve is set. Seller agrees to sell the listed car to the highest bidder. Listing fee: Waived

CURRENT SPECIAL OFFER:  *REVSHARE (For all No-Reserve Auctions)Seller will receive a check in the amount of 1% of the final selling price.

  • Blind Auction

This Reserve style auction hides the bid prices until the Reserve has been met. If the Reserve is met, only the final winning bid will be posted. If the Reserve is not met, no bidding information will be shared publicly. This removes the stress of market polarization for sellers of high dollar and/or rare cars. Listing fee: $500

*REVSHARE - A Seller who chooses the No-Reserve auction format will receive a payment of 1% of final selling price. 

Buyer: Once your account has been created, you must provide your credit card information in order to place an actual bid on PCARMARKET. Once you place a bid, you will receive an email confirming your bid. If you are outbid, you will receive an email informing you that you have been outbid. All bids are final. The winning bidder is responsible to pay the seller in full within 7 days of auction close. As stated in the user agreement, a buyer's premium of 5% (minimum of $500.00) will be added to the winning bid

A hold equal to the amount of the premium (minimum $500.00) will be placed on your credit card upon placing a bid. If you do not win, the charge will be immediately released in full.


Commenting: Account holders will have the ability to enter comments on all auctions. A comment box can be found at the bottom of each vehicle auction.


Bidding: Bids are placed at the bottom of the auction page. A box is provided to input your desired bid amount. This section will also provide other relevant up to date auction information


My Market:  This is where you will store your personal preferences and interests. My Market allows you to save cars of interest as well as keep track of what you have bid on or won in the past. Saving a car to My Market is easy. There is a heart located at the top right of each listing vehicle. Simply clicking on the heart will save that vehicle to My Market.    


DEAL TANK:  When a Reserve auction ends and the Reserve has not been met, the listed vehicle will be put into the Deal Tank 14 Days. Any registered bidder will have the ability to make a final offer to try to win the vehicle. PCARMARKET will work directly with the seller and highest bidder to reach a deal. Prospective buyers will have a chance to make a “best and final” offer that will be presented to the consignor via PCARMARKET.